Friday, July 31


You all have been amazing, sharing and following each post.
Just before we get fully into the weekend, i just want to give you some tips and reason why you need to care for your nails. 
Am guilty but i guess i changed already after meeting this lovely lady who did my manicure and the gel polish for me. It really looks good,
1) it helps your natural nails grow, 
2) lasts longer 
3) enhances your outfit
4) dry's instantly and
5) easier to create more fabulous designs.
Not to forget, she used sticker on the ring finger, but i do not know the products she used generally.
For those in kharkov, I will tag the lady on instagram, so you can access her page (nastyroma).
Have a wonderful weekend.
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Hello lovelies! I hope y'all are having a nice day. This makeup right here is probably one of the simplest I've ever had to do, yet very classy. At first, I was at a loss for what look to create, but my model guided me. She wanted a very casual look—a look she could wear all day. No artificial lashes, very little contouring and highlights, and mild colors. I decided to use two different shades of green, the lighter one in the inner corner of the eye and the darker green, which I used to smoke out just very slightly. I used a jet black liner to make the eyes pop. Then I finished the look with a light shade of matte pink. And yeah, she wore this simple look all day and just couldn't stop taking selfies! I hope y'all loved this simple day look. Just about anyone can wear this look, and I encourage y'all to try it. Here are the makeup details below:

Eyepencil; Davis No. 018
Eyebrow definer or filler; Zaron
Eye Primer; Tara
Eyeshadow; Tara
Eyeliner: black (lomel)
Mascara; Eveline
Foundation; Maybelline
Powder; Tara Pallete
Contour Kit: Sleek (Medium)
Lipliner: Jordana
Lipstick; Mac
If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to drop a comment.
With love from your makeup artist, Chioma.

Pink Lips, Green Eyes


Thursday, July 30


Oh my gosh, it was so sunny and hot, I just had to grab a chilled drink after this shoot (35 °C). If you noticed, I have a loud makeup on, which made most eyes stare as I walked down the street.

The denim overall is on-trend, and you can see lots of styles from different people out there. Just yesterday, my girlfriend told me about how a street worker styled his overalls, how cool he looked, and all that. It is very easy to style; nothing really different from another style I have seen. The most popular is wearing it with a shirt or crop top, which looks really good.

I paired my Bleach Wash Pocket Denim Overalls from Zaful.com with a yellow denim jacket and strappy platform. Zaful offers you the latest and most fashionable clothing with very nice quality. My denim is hard and fits me so perfectly, bringing out my slim figure in a sexy way. They also offer free shipping worldwide, so all you need to do is shop and get your items shipped without any extra fees. Get the latest styles from Zaful with big discounts. Save up to 50% off the presale, get up to 60% off the Essential Back to School Styles, and get 50% off swimwear, which already started on July 11 and ends on July 31.

Wondering about my black strappy buckle platform heels and faux leather shoes? You can get it from Amiclubwear (still in stock).

Enjoy your shopping. Let me know what you think about my outfit. It's hot, but I still want to hear your opinions.

Outfit details: Denim Overall: Zaful, Yellow denim jacket: Cropp town, Sunglasses: giant vintage, Shoes: Amiclubwear, Makeup by Chioma.
Have a lovely week start.


Wednesday, July 29


Makeup, as they say is an art; an art of beauty ofcourse. As a makeup artist,  what first comes in mind is the colour selection which can be very tricky. There are a wide variety of colour shades, and combining the different colours is quite tasking, although there are colour wheel templates that can guide one. Personally, bright colours 'scare' me a lot, I always shy away from them, yellow, red, orange, you name them! So most times, I just go for the ' not so very bright colours', you know them, lol!. I am happy to say that this time was different, thanks to my friend and model, she actually picked the colours and encouraged me to use them although, I hesitated a lot to be sincere. But the camera did the magic, I saw the beauty in it through the lens of camera, even when my eyes failed me!.lol! I really appreciate the colours I used now, yellow and red which was slightly smoked out. I didn't stop there, I still went all red on the lips, I really do love and appreciate this makeup, and hope y'all do too. And not forgetting, I also created the hair style, I just split the hair into four equal parts and made buns, I'm sure this takes you down the memory lane as a baby when your mum was your only hair stylist, lol!
Eyepencil; davis No;018
Eyebrow definer/ filler; zaron
Eye Primer; Tara
Eyeshadow; tare
 Gel Eyeliner; black (lome)
Foundation; Mary Kay Timewise, Bronze 4
Powder; Tara Pallete
Contour Kit; Sleek (Medium)
Lipliner: Avon pink bouquet 
Lipstick; Mac 
Loose powder ; Ben N.Y.E
If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to drop a comment. 
With love from your makeup artist, Chioma. 

