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Thursday, July 18, 2019

4 Types of Bracelet You Need to Know to Complete Your Look


Finding the right jewelry for any outfit can be challenging. With so many styles to choose from, women often wonder which set of earrings they should select or which bracelet to pair with which outfit. There are four types of bracelets every woman should be familiar with and when each should be worn. 

Bangle Bracelets 
The bangle bracelet remains a classic. This solid jewelry piece features no opening or clasp. A woman simply slips it on her wrist and goes about her day. Multiple bangle bracelets may be worn simultaneously if they are thin. However, for wide bangles, it's best to limit them to one or two. Young women often choose this bracelet style thanks to the typically inexpensive cost and the versatility of the jewelry. In addition, bangles can be mixed and matched multiple ways to allow for even more choices when they are combined. The ideas are truly endless.

Charm Bracelets
Charm bracelets consist of chain and several trinkets that are added to this cord. With traditional charm bracelets, the chain or cord is gold, sterling silver, stainless steel, or another metal. In this type of jewelry, charms dangle from the chain or cord.

An Italian charm bracelet, in contrast, is a link bracelet. Small glass rectangles are then inserted into the links, and the charms with either bracelet tend to reflect one or more aspects of the wearer's personality. However, the Italian charm bracelet is smaller than its traditional counterpart, as the charms do not dangle. Individuals need to consider both styles, as there are times when dangling charms can be a danger to the wearer. When this is the case, it's best to go with the Italian version. 


Thursday, July 11, 2019

New scam alert!!! How scammers scam influencers in 2019. Read now and be smart.


As an influencer, I come across different agents that represent various brands. People are developing new scamming techniques, bloggers and influencers are not left out. The irony of it is that influencers can get scammed by fake agents. Popular online stores have a lot of agents and some scammers are aware of this. Recently, an agent claiming to represent Rosegal sent me an email, asking if I will like to be a part of the summer campaign. She offered me items of clothing but I suggested we do an article publishing post and gave her my cost. She replied to my email stating that she will like to start with a collaboration featuring Rosegal products on my social platforms, asking me to select the items I will like to feature and add them to my cart.  I did and sent her the order number. She demanded that I re-order using a link, which I did. She then replied to my email again, asking that I send her the email and login password to my Rosegal account. Mind you, this is not the 1st time I am working with brands that require you to select items on their online store.  I totally knew this was fraud because if the company was aware that she is an agent reaching out to influencers she should automatically have access to another agent working with the same online store who handles orders and can access my profile without asking for my Rosegal password.

People are beginning to understand that influencers, bloggers, and marketers that know their way around the online (digital) and physical marketing industry stand to gain a lot in the long run and they are looking for new ways to scam them. Any agent working with a brand asking you to give out your email and login password to any website they claim to work with/for is totally fake. If you have used your card or have your card details on the website you are at risk. Be very smart as an influencer.

With that being said, summer is fast coming to an end and it feels bad. Winter isn't my season as you all know. I am happy with the way the sun shines bright on my window in the morning with its rays penetrating into the room. It is a fresh blessing directly from heaven filled with vitamin D.
Today, I am sharing a style post. I have worn this mustard yellow jumpsuit before but I decided to restyle it accessorizing with my vintage bag from Jessicabuurman and Birkenstocks from Wristwatch Nicole Vienna.
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Monday, July 8, 2019

Biodun Fatoyinbo who has been accused of rape by Busola Dakolo is a warning to every leader to recheck and restructure.


Sometimes, I have a lot on my mind to write about but can hardly figure out how to put them down in words. I stare at my laptop, changing topics, starting paragraphs that I never finish. This morning I woke up a bit worried about my face and how poor my facial care has been. I opened my laptop hoping to continue writing one of the previous articles which I already started but little or no idea was forthcoming. Tho mornings are pretty refreshing for me but I found myself writing words that didn't blend together.  I have been stressed and needed some rest but at the same time, I also needed to update my website.

Thinking about one of the most controversial issues in Nigeria at the moment, about the founder and leader of the Commonwealth Of Zion Assembly (COZA), Biodun Fatoyinbo who have been accused of rape by Busola Dakolo, is a warning to every leader to recheck and restructure. There are things which Ministers and Pastors both male and female should always consider and carefully follow these rules to avoid situations that can lead them into temptation or expose them to situations like rape accusation, molestation and all forms of evil.

