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Friday, May 24, 2019

What to wear for a walking tour?: Blue jeans, straw hat, sunglass and Birkenstocks

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If you are going on a tour and you are wondering what to wear during your travel tour vacation then here is a full outfit detail on what to wear during your summer tours. Well, before I even go into giving you the tips, do you have any plans on traveling this summer, if yes which country are you traveling to? Summer can be very hot sometimes and we all know that, so wearing heavy clothing is out of this. When going on a vacation tour, you have to try as much as you can to be comfortable and look smart. There are simple clothing that can give you the perfect tourist look and yet keep you in the most comfortable state because of comfort is very important.

Straw Hat
 A straw hat is always associated with summer. Hats, in general, are worn in summer. Over the years' hat, styling and hat fashion have taken a different form. There are different types of hats, the dad's hat, fedora, straw hats, baseball hats, crochet hats, cowboy hats and lots more. All the hat styles can be worn in summer except for the beanie hat due to the fabric texture and of course, should be worn in winter. A hat protects your face and eyes from the direct UV sun rays and is also an alternative for sunglasses. Purchase the fedora Panama straw hat at Szaleopl.

Simple light airy tops:
 Normally, I will recommend linen but not everyone likes linen fabric so, you can wear a simple tee, blouse, and shirt. The top should be light and airy, in other for you not to get hot and uncomfortable. The top can be purchased from H&M.

I always tell you all that the importance of wearing sunglasses cannot be overemphasized. Your eyes are very big assets and you can not afford to start dealing with eye problems issues all because you fail to take very good care of them. Sunglasses are very important even in winter depending on the weather condition. Always carry a pair of sunglasses in your bag, but apart from the fact that sunglasses protect your eyes they are a fashion piece that elevates your outfit. They are also mood checks, in the sense that when you are not in the mood of associating or talking with anyone all you need do it put on your sunglasses, headphone on your ears and you are in your own world even in the midst of other people. In conclusion, sunglasses are eye protectors, fashion elevate pieces and solo mood checker.

Blue jeans
If there is any fashion clothing item that will never go out of style but only keep evolving in different forms and styles then its denim. Blue jeans can never go out of style. You can wear jeans in summer and winter but are all aware that it is best to leave the jeans for winter. Skirts and dresses are better alternatives. If you really have to wear jeans in summer then for oversized jeans, ripped jeans, distressed jeans whichever one is better than a full covered jeans style. Another alternative her jean shorts, part of your legs are out and you get to feel the summer breeze and not feel much heat.

If I am not mistaken, four years back  Birkenstocks was one of the fashion trends most people wanted to be taken away. Well, I am just getting into that vibe. They are super comfortable, airy and compliment almost every dress I wear, no wonder street fashion lovers weren't able to get over wearing this footwear. They are perfect for those who are touring a city in summer. You can wear sandals also but I totally do not recommend sneakers for long tours as you tend to sweat on your foot which leads to footrot and one more thing, we all know how disgusting smelling socks can be. It is a total turn off for everyone and you don't want to be the man/woman with the smelling socks. Get a pair from

Comfortable handbags, belt bags, backpack, and fanny packs.
If you don't want to feel pain on your shoulder then you make sure you carry along one of these types of bags during your tour. Get this bag from Jessicabuurman.

Light Jacket
Its summer but sometimes the evenings are cold. So make sure you carry along a light jacket if you are staying out late.

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Thursday, May 23, 2019

How to find reliable freelance writers


Writing to me is an act of self expression and in comes in so many ways. There are different types of writers and it all depends on what you are looking for. Nowadays, companies go through agents who then offers jobs at a lower rate to freelancers in a wide range. Nevertheless, that is a smart move but where can you find reliable freelance writers?.

Who is a reliable writer: A reliable freelance writer is a person who carries out a writing job, focusing on what the job description is about, pitching each content and timely delivering the content.
  Looking for freelance writers to work with? send an email to and job description.

Freelance bloggers: Bloggers are the most reliable writers because they stand as the forefront of each project using their website as a point of contact and representation. Most bloggers are very time conscious and understand the concept of copyright. They add value to each content and place a high devotion when it comes to writing for a brand as a freelancer or content creator. Most bloggers have experience in writing for up to 5 years and more. They understand the concept of each writing style. They are focused on the articles and since they already have a long time writing experience hence, no much direction is needed.


Tuesday, May 21, 2019

How to enjoy summer to the fullest


Well, summer happens to be my best season and all my blog readers know that. I am currently in my best mood. I am such a advocate of enjoy your summer because winter is coming. I heard the phrase winter is coming on instagram pointing to the just concluded game of thrones series. Well if you want to enjoy your summer here is what you have to do.

Bring out all your summer clothes: 
 Who has time to search for clothes each time you have to go out. Prepare clothes for days ahead, this keeps your vibe going.

Don't be shy to associate with people
Sometimes, people walk up to me and ask for photos and most times I say yes. I make new friends, meet new people, learn about new traditions and lifestyle.

My new Instagram friends.

Do not wait for your friends to start having fun
To me summer is so short, if you keep waiting for people to make you happy you will be so dependent. Learn to go out alone, enjoy personal picnic, take night walks, go out and have fun. If they can catch up with you that is an added bonus.






