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Why avoid a relationship with a dirty person?

Why you should not be in a relationship with a dirty person

People are great; people appear to be extremely cool and pleasant until you meet them, become friends with them, or enter into a relationship with them.

To be in a relationship with a dirty person requires regular advice and guidance, energy, and a lot of talking. Your mental health will be affected. If you still don't understand, keep reading.

I am an extremely clean and neat person. I prefer a tidy and well-kept environment. I believe that every human being should be clean, if not tidy, but clean. Being clean is fundamental for your health, and if you cannot protect yourself, you cannot protect others. When you engage in sexual activities with an unclean person, you expose yourself to a range of infections.

Here is a clearer picture.

Your partner is unconcerned about using public restrooms; he or she is unconcerned about the consequences and does not view it as a big deal; believe me, toilet infections are going to be your friend if both of you are sexually active. Your partner doesn't think that washing his or her hands regularly is needed, just get ready to be a participant in seasonal illnesses, and also to face additional health problems during disease outbreaks.

Not every dirty person will acknowledge that they are messy and dirty which is the first step to change. So most of them hide in defense, excuses, and cheap ego which means they will not learn, and hence you cannot afford to continue having problems with them. When you begin correcting them, they become defensive, and it all results in a fight. It is not worth it since you will end up fighting a lot about the same topic, suffering mental harm, and eventually quitting the relationship. Keep in mind that even if you try to overlook it, your inner voice will be shouting "No!". And I'll tell you something: when you eventually leave and those thoughts return, oh my dear, you won't feel good about it. 

Let dirty people learn how to be clean before entering into a relationship with clean individuals or date dirty people because dirty people don't make corrections. Keep in mind that health is wealth and that only healthy individuals can have a nice time together and operate properly.

Take home

Never put your feelings above your mental health it never ends well.

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