 All over the world, rape happens every day. Rape is a serious allegation and should be looked into carefully. When a pastor is accused of rape, it affects him and his ministry as a whole. It takes the grace of God for the church to stand. There are wicked people in the world hiding under the umbrella of religion and doing evil, we should not also forget that there are also people in the world looking for great people who uphold religion to bring them down. Nobody is perfect which brings us to the reason why Pastors, Ministers, Leaders or anyone holding a delicate office in the Christiandom should follow these rules and put things in place right now if they haven't done so.
unsplash photos

 Do not have a secretary of the opposite sexMan and Woman of God, even the Bible says in the book of Romans 13:14, “Put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to gratify its desires.” Making provision for the flesh is the opposite of fleeing temptation. We make provision for our flesh when we accommodate things that lead to sin, by so doing we are actually making preparations for sinning. Employing a female secretary as a man is making provision for sin (Vice versa). Having a male travel assistant as a woman of God is making provision for sin. Do not open doors for tempting situations and expect the devil not to use it against you or make you fall into temptation. Do not visit Church members alone, whether it is a family or a single brother or sister. When you are going for a visit inform a worker in the Church to go with you.  Be careful because the devil is working tirelessly to bring down the Church and usher more people into hell.

Tithing has been one of the most trending issues patterning giving in the Church and people have different ideas about tithing but the answer is in the Bible. As a Minister of God, it is advisable that you are not in charge of Church funds. Always remember that a clean heart and hand are very important not only before God but also before man. Money has power and can make one lose focus if we don't watch it. There are trusted members in the church that can follow up with the Church fund organization. As a Pastor or a Minister of God, money can be tempting and can also bring conflicts in your Ministry or Church. This is very delicate as even the Bible made us know in the book 1 Timothy 6:10 King James Version (KJV), For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

Counseling hours. I am very sure a lot of people have heard stories of counseling sessions going wrong. Ministers and Pastors should have security cameras in their offices, one trusted Church leader should always be inside the counseling room or Pastors office during counseling sessions.  Stop every form of counseling that falls during late hours.
Prayer and counseling pattern. It is very clear that different people have different ministries in the Christendom and we pray to the same God but in different ways. As a Pastor please be careful where you lay your hands on. If you are a male Pastor and issues that focus on sexual parts of the female body is brought to you, it is wise to speak the word instead of laying hands (Vice versa with female leaders). A clear example of faith manifested in the Bible can be found in the book of Matthew 14: 22-33, which shows that our words are powerful and backed up by God. God can never be put to shame. Believe in his word and do his will and he will confirm his word. Miracles are done by God not man. Don't send the wrong information while trying to do the right thing. A Pastor laying hands on a female breast while praying and applying much force is totally unacceptable. This can be seen as sexual harassment by the lady. He is Jehovah Rapha (The Lord your healer). The name of Jesus is above anything you can name and it means it has the authority over all situations. 2 Corinthians 5:7 New King James Version (NKJV) For we walk by faith, not by sight.

The centurion answered and said, Lord, I am not worthy that thou shouldest come under my roof: but speak the word only, and my servant shall be healed. Mattew 8:8.

 Matthew 11:28-29 NLT says, Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle at heart, and you will find rest for your souls.”

Jeremiah 30:17 King James Version (KJV)
17 For I will restore health unto thee, and I will heal thee of thy wounds, saith the Lord; because they called thee an Outcast, saying, This is Zion, whom no man seeketh after.

John 14:13 Read more.
Acts 3. Read more.






Saturday, July 6, 2019

Getnamenecklace customized Name Necklace


Getnamenecklace offers personalized jewelry which includes, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, and charms. Ladies love charms and they are very affordable. There is also special jewelry for mothers, photo necklace, infinity necklace, and monogram necklace. Mother Jewelry is a great gift for mothers day.

Photo by Mustafa ezz from Pexels

Necklaces are great fashion accessories to wear. They enhance our look and make you look even more stylish. In our world today, there are different types of jewelry that you can wear and feel good about yourself.  They are worn to different occasions, on different fashion apparels, and in different fashionable ways. What even makes a piece of jewelry even fun is the fact that they can be personalized to how you want them to look, fit your style and fashion sense. You can personalize it with multiple names, add the color you prefer. Not to worry, the letters are designed to appear bold to pass the information you want to pass. Personalizing your necklace makes it feel more special. A Infinity Paw Print Name Necklace is a good necklace to own.

