Yesterday, I visited the Riverside Museum in Glasgow, which I planned as part of my weekend mini-tour. The day before, I cleaned my house, got new bed sheets, and bought scented candles from Tesco, which I'll share with you all later on the blog.

While I wanted to enjoy every bit of this experience, I also wanted to savor the view. So, while I was on the bus (I got a day ticket to move around), I set my phone aside, letting the music play as I looked around at the city. It was a sunny day, and I cherished every minute of the journey.

When I reached my bus stop, I got off in front of a charity shop, checked it out, and then walked down to the Riverside Museum. I had to use my map to navigate to the location and received help from a lovely woman too.

Guess what was the first beauty I saw on my way? It was the River Kelvin, a tributary of the River Clyde in northern and northeastern Glasgow, Scotland. It rises on the moor southeast of the village of Banton, east of Kilsyth.

Anyway, when I arrived at the museum, there was a lot to see, I must say. I enjoyed every bit of history and experience, from the old street view to the various modes of transportation like cars, bikes, trains, and ships. It was an immersive experience that transported you back in time.

This made me wonder why much of this has changed because most of those cars seemed sturdier than the ones we have today, and the trains had robust bodywork. I even saw some unique bicycles.

I honestly love old cars, or if you prefer, vintage cars. I hope to own a Lada someday.

Just before I entered the ship exhibit, my phone died, and I couldn't take photos of it. I had my Chromebook in my bag, so I plugged it in, but it wasn't charging for long, for reasons I don't know yet, but I'll check later.

Well, when my phone managed to power up, I quickly took photos. Also, it was about time since I purchased a large frame from the charity store I needed to pick up before 5, so I had to leave without fully enjoying the ship exhibit. I plan to visit again, this time looking so good or wearing a dress because I will take photos of the ship and also have that summer beauty glowing. 

This place is free entry and you get free water tap at the entrance. At the entrance I was given a site plan to add my experience. 

Address to the Riverside museum: 100 Point House Rd, Govan, Glasgow G3 8RS. It is free entry.

My Visit to the Riverside Museum in Glasgow

I traveled to Edinburgh and participated in various activities. My friend had purchased tickets for ice skating, and while she was excited, I was happy too, despite not knowing how to skate.

Upon arrival, we were unexpectedly asked to buy additional tickets, even though the website had two options: one for Edinburgh Zoo and another for skating, and my friend had chosen the latter.

The website clearly stated that the skating ticket didn't grant access to the zoo, and we were fine with that. However, at the reception, Darcy informed us that we needed an Edinburgh Zoo ticket. This was confusing as the website only offered the option to buy the skating ticket separately, and it explicitly mentioned two separate tickets.

The skating area was at the other entrance. Although we requested Darcy to inform her manager, she came back and said the manager denied us entry. We knew she did not speak to anyone, so we insisted on a refund if we couldn't enter, but she claimed only the events team could process it. After calling a member of the events team, they let us inside and explained that on weekends, the zoo entrance was closed and there was a separate entrance for skating. But it was the weekend, and all we needed was to use the other entrance or get allowed inside to go straight inside the skating area, but Darcy did not mention this; instead, she insisted on us buying an extra ticket without attempting to clarify the situation or guide us to the correct entrance. She displayed a cold attitude and polite rudeness throughout. She has a nonchalant attitude and was silently giving off a wicked vibe.

When we went inside, we realised that it wasn't actually ice skating like they had advertised on the website. Instead, the floor had a smooth and slippery surface. One of the staff members at the skating rink mentioned to us that it costs a lot of money for them to maintain the frozen ice. Even though I'm not very good at skating, I still had a great time taking photos and videos. So, my friend had these skating boots that were just not comfortable at all. It was a real bummer. And to make matters worse, it started pouring rain out of nowhere. So, we quickly decided to find some shelter. Luckily, there were these art stands right beside the skating area, so we huddled up there to stay dry. After a little while, we decided to head over to the city centre to have some fun but I still got my jacket a bit wet.

I am wearing the Jack Wolfskin Kyoto Long Coat.

I had a delightful trip to Edinburgh and enjoyed some fun activities just before the cold season fully set in. Edinburgh is quite a bustling city with its historical buildings, Christmas market, and the captivating castle all in one spot, attracting many tourists. Since my schedule will become busier soon, I wanted to revisit Edinburgh and captured the moments through numerous photos taken in the cold. Walking around the mall, I tried out a new powder sample and blush, which I ended up buying. Overall, I cherished this little trip to Edinburgh. 

Went for a brief stroll to Edinburgh Castle, but decided not to explore the interior. Edinburgh Castle, a historic fortress in Scotland, is perched on Castle Rock—a site with human presence dating back to the Iron Age. The specifics of the early settlement remain somewhat mysterious.

This is me at the Edinburgh Art Gallery. I only explored the first floor before leaving. One enjoyable aspect, as I mentioned earlier, was experimenting with various makeup products and even making some purchases.

Glenmorangie is a whisky brand that crafts modern-style whisky tailored to the palates of younger individuals. The whisky boasts a vibrant calico red hue with notes of orange and sweetness, delivering a potent yet smooth taste. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the photo booth and engaging in lively conversations with the bartenders, even trying my hand at concocting a drink while playfully playing the role of a bartender.

I made a brief stop and had a meal at the M&S cafe. The croissant was delightful.

How did you spend your Friday? Wishing you all a lovely week!
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