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Exploring JW Pei Crystal Purses and the Silver Trend

Has anyone else noticed that people are really into silver lately? My friends and I all had a touch of silver in our outfits for graduation, and it wasn't even planned. I also noticed a lot of other people wearing silver jewelry and accessories. I have used this bag twice, and it has been nothing but stunning and elegant. The rhinestones are on fire.

If you are looking for lovely bag, then consider adding a crystal purse to your collection to instantly upgrade it, whether it's for a formal gathering or an exciting night out. This sparkling purse may give a sophisticated touch to even the most basic outfit or add even more sparkle to one that already exudes glitz.

JW Pei purses are great since they are trendy and not boring, which is why they are so popular among the fashion elite. They pretty much offer any color imaginable, so it doesn't matter what you prefer.


JW Pei bags are the understated purses you have seen all over Vogue and on celebs but most likely not even known about since there is no brand branding visible. The best part is that They are still rather fashionable and forward, but also rather reasonably priced.

You may have seen the bags that Gigi, Emily Ratajkowski, Megan Fox, and others are carrying. If you're searching for a fashionable, affordable, and eco-friendly bag, read on for a complete JW Pei review.

These stunning items are all available for under $100, and there are many more on sale!

My bag, the JW PEI Abacus Artificial Crystal Mini Top Handle, elevates the bow-shaped bag trend to new heights with its one-of-a-kind ring-handle detail.

I would like to commend the designers of this bag for one thing in particular. Most items with stones and studs that I own start to fall off after a while, and some even fall off almost immediately after I use them for the first time. However, this JW Pei crystal mini bag is incredibly durable. Not a single crystal has fallen off, even though I have handled it like I would any other bag I own. I will definitely be shopping from this brand more in the future because of its durability.

I'm going to tell you a true story. I went to Aberdeen for a friend's graduation and I wore my bag. At the end of our trip, a friend of mine was holding my bag and forgot to drop it off. She traveled with it to another country, but then sent it back to me when we both realized she had it. She sent it back, and I got it on Friday in a well-packaged box. My bag is back home now!

Let me know what you think about my bag.

Jw pei

JW Pei

JW Pei crystal bags

Hairspray gel

I recall coming home from work exhausted and being unable to make it to the store to purchase the gel I normally use. However, I stopped at a nearby store on my way home and purchased the Enliven 250 ml Extreme Blue Hair Gel and the Insette hairspray extra hold. Both products worked well together to keep my hair in place, despite the price.

The Insette Hairspray range was created and formulated for professional hairstylists over 40 years ago with Pro-Vitamin B5. It is designed to hold your hair in place naturally.

Here are some key details about this hairspray:

1. Hold Strength: This hairspray is designed to provide a strong hold, making it ideal for maintaining elaborate hairstyles and keeping hair in place all day long.

2. Usage: It can be used for both everyday hairstyles and more elaborate special occasion looks. It is typically applied by spraying evenly onto styled hair from a distance of about 10-12 inches.

3. Finish: The finish tends to be shiny, adding a bit of gloss to the hair without making it greasy or weighed down.

When I visit a hotel during my travels, I prioritize the lobby and the cleanliness of the room. Let me explain further. The lobby brings the hotel to life when you first step inside and sets the tone for your stay. It should provide a relaxed atmosphere for having breakfast or using a laptop, whether you're traveling for work or pleasure. I prefer a slightly quiet atmosphere with art and design, as these elements keep the mind engaged. All of these factors contribute to the initial impression I have about the hotel.

When it comes to the rooms, I prioritize clean and sanitized sheets, a spotless toilet, an entirely clean room with no odor, and a good view.

Top Features, Cleanliness, and Customer Service Insights

Now, allow me to share my thoughts on this hotel. I thought it was quite nice, and I particularly liked the room, which had two king-size beds for my friend Ebube and me. Later, we were joined by Yinka, who had just graduated from Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen.

Aloft Aberdeen TECA exterior view

The hotel walkway was well-kept and had a pleasant scent. The elevator was also pleasant to ride in, with no strange noises and easy-to-understand controls. The interior design of the elevator was quite striking.

The bathroom was spacious, and the shower gel was lovely. They also provided hair conditioner and shampoo, although we didn't need them since we had our braids in.

Spacious bathroom with shower and Bliss Spa amenities"

The lighting in the room wasn't ideal. I prefer to have the option to switch between dim and bright light, but the light was only on the dim side. However, the view was even better than I had anticipated. It was an open view with green land, and the best part was watching airplanes fly across the sky.

As a morning person, I love to open the windows in the morning and enjoy the brightness of the day, with the sun's rays touching my face and entire body. It makes me feel alive and so good. Who doesn't love the sun?

Sunlight entering the room with a beautiful green land view

The lobby had a snooker table, which was an interesting addition for those who wanted to play. It also had a contemporary design, which I enjoyed.

The staff was welcoming, and the customer service was decent, but the food was not great. It was not fresh, and some items were poorly prepared. We ordered sweet potato fries, and they were burnt. We had to ask the waiter to return them, but they were brought back in the same condition, just rearranged. The chicken wings were also not very good, and the curry sauce was not to my liking. If that's how it usually tastes, I don't plan on ordering it again.

Overall, our stay was calm and peaceful, with an easy check-out process. This was probably the easiest check-in and check-out experience I've ever had. The hotel staff was friendly and helpful, and the environment was peaceful and relaxing. There was a bar on-site, which was a nice addition.

Universities can be a tourist attraction, and I must say that the University of Aberdeen is a beautiful one. When we got there, we saw a tour bus and some tourists taking photos of the buildings, which piqued our interest. We decided to walk around and explore, and we were not disappointed. We took some really nice photos, which I will share with you all.