If you are looking to get a necklace for you and your special one then you can purchase the couple's jewelry or the Valentine gift for him. Men also want to be pampered and care for on valentines day. A good way to treat your special one is by offering them personalized gifts. It makes them feel special. Friends and family should not also be left out. The infinity necklace is a special necklace type made from different materials. You can get infinity necklaces from materials such as Sterling Silver, 18K Gold Plated, Rose Gold Plated, and Platinum Plated Silver. There is a cheap infinity name necklace that is affordable and ready for purchase.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

MONTI Vintage Printed Bell Sleeves Midi Dress is made with love


This dress was made with love. It is so beautiful and has the perfect waist and length for any modern vintage pattern midi dress. This dress reminds me of Paris. JessicaBuurman has lots of beautiful dresses that will give an unforgettable style memory. Dresses for girls outings, graduation dresses, dresses for special occasions, etc. Get summer ready, whichever way you like to feel when wearing a dress, this Monti dress will make you feel classy and fancy with a sassy vintage touch.

This dress pattern is busy and looks more unique when styled with plain shoes. This dress can pass for different occasions such as a wedding with a vintage theme, Sunday church dress, bridal shower guest, wedding guest, office dress and lots more.

Purchase this full look by clicking on the links below.
Dress: Moniti Midi dress.
Heels: Pointy Cover front chunky vintage heels.
Bag: Brown bucket bag.
Wristwatch by Nicolevienna.
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Saturday, June 22, 2019

Yellow bodycon romper : Amiclubwear summer sales.


It has been a busy week all through but I am glad that God took absolute control of every situation. I have been so busy but I will briefly drop this style post here. Rompers are trending now, this romper is from Amiclubwear, it is lightweight and available in different sizes and colors. 

Outfit details
Romper: Amiclubwear.
Jessicabuurman: Sneakers.
Sunglasses: Giant Vintage.
Jessicabuurman: Bag.


Sunday, June 16, 2019

Mistakes Parents Make that drives youths away from the Church: Here is my experience growing up in Deeper Life Church


This is not an attack on the background of the Church but to improve and correct such acts. Not only Deeper Life parents do this but I am talking from my experience as a Deeper Life child.
We are not perfect but Heavenly race is personal and I pray that every parent that reads this understands it in the proper way. Amen.

Growing up in a strong Christian home, I knew nothing besides school and church. I wasn't allowed to do a lot of things, things as little as wearing dark sunglasses were considered to be things of the world. I wondered and thought about a lot in my heart. My parents focused more on building my spiritual life which isn't bad but less of my social life. I was a very reserved child growing up. I couldn't play with some children because they were considered worldly children. I really wanted to associate with other people but as they say, the more you draw us back, the more curious we become and we tend to want to discover more. 

It is a great privilege to know about Jesus Christ and to be born into a Christian home but there are certain things which most Christian parents, especially Deeper Life parents failed to expose growing children and teenagers to, and it affected them so much. I have spoken to a lot of  Deeper lifers especially youths and I have gotten almost the same answer as to why they left the church or why they departed from practicing the doctrines of the church. Deeper Life is a church that preaches sound doctrine and the pure word of God, but most parents have failed in certain ways because we live in a world where socializing and knowing the basics of life is needed.

There are certain behaviors and mistakes that Deeper Life parents have made in the past which needs to be corrected.

Not giving reasons:  I grew up as a deeper life child and I am still one. Most teachings are focused on the heavenly race and making heaven which is the most important thing, but you will agree with me that we live in a world full of humans and not angels. Parents fail to teach their children and teenagers about facing life. This is totally different from giving instructions, attending youth seminars and an endless number of December and Easter retreats. What you hear more is,... "I don't want to ever see you standing with a boy", "don't disgrace me", oh, "never you bring a girl to my house", "do you want me to be disciplined"?, "You are from a Christian home for Christ's sake" etc. They do not effectively pass any message to us about life and our body. This leaves our heart void and wondering. As a Deeper Life child, I had so many questions, some of which are yet to be answered. I wondered why I couldn't do a lot of things and it made me anticipate growing up. Most Deeper Life brought ups when exposed misuse the opportunity due to lack of proper communication with their parents, not understanding the reason why an action or activity is said to be bad. Parents spend hours advising and giving instructions without passing any information. Be straight forward with teachings that concern life. If you indulge in sexual activities, you will get pregnant. Discuss with your children, teach them practically to be bold, hear their views and understand their mindset about life. Lots of Deeper Life parents only teach their children about the Bible but what about life? Discuss sex education, relationship and the right way to socialize instead of always telling them that other people are unbelievers and you are expected to stay away from them, that the Bible commands us to do so. Well, like most of them do, when they leave home away from their parents they seek for answers and go in search of it because parents fail to give reasons as to why certain things are said to be wrong but instead they just give instructions backing it up with the Bible and forget that we face humans and not words.