Tuesday, July 28


When you hear Dream but do not sleep what comes to your mind? Do you know that what is written on your shirt can affect your mood and can serve as means of inspiration to you? Dream but don't sleep is an online clothing store that really inspires me with the writings on the shirts, sweatshirts and head wear. The streetwear is so cool with  a great style which keeps you in fashion.
With "dream but not sleep", it's strictly positive vibes. Get yours and lets join this energetic company, spread these positive vibes. 
Mine is the British designed long sleeved t-shirt, 100% soft cotton print, available in different sizes.
I styled it wearing a short I got from oodji, Cap from upfrontcompany, woodzee sunglasses and shoes from oodji.
Do you like this look, let me know in the comment box below, remember only positive vibes are allowed.

Monday, July 27


Its a great monday morning, wishing you all a lovely start.
Still talking about wedding dresses, i love beautiful and sexy wedding dresses, not so big, with glitters. You can get your wedding dresses from Aisle style, i saw different dresses for different occasions, even the wedding dresses got different styles like the vintage, A-line, ball, mermaid, empire, sleeveless, floor length and so on. You can also get maternity  wedding dresses that suit any body size.

Fashion took over everything, so your bridesmaids can't be left out, aisle style also have cool dresses to make them shine and blossom the occasion, which comes in different colors and styles. You can get cocktail dresses, prom dresses, evening dresses, communion dresses, which are all for special occasions. 

Dresses are affordable and the size chart is very clear and easy to understand, just make sure you follow it carefully and read properly, do not be to anxious, most times when shopping for occasional dresses, we get so excited and most people make mistakes due to that.

Take a look at these wedding dresses, how beautiful and gorgeous they look, i guess anyone would want. I love the simplicity and yet stylish look of the dresses. Now you know about the online store, go check it out, shop aisle style for occasional dresses and dont forget to tell me what you think about them below the comment box.

Get the  above dress (Sexy Trumpet/Mermaid Straps V-neck Beading&Crystal&Sequins Lace Sweep/Brush Train Tulle Wedding Dresses)

Saturday, July 25


 I blossom with happiness, and pride within myself, for i am a black woman and i wish to be nothing else. This is how i feel every moment of my being... hahahaha.
Maybe i wasn't ready or never felt it was necessary to own a pair red shoes, i liked as lady, tho i had some pairs (peep-toe) which i never liked and since then i never wore them. Very few times i wished for it. Anyways i finally got one from Amiclubwear and its so beautiful, comfortable, gorgeous and affordable. It has red clear sides, the red parts are made of faux suede.
I wanted a loud outfit with my  Red clear sides single sole heels faux suede, so i went for this simple neon green dress from Terranova and colorful scarf which i grabbed from my friend at 1st sight.
Amiclubwear has lots of shoes which i know you are going to love, you can get my red shoe in different colors an styles ( here, here, here) or similar red shoes like this and one of my favorite this).
This is not all, i will be making a wishlist of my wants and favorite shoes from the online store, keep following up, don't miss out, who knows my wish can also be your wish..lol.
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With the convenience of internet, more people are beginning to buy things online. One of the highly famous items sold online would be clothing. Many people love to buy online clothing as the internet opens to them a big variety of clothing, all in the comfort of their house.
One clear reason is the availability of bigger range of clothes found online.  Many online clothing stores provide 100 of items including tops, dresses and even handbags. The consumer is simply spoilt for choice with a big array of clothing presented before them. This is generally not possible for brick and mortar stores where there are space constraints. Generally, stores only carry 1 or few brands with extremely similar designs.
The clear advantage of having a big range of clothing is that it permits consumers to buy clothing that are perfect for them. This is truly vital for everyone has different curves, sizes and figures. Not every design, even if it is the new fashion, suits everyone. By having the choices more online designs, consumers would be capable to find style of clothing that would suit them correctly. After placing an order there is no issue to get your item at your place. USGo.Buy http://www.usgobuy.com/en/us-online-shops/levi.html helps you in this way.