Monday, May 20, 2019

How to style overall, birkenstocks and waist bag this summer


The summer you have been waiting for is finally here and so what are you going to do with it?. Well, I am already having so much fun and I can't even deal with myself. Tho, the workload is too much at the moment, but summer is here I can't sit at home working all they. I had an amazing time with my friends just before weekend.
Today, I will be sharing some brief tips on how to wear overall, it is pretty easy and you might have seen these styles but it never gets old. When we think over all we think summer but it can be worn all year round. Get this light brown denim daily loose jumpsuits and Overall from Justfashionnow.

1.Wear them over a light sweatshirt:  This can go for a day to night look, Since summer nights are so cold wearing a sweatshirt will fit all day long. Go for a foolproof option, opt for a fitted long-sleeve top in a contrasting color. 

Pair them with flip flops: You can pair them with your favorite pair of black heels, sneakers, slippers, flip flop,slides,birkenstocks etc. Just make sure the pants are skinny legged, bootlegged, or cropped, and you’ll look so effortless  fashionable. Shop birkenstocks from
Buy summer footwear


Saturday, May 18, 2019

Europe day in Ukraine : День Європи 2019 (Україна), субота, 18 травня


Europe Day is an observance in Ukraine on the third weekend in May to celebrate and honor its unity with other European countries.

Europe Day is not a public holiday. It falls on Saturday, 18 May 2019 and most businesses follow regular Saturday opening hours in Ukraine.

Friday, May 17, 2019

How to style a red maxi dress


Red dresses are very simple to style. A red dress makes you look younger and seductive depending the style. The color red has an elegant touch which makes you stand out in the crow, be it a wedding, party or any occasion. Dazzle in red with this V-front back split maxi dress from designer online store Metisu fashion, made from soft-touch silk fabric. Show off some leg in a phenomenal dress that has a sexy slit. Slit dresses provide an ease of movement and comfort so you can dance the night away. Keep reading.


Thursday, May 16, 2019



Why you should wear linen this season? before I explain that what is Linen? Linen  is a textile made from the fibers of the flax plant. Linen is laborious to manufacture, but the fiber is very strong, absorbent and dries faster than cotton. Garments made of linen are valued for their exceptional coolness and freshness in hot and humid weather.


There are three types of Linen fabric

Irish linen refers to the linen that is produced in Ireland. It is spun in Ireland from 100% flax fibers. It is considered to be the best linen fabric as it is considered to be pure.

Flax is the only natural fiber in the entire world that is harvested, grown, and cultivated in Western Europe.


This type of linen focuses on clothes that can be worn throughout the year. Japanese linen dresses are considered to be one of the most beautiful dresses in the entire world.

You might be wondering why we are talking about linen this season well, there are different good reason why you should wear linen this season and it includes reasons why linen are the best fabrics for summer

Which fabric is best for summer?
The Best Fabrics for Summer is linen because it is light, very comfortable and breathable it has very soft texture which dries really fast when it gets wet. I guess soon they will start producing bikinis and swimwears with linen fabric.

What to Wear to a Bridal Shower : White Dresses


Find cute white dresses for sale at affordable prices. Dreaming of the perfect little white dress? little white dresses come in many styles, such as lace, bodycon, sequin short white dresses, white party dresses and other sexy white dresses. White dresses lighten things up with a playful, innocent, polished, or even sexy look! Shop beautiful assortment of stylish & affordable white dresses, and find the perfect little white dress to wear to your upcoming bridal showers, summer events and occasions. 


Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Shark finning : Stop eating shark soup : Movie Sharkwater Extinction (2018) is an eye opener


Shark finning is a very heartless act, it is the process of slicing off a shark’s fin and discarding the rest of the still-living body, often by dumping it back into the ocean. How would you feel as human if both legs get cut off leaving you to at one spot to bleed and die? According to ocean find your blue Shark fins are tempting targets for fishermen because they have high monetary and cultural value. They are used in a popular dish called shark fin soup, which is a symbol of status in Chinese culture. In the past, Chinese Emperors favored the soup as a dish that honored guests because it was thought to have medicinal benefits and represented a victory against powerful sharks. This popularity has not faded with time and has even expanded with China's growing population. Today shark fin soup is still prevalent and has become a staple for more than just emperors on special occasions. As a result, fishermen have a large incentive to gather and sell shark fins.

Photo by Patrick Brinksma on Unsplash

Do you know these sharks struggle to swim and bleed to death? I can't imagine how painful it feels but at the same time, this has to stop. We are also killing ourselves as humans. However, animal cruelty implications are not the only reason to stop this practice. Another major factor is that shark fisheries—and finning in particular—are having catastrophic effects on shark populations around the world. Approximately 100 million sharks are killed globally each year, and one of the major incentives for this is the shark fin trade. With their slow growth and low reproductive rates, sharks are highly susceptible to extinction, and it is difficult for many shark species to replenish their populations as quickly as they are being diminished. Many species of sharks are currently in danger due to shark finning, including the scalloped hammerhead, which is endangered, and the smooth hammerhead, which is vulnerable according to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. Between 1.3 and 2.7 million of just these two sharks are killed every year in the shark fin trade, and the northwestern Atlantic population of the scalloped hammerhead declined from around 155,500 in 1981 to 26,500 in 2005. Today, some shark populations have decreased by 60-70% due to human shark fisheries. Sharks are critical to the ecosystems we are doing ourselves long time harm.

Shark finning is a million dollar industry, our government needs to regulate this. Sharks are being sold to us without us knowing, meals are restaurants renamed meanwhile shark was used in making the meal, animal feeds, cosmetics and lots more have been tested to have Shark DNAs in them.

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