Forcing a child to attend church (Punishing and flogging a child to Christ): The Bible says, (Proverbs 22:6), Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. What is the meaning of train, the dictionary meaning of the word train is to teach (a person or animal) a particular skill or type of behavior through sustained practice and instruction? ( instruct, teach, coach, tutor, give lessons to, school, educate, upskill, edify, prime, demonstrate something to, make something clear to). People often use this verse as a guarantee that if you raise your children “in the discipline and instruction of the Lord” the child stays that way. Sometimes the reason why most teenagers depart from it is because of the hard way parents use in pushing them towards God. I can remember my Dad flogging my brothers for missing Church. When it comes to teaching a teenager about the Bible it is best that you communicate effectively and not forcefully, because most Deeper Life brought ups attended Church because of the fear of being flogged, punished or as a normal tradition in their homes so they didn't understand the bible truly and never experienced what it means to be born again. The bible said in (Ephesians 6:4) And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

What is the meaning of Nurture?
(care for and protect (someone or something) while they are growing). To bring up, care for, provide for, take care of, attend to, look after, rear, support and to raise.
What is the meaning of Admonition? (a firm warning or reprimand which is a formal expression of disapproval.).
You don't beat a child or teenager to Christ, you teach and lead them to Christ. By punishing them, they become rebellious to you as a parent, to the church leaders and they tend to go against Church rules because after all it all ends up in the normal punishment and all they do is wait until they are of age to make decisions and leave the Church. Deeper Life growing youths are always itching to leave the Church, some don't even want to identify with the church when they are of age. This leads them into not wanting to associate themselves with anything that has to do with Deeper Life Church due to such stress and upbringing. I remember going to church three times a week but I never understood why. I was under my parents and since I was being forced to attend church, I obeyed every instruction and got used to the routine without understanding the actual essence and importance of going to church. Deeper Life Bible Church has lost a lot of youths due to such style of discipline. Most youths still believe in the teachings but because of the lifestyle they faced while growing up they leave the church when they can.

Trusting other members easily: Even in the church, we have to be careful. After I finished my primary education, I wrote my common entrance examination and passed. My dad decided to take us to a school to write the school entrance examination. I remember my brother getting a very high score than I and he got an express entry while I was waiting to be considered. I didn't fail but the competition was high, so they needed to evaluate the result of people with an average score point and so they asked my parents to wait alongside other parents. While waiting in the car to hear from the school, I can not remember if it was my mum or my dad that first saw this man called Chris Nwankwo but I can clearly remember that one of them approached him to ask some questions and as usual they asked if he was a born again Christian and that was when they found out he was a member of Deeper Life. They were so happy and instantly introduced me to him, adding that he will be my guardian. My mum even spoke our native language to him telling him that ''I am his child in the lord".  I was very young and happy because I have been trained to see all Deeper Life members as true believers of Jesus Christ. Well, I got the admission and my parents sewed long oversized uniforms and day wears for me. I wasn't looking smart at all but I was excited to attend boarding school. I couldn't sleep the preceding day and so I stayed awake packing and unpacking my box. I was so happy. After we checked in into the school, my parents called Mr. Chris and gave him some money to keep for me, instructing me to always go to him each time I needed something.  I did as instructed but each time I got there, he would always welcome me with a tight hug that felt really uncomfortable but my mind had already been set to see him as a saint since he is a Deeper Life member. Besides, don't forget that my parents barely even knew him. The hug graduated to back rubs, then lower back rubs until one day he boldly rubbed my thighs and I ran out of his office, never to come back for anything. My Dad called saying your guardian has not been seeing you and I replied Dad, I don't want him to be my guardian anymore. Well, guess the reply from my Dad;  "he is our brother in the lord and has been asking of you". The trust Deeper Life members give to fellow members is so unbelievable. Up until now they never found out why I stopped going to that man's office and decided to keep my money by myself.
It is only God who sees the heart, I know most times they mean well, but such careless act in Christendom has to stop. You commit a young girl child to a man all because he attends the same church as you. Remember even Deeper Lifers have blood flowing through their vein, they are humans and can also be tempted. After all, Jesus Christ was tempted.