I also had to look up some information about the building, its status, and the university as a whole. It was an interesting find, and I learned a lot about the history of the university.

Getting to the University of Aberdeen

From either Queen Street or Broad Street, Marischal College is reachable by bus. College Bounds or King Street are both ways to access the main body of the campus, which includes King's College. – It's a 20-minute walk from Marischal College and the city center. The availability of parking and buses is relatively high.

Discover the historic beauty and tourist appeal of the University of Aberdeen. Explore stunning architecture, rich history, and scenic campus spots.

About the University of Aberdeen

The University of Aberdeen was established in 1495, making it the fifth oldest university in the English-speaking world, and one of Scotland's ancient universities. It has maintained its reputation as a top-tier educational institution.

The University of Aberdeen has an extensive history, dating back to the mid-12th century when it is thought that a centre of learning was established at the See of Aberdeen. However, it was not until February 1494 that the university was officially founded by Papal Bull, following a request from King James IV of Scotland to Pope Alexander VI. The primary motivation for this request was said to be King James' desire to correct the ignorance of the people in northern Scotland so that they could better fill clerical offices.

The new university, initially known as ‘The University and King’s College of Aberdeen’, was a collegiate institution modeled after the University of Paris. It was originally planned as a law school, but in 1497, it established the first chair of medicine in the English-speaking world.

Marischal College was founded by the 5th Earl of Marischal in 1593, located in the commercial heart of the city. As they became more integrated with city life, the two colleges clashed both in court and in brawls. Frequent merger attempts were often unsuccessful. During Oliver Cromwell's interregnum, a brief attempt was made to reunite the two colleges, but it was again dissolved after the Restoration. The union was only actually formally completed in 1860, which also created a new medical school for Marischal College.

All faculties were permitted to admit women by 1892, and two years later, a group of 20 women matriculated at the university. The quadrangle at Marischal College was completed in 1906 and opened by King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra. The city hosted some of the most lavish celebrations ever seen, including banquets, fireworks, and the bestowing of hundreds of honorary degrees to individuals from all over the world.

New buildings were constructed by King's and Marischal Colleges in both traditional and contemporary brutalist styles as both continued to expand throughout the 20th century. 

Address: King's College, Aberdeen AB24 3FX

The University of Aberdeen

Today's events at The University of Aberdeen 

The university’s grounds are dispersed throughout the city: Marischal College is near the city center, while King’s is farther north. King’s College is still in use – the Chapel and Museum are open to visitors during the week and are free of charge. Marischal College is not open to the public, but its austere perpendicular Gothic style is worth admiring from the outside.

Discover the historic beauty and tourist appeal of the University of Aberdeen. Explore stunning architecture, rich history, and scenic campus spots.

King’s College Chapel

The Chapel sanctuary, situated beneath the Tower, is a place of beauty, tranquility, and peace.

During the academic term, King's College Chapel holds worship services every Wednesday. This service commences at 5.15pm unless otherwise specified. In addition to these daily services, the Chapel also hosts significant annual services such as Remembrance and Founders' Day.

It is important to note that the University of Aberdeen is not the same as King's College, even though King's College is a part of it. The University of Aberdeen was formed in 1860 by the merger of two colleges: King's College (founded in 1495) and Marischal College (founded in 1593). King's College is one of the university's historic campuses and is often referred to in connection with the university's heritage.

Address: College Bounds, Aberdeen AB24 3FX

King’s College Chapel: Discover the historic beauty and tourist appeal of the University of Aberdeen. Explore stunning architecture, rich history, and scenic campus spots.

King's college

Do you ever take a look at the notes your doctor or health practitioner writes during a medical visit? If not, it's worth considering checking them out. These medical notes are usually filled with valuable information about your health and reminders of the recommendations that were discussed. Medicalese is a language that includes difficult-to-pronounce illnesses, medications, and technical terms.

You may be surprised to find inaccurate information or unexpected language, tone, or even innuendo in your medical records. Was your past medical history truly "unremarkable"? Did you truly "deny" drinking alcohol? Did the note describe you as "unreliable"?

Here's how to decode unfamiliar jargon, comprehend some unexpected descriptors, and flag any mistakes you discover.

Have you ever read your medical record? Here's why you should
Photo by CDC
What is included in a medical note?

A standard medical note contains several sections. These include:

* A description of the patient's current symptoms
* Past medical problems
* A list of medications taken
* Family medical history
* Social habits, such as smoking, drinking alcohol, or drug use
* Details of the physical examination
* Test results
* A discussion of the overall picture, along with recommendations for further evaluation or treatment.

Notes for new patients or annual exams are often more comprehensive. Follow-up notes may not include all of these points.

What may be confusing about medical notes?
Medical notes are not usually written in plain language because they are not primarily intended for a lay audience. As a result, you're likely to come across:

Medical jargon: You had an upset stomach and a fever. Doctors may say "dyspepsia" (upset stomach) and "febrile" (fever).

Complex disease names: Have you ever heard of "multicentric reticulohistiocytosis" or "progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy?" These are just two of many examples.

The use of common language in unusual ways: For example, your medical history may be described as "unremarkable" and test results as "within normal limits" rather than "normal."

Abbreviations: You might see "VSS" and "RRR," which stand for "vital signs stable" and "regular rate and rhythm," respectively.

If you are having trouble understanding a note, your health issues, tests, or recommendations, contact your doctor's office for clarification. The more you are informed about your health and your treatment options, the better.
No content on this site, regardless of date, should be used to replace direct medical advice from your doctor or another trained practitioner.
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