Another advantage of variety of clothes is convenience. When one buy online clothes, different brands of clothing can be found online with an easy click of the mouse.
This permits you to be special in your dressing. When you buy online clothing, especially from other nations, it makes sure that you would be the few in your nation wearing that particular design. It makes you unique and special.

Anyway, there are things that consumers should watch for online. I am confident you have heard bad stories somewhere from friends who buy online clothing. For more detail visit usgo_buy http://www.usgobuy.com/en/us-online-shops/costco.html .

Thursday, July 23


It was a busy day, wearing my Sand multi faux leather sneaker wedges from Amiclubwear, so comfortable and cool. I kept it simple with my boyfriend jeans. 
Lots of people know Amiclubwear, for affordable clothings, you can get your summer shoes for very good prices, they are also durable and you have lots of styles to choose from. You must want something from the online store. Just visit amiclubwear, and tell me what you think about the products. More about them in my next post.
Catch up with my on Instagram and tell me what you think about my shoes and outfit in general.
Outfit details: Sneakers wedge from Amiclubwear, Top from Tommy Hilfiger and Boyfriend jeans from Sheinside and not forgetting my shades from Giant vintage, you all know my best online store from sunglasses, so don't forget to visit.
Have a lovely day.

Tuesday, July 21


                                                                                                             Feeling carefree, in love with the atmosphere, seeing lots of metals and trains moving. Wearing my longtime G-unit shot, paired it a top i got from  calliope three days ago, Upfront company cap, my lace up booties from Amiclubwear, not forgetting my Woodzee sun glasses which i spoke about here, telling you about the quality and style.

Most times its not all about the outfit, getting a good location is all you need to boost some causal outfit.I have been feeling dull, i needed something to rekindle the fire, so i went to visit this train station which helped inspired me. People can get inspirations from sea side, books and all that. Tell me a what you think about my outfit and the location, also how do you get inspired when down?

Monday, July 20


Hey guys, you all have been amazing, following up with our posts on different social networks, sharing and commenting, we just want to say a big thank you. 
I have been so busy with stuffs, got lot of reviews to do, but don't worry am gonna make it up. 
So today its all about my Ferris Sunglasses from Woodzee.com. Melody wrote about it (here), she spoke about the quality and durability of woodzee eye wear. Personally i think  Woodzee glasses are one of the best. You can get mine which is the Ferris Buffalo Horn Sunglasses, with Uv protection, lightweight, polarized black, perfect fit for any face shape, very fast delivery, cool packaging with warranty. I went to church looking simple, wore a light blue shirt from Incity, paired it with my check pants from Energie (Golo) and Timberland shoes. 
Have a lovely Monday.

Saturday, July 18


Its a lovely Saturday morning, what are you doing for the weekend?.
This is a creative and practical post. Thanks for joining us this morning.
The new Family History Bright Leather Book  from GRAPHICIMAGES.COM which helps you to chronicle your family history for generations to treasure. Write about the members of your family, family tree and lots more. As stated there are 48 family tree pages, enough to fill a century of descendants. custom made, with my name boldly written on it. Diaries are used for different purposes, but this has been designed to keep family memories, well detailed with months and no date to enable you write down the correct date.
Size: 8-3/4" x 10-3/4", 504 pages
Leather : 100% genuine  goat skin leather, which is one of the best in the market now. The quality is everything, so outstanding, every family should have this book. Not only families,you too as an individual can also get this book.
Paper color : The color is a cream-white, acid-free paper (which helps to preserve documents and artworks for a long period of time) with gilt edges. It also has a double face satin ribbon which serves as a marker and reminder.
This book is smyth-sewn which is the highest quality binding available in the market today, archival safe book because the pages are physically sewn into the book using binders thread and further reinforced with fabric backing and adhesive to create the most usable and durable books. Due to smyth-sewing  it lays flat to users comfort making writing and reading easier.
Personalization: The availability of Personalization by Graphic images makes them outstanding and market friendly. You have a choice of inputting your name (family name) on the dairy, which makes it more interesting and professional. My name (JACOB) was written boldly on the bottom right side of the book, it felt really personal.
Family History records 370
Family History 400
In a Lifetime 458
Oral History 480 (the collection an study of historical information using tape recording of interviews with people having personal knowledge of past events).
The World: 485 (showing the world map)
Perpetual calendar
Keepers of the book.(you can put down a number of people which you want to keep this book)
Graphic Image i highly recommended and offers books of different types and purposes, such as the Calendars and planners which comprises of  agendas and address books, pocket datebooks,desk address books and  pocket address books. You can also get the Album and frame, Journals and notebooks, Travel books such as atlas (read more on travel tips ), Office and home, Leather accessories such as wallet, card cases and envelops, Tech such as iPad cases and phone cases, lastly Books (REFERENCE BOOKS).
A lot to get from visiting the online Graphic store, sign up and receive 10% off with email sign up.
Follow graphic image on Instagram and Melody Jacobs blog on Instagram
No doubt we enjoyed writing about my new family history book, tell us what you think about this book and dont forget to visit and shop with GRAPHIC IMAGES.
                                                Have a lovely weekend.

