Melody Jacob eating at joels restaurant in Dublin

I had a fun time at a cozy restaurant with my friend. Dublin is such a cool place to visit, and what I really liked about it is how tidy everything is. Let me tell you about this restaurant called Joel's that we went to for a big lunch. It's close to our hotel, so we freshened up and headed there.

I made sure to dress nicely, but my friend had a little mishap with her outfit. When we walked in, everyone seemed dressed up, and my friend joked that she should've dressed better. We couldn't help but laugh because we could feel everyone's eyes on us, especially with my attention-grabbing Afro hair.

But the best part is that the restaurant didn't let us down. The food took a bit to arrive, but it was worth it. They had yummy sweet potato fries and regular fries. We both went for the sweet potato fries, and my friend tried their amazing pasta carbonara, which had the most delicious cheese ever! We started with salads, and I went for the classic dish of the restaurant. It was good, though not the best I've had. Overall, it was a nice place with friendly staff.

Well, summer happens to be my favorite season, and all my blog readers know that. I am currently in high spirits, as I am a strong advocate for making the most out of your summer, especially with the impending arrival of winter. I recently came across the phrase "winter is coming" on Instagram, a reference to the just-concluded Game of Thrones series. If you're looking to enjoy your summer to the fullest, here's what you need to do:

Bring out all your summer clothes.

Who has time to search for clothes every time you have to go out? Preparing your outfits in advance for the days ahead will keep your vibe going strong.

Don't be shy about interacting with people.

Sometimes, people walk up to me and ask for photos, and most times I say yes. Through these interactions, I've made new friends, met fascinating individuals, and gained insight into various traditions and lifestyles. Embrace the opportunity to connect with others and broaden your horizons.

Do not wait for your friends to start having fun.

To me, summer is a fleeting season, a precious window of time where happiness shouldn't solely rely on others. Embrace the joy of solitude by venturing out on your own - indulge in a personal picnic amidst nature's embrace, savor the tranquility of night walks, and immerse yourself in the simple pleasures of life. While a company can certainly enhance these moments, finding contentment within yourself is the ultimate reward. 

And speaking of rewards, here's a delightful treat from Hello Bubble to sweeten your summer adventures even more! Sign up via email and receive an exclusive 10% off your order at Hello Bubble. Because what's better than embarking on your summer escapades with a touch of bubbly goodness?

Stop worrying about who will take your pictures.

There are a lot of good people in the world. Walk up to somebody and ask for help. It takes less than 5 minutes, and you will get what you want. If the person doesn't do a nice job, say thank you, look for another person, and get the perfect shot.

Do not allow mood changers around you.

Listen to me; no one should take away your joy. You have waited so long to get to this season, so enjoy it in the best way possible. Surround yourself with positivity and embrace every moment with gratitude and enthusiasm.


Wear only comfortable shoes.

Now, the reason is this: no one wants to hear you complain about your shoes hurting. Instead, seize the opportunity to explore as much as you can each day. You can choose to go anyway, whether it's riding a bicycle, running, jumping, or participating in various activities. Embrace the freedom to move and engage fully in the experiences life has to offer.

Go bold or go home.

Try something new; add a touch of color to your hair or outfit. Embrace the vibrancy of summer as if it were ending tomorrow. Experiment with bold hues and styles, infusing your days with excitement and spontaneity.

I traveled to Edinburgh and participated in various activities. My friend had purchased tickets for ice skating, and while she was excited, I was happy too, despite not knowing how to skate.

Upon arrival, we were unexpectedly asked to buy additional tickets, even though the website had two options: one for Edinburgh Zoo and another for skating, and my friend had chosen the latter.

The website clearly stated that the skating ticket didn't grant access to the zoo, and we were fine with that. However, at the reception, Darcy informed us that we needed an Edinburgh Zoo ticket. This was confusing as the website only offered the option to buy the skating ticket separately, and it explicitly mentioned two separate tickets.

The skating area was at the other entrance. Although we requested Darcy to inform her manager, she came back and said the manager denied us entry. We knew she did not speak to anyone, so we insisted on a refund if we couldn't enter, but she claimed only the events team could process it. After calling a member of the events team, they let us inside and explained that on weekends, the zoo entrance was closed and there was a separate entrance for skating. But it was the weekend, and all we needed was to use the other entrance or get allowed inside to go straight inside the skating area, but Darcy did not mention this; instead, she insisted on us buying an extra ticket without attempting to clarify the situation or guide us to the correct entrance. She displayed a cold attitude and polite rudeness throughout. She has a nonchalant attitude and was silently giving off a wicked vibe.

When we went inside, we realised that it wasn't actually ice skating like they had advertised on the website. Instead, the floor had a smooth and slippery surface. One of the staff members at the skating rink mentioned to us that it costs a lot of money for them to maintain the frozen ice. Even though I'm not very good at skating, I still had a great time taking photos and videos. So, my friend had these skating boots that were just not comfortable at all. It was a real bummer. And to make matters worse, it started pouring rain out of nowhere. So, we quickly decided to find some shelter. Luckily, there were these art stands right beside the skating area, so we huddled up there to stay dry. After a little while, we decided to head over to the city centre to have some fun but I still got my jacket a bit wet.