"And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually." Genesis 6:5, KJV.
"The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?" Jeremiah 17:9, KJV.
"And he said, That which cometh out of the man, that defileth the man. For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders, Thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lasciviousness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness: All these evil things come from within, and defile the man." Mark 7:20-23, KJV.


Friday, June 14, 2019

Must-have Ankara style trench coats that will upgrade your style


Ankara fashion is all over Instagram. Not only Africans are obsessed with the unique fashion style, which is not surprising because Ankara fabrics have very unique print styles. They are very fashionable and make a loud style statement. Wonder how a trench coat can change your whole look in seconds? I have worn this trench coat to different places and the responses are always unique. This art print of red jumping horses made me want the Kira trench dress in different colors. African fashion, style, dance, and music are taking over the world. Fashion houses and designers are putting the Ankara fabric into more valuable style use. A lot of designers are creating more English styles with Ankara fabrics. Years back, Ankara fabrics were mostly worn or tailored to portray the traditional African style which I also love, but the diversity in style is also a great idea. 

Tufafii is a standout made of Africa clothing representing made in Africa and I am so proud to be wearing this unique design. This designer has a large supply of any fabric and clothing representing Africa. A large clothing supply that includes, blouses, jackets, trench coats, pants, skirts, jumpsuits, and dresses. Ankara Bags and scarves are also available for purchase worldwide.  Men are not left out. The Tufafiiman collection is also available for purchase.

Wina Dress
The Wina Dress is a wrap maxi dress with Long Sleeves and a tie belt around the waist. It has a big sleeve which makes it even more unique.

Kira trench dress
Tufafii Kira trench dress is very artistic. I first wore it to a praise night at a church gathering and everyone loved it. It is neatly stitched and the length is perfect. Being that the prints already speaks for itself, I added fewer accessories to keep it simple. The jessicaburrman genna crocodile skin bag is a perfect match.


Thursday, June 13, 2019

Get in Shape With 9 Easy Rules To Follow


Everybody wants to be in shape, yet not everybody is in shape, so what gives? It turns out that reaching whatever our fitness goals are isn’t always the easiest thing in the world. Indeed, sometimes it feels like the hardest. We’re constantly coming up against barriers that bump our health and fitness targets further down the priority list. And then there’s the matter of, well, not really knowing what to do even if we are motivated. If you’re struggling to get in shape for whatever reason, take a look at following the rules that we’ve outlined below. 

Find an Activity You Like
Some people genuinely are motivated to get in shape and join a gym to prove it. But in many cases a problem quickly presents itself: they find out that there’s a reason why gyms have a bad reputation. They’re boring. It’s hard to stay motivated when you’re wishing you were doing anything else. As such, it’s recommended that instead of going straight for the gym and the like, look at getting in shape by doing something that you like. Playing a sport might not be better than the gym by itself, but it’ll be much better to play an hour of that sport than lasting just fifteen minutes in the gym. 

Photo by mentatdgt from Pexels

And Make It Easy
Whatever you’re doing, be it running or visiting the gym or anything else, you’ll need all the help you can get to ensure that you actually do it. Vague plans don’t work. If you say you’ll go in the morning, you’ll convince yourself that the extra time in bed is better. If you say you’ll go after work, you’ll say you’re too tired. As such, work on making it as easy as you can for yourself. If you want to go in the morning, then lay out all of your clothes and equipment before you go to bed. When you wake, you’ll just need to take that one step out of bed, and you’ll be on your way. In general, it’s best to completely ignore the voice in your mind that says “you can also go tomorrow…” and just go ahead and do it. 

Sleep Well
When people talk about getting in shape, they’re usually exclusively focused on eating well and exercising. But there’s another factor that’s arguably just as important: sleeping. This plays a huge role in our ability to keep our weight down, and also to have the energy we need to work out to the best of our ability. The hormone changes that lack of sleep causes means we end up eating more. So if you’re serious about getting into a fit and healthy state, then focus on your sleep routine and habits


Set a Target
Even people who are generally motivated to visit the gym and the like can lose interest in a while, and it’s because of one simple reason: they don’t have a target in mind. It’s like anything. If you go for a walk without an aim in mind, you’ll just turn around when you lose some interest in the process. If you knew you were trying to reach a particularly beautiful spot, then you’d ride out the boredom, and carry on walking. The same applies to fitness. It doesn’t matter so much what the goal is, so long as you have something in mind when you begin. It’ll help to keep you focused. 

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