Friday, July 17


 Visit  Upfront company for cool  and funky caps, that speaks quality. Upfront company got the right flow for each moment, moving with the lastest trends and styles. You have to check out the limited editions, Dj collections and lots more, its a must have. I am wearing the Logo  SNAPBACK upfront Fv cap, everyone wants my cap...hahahaha.. i love the flow it gives.
 I have always wanted to travel this summer, but things just keep coming up, nevertheless the summer i not yet over, so its not too late to do that. Trust me my travel pics will be out of this world, i love taking pictures and my photographer understands my love for pictures and gives me exactly what i want, she is good.
Here are links to all the upfront caps featured in this post,featuring Melody and Chioma the makeup artist.  Get yours now and please #wearitlikeyoumeanit
1) Logo snapback upfront Fv cap
2)Low down II SNAPBACK 
3) United 2 Baseball snapback cap (full post)
4) Off gold snapcap
5) Bash upfront flat felt hat (Full post)

Wednesday, July 15


I featured Soufeel jewelry and told you so much about the quality and uniqueness of the product. Soufeel deals on jewelries of all kind, charms, bracelets, earrings,necklace and rings. Jewelries really adds to our outfit, Get 75% discount off the summer exclusive arrivals, enjoy the $3.99 sales and 70% off Soufeel design presale. Shop with Soufeel for good quality products.
I am wearing the 
Visit the online store for more details and have a nice week.
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Monday, July 13


Sunglasses are one best summer accessory. Woodzee provides healthy sunglasses, different styles and shapes. Statements glasses like the out lander and alpine skater lagoon shades are a must have. Woodzee offers glasses for both male and female, prescription glasses and glasses for kids. Now you have a broad choice on which material (kind of wood) you want. You can choose from the Zebra wood, beech wood, oak barrel, bamboo wood, acetate, rose wood, skateboard, walnut wood and wenge wood, which are produced from exclusively natural , recycled biodegradable materials with Uv protection. Protect your eyes with high quality  glasses from one of the best online eye glasses producers.  Delivery is very OK, it was well packaged, inside a pack which indicated that it is a fragile parcel. Packaged in a microfiber pouch and a 50% recycled paper box printed with soy ink. You can also get other accessories like the woodzee tooth brush and phone case, which you can hardly find else where.
It was a busy day, i kept it simple but wearing the Luna Buffalo Horn Sunglasses lifted my outfit. I paired my white dress from bershka with a State of wow (bash upfront flat felt hat), they've got the fastest delivery ever,which i told you about here. My printed wedge from sammy dress, birthday gift from my friend and make up artist Chioma (Victoria Beckham) bag, denim jacket from cropp town and Mogani chain wrist watch. 
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Thursday, July 9


How beautiful and elegant everyone would love to look on their wedding day. I love beautiful, simple and gorgeous wedding dresses. To me wearing a simple body fitted glitter full wedding dress will be so perfect. Introducing Landybridal an online leading store where you can purchase your wedding dresses. You have no worries when it comes to ladybridal, they've got wedding dresses of all kinds, style and design.
  Quality really matters when choosing a dress for your wedding, which makes landybridal a reliable source for quality wedding dresses. They offer high quality stylish wedding dresses which are very affordable. You can get wedding dresses under $500, very nice deal. Like i said previously, i love simple and stylish wedding dresses like the mermaid style wedding dresses, i love the fit it gives.You should check out the 2016 spring/summer collection, absolutely amazing, its like a dream come through. You can also Purchase dresses for  different occasions such as prom dresses, homecoming dresses,cocktail dresses and lots more. I also have lots of fav wedding dresses from Landybridal pictures are above, the link to each wedding dress is below. hope you love my choice, visit the online store, tell a friend to tell a friend,share on your social networks and tell me what you think about ladybridal wedding dresses.                                          Thank you, have a lovely day.

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