I am wearing the Jack Wolfskin Kyoto Long Coat.

I had a delightful trip to Edinburgh and enjoyed some fun activities just before the cold season fully set in. Edinburgh is quite a bustling city with its historical buildings, Christmas market, and the captivating castle all in one spot, attracting many tourists. Since my schedule will become busier soon, I wanted to revisit Edinburgh and captured the moments through numerous photos taken in the cold. Walking around the mall, I tried out a new powder sample and blush, which I ended up buying. Overall, I cherished this little trip to Edinburgh. 

Went for a brief stroll to Edinburgh Castle, but decided not to explore the interior. Edinburgh Castle, a historic fortress in Scotland, is perched on Castle Rock—a site with human presence dating back to the Iron Age. The specifics of the early settlement remain somewhat mysterious.

This is me at the Edinburgh Art Gallery. I only explored the first floor before leaving. One enjoyable aspect, as I mentioned earlier, was experimenting with various makeup products and even making some purchases.

Glenmorangie is a whisky brand that crafts modern-style whisky tailored to the palates of younger individuals. The whisky boasts a vibrant calico red hue with notes of orange and sweetness, delivering a potent yet smooth taste. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the photo booth and engaging in lively conversations with the bartenders, even trying my hand at concocting a drink while playfully playing the role of a bartender.

I made a brief stop and had a meal at the M&S cafe. The croissant was delightful.

How did you spend your Friday? Wishing you all a lovely week!

While some of us look for reindeer in the skies on Christmas Eve, others look for snow. Ultimately, the enchantment and joy of the holidays stem from the sparkling snowflakes and the serene expanse of pristine white on the earth.

We wanted to grant your desire to have a white Christmas this holiday season. Even with the assistance of some very special elves, we are unable to control the weather, but we can tell you that in the USA, the finest spots to spend Christmas are when there's a decent probability of snowfall, either on the ground or in the sky.

Oh, how much fun it is to get into the holiday spirit with our recommendations! Take a vacation to one of these snowy wonderlands over the Christmas season!

1. Aspen, Colorado

Aspen promises you a happy little Christmas with a 100 percent likelihood of snowfall and an almost flawless white Christmas record.

At Ullr Nights, honor the Norse God of Snow with snow tubing, bonfires, and Ullr's ghost ship.
Twelve Days of Aspen is a countdown to Christmas, with festivities taking place around the area.
Join the carolers at Base Village and Snowmass Mall's Santa's Village.

2. Lake Placid, New York

December brings an average of 23 inches of snow to Lake Placid, increasing the likelihood of a chilly Christmas in the Adirondacks. It makes sense that it's among the top destinations for Christmas tourism.

Observe how Main Street decks the halls by taking part in the village stroll.
Get a free lift ticket at Whiteface Mountain by dressing like Santa.
At the Olympic Sports Complex, brave the tracks in a bobsled.

3. Mammoth Lakes, California

Mammoth Lakes has average lows of 17 degrees Fahrenheit in December, which makes for perfect weather. Let there be snow—plenty and lots of it!

Enjoy the breathtaking Village Gondola ride during the Night of Lights while fireworks are displayed.
Join in the massive holiday celebrations.
Take the Tamarack XC Ski Center December Full Moon Snowshoe Tour.

4. Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota

Given that there is snow on the ground three out of every four Christmases in the Twin Cities, the likelihood of flurries appears to be bright and cheerful.

Enjoy a visit with Santa and take in the lit artwork at Loring Park during Holidazzle.
Get in character as Kris Kringle at St. Paul Lowertown SantaCon.
See the decorations at the Minnesota Governor's Mansion during the holiday tour season.
Glasgow Cathedral

My partner and I had such a wonderful time exploring the amazing Glasgow Cathedral. It's the oldest church in mainland Scotland and the oldest building in Glasgow, dating back to AD 1136. The cathedral is located at Castle Street G40QZ.

When we arrived, we saw lots of tourists and people just enjoying themselves. We looked around and admired the beautiful architecture. It was a really nice experience.

The cathedral was so impressive with its old-fashioned design. We saw colorful stained glass windows that let sunlight shine through and made the stone walls look even more special. It felt like we were in a fairy tale or a painting.

We also noticed people sitting and talking or just relaxing, enjoying the peaceful atmosphere. It was lovely to see how this place brought people together and made them happy.

We spent time exploring every part of the cathedral, amazed by all the little details. The arches and pillars were so fancy and showed how much work went into building this amazing place.

Our visit to the Glasgow Cathedral was truly unforgettable. It was like stepping back in time and being a part of history. We felt so calm and amazed by everything we saw. If you're ever in Glasgow, I really recommend visiting this incredible cathedral – you won't be disappointed!

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