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“”Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,’ says the LORD Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it.’”



Saturday, November 17, 2018

How often should you wash your bra? How to maintain a long lasting bra quality.


My blog have been mostly on hygiene because of how important it is. Today, I will be sharing with you, the keys and tips to a long lasting bra maintenance and hygiene.

Honestly, this is one hygiene a lot of ladies skip, in as much as bras are worn underneath, we should keep in mind that we need to always wash our bra. Thinking about it and seeing some comedy skits which was shared by some guys about ladies wearing dirty bras and how dirty looking it was, I decided to share this article about how to always keep your bra clean and maintain a high hygiene standard while doing it.

Here are ways to keep your bra long lasting  and clean.
1. The number of bras you have is the first step to this. Some ladies own just 2 bras which I can't condemn due to the fact that we all have different incomes. But owning about 4-6 bras is a good number. It helps you to be flexible and not over wear one bra until it's worn out. 

2. When purchasing a bra be sure you like the bra texture and feel on your skin. Most times we end up buying a beautiful bra that doesn't fit well. We stop wearing it and keep wearing one particular bra that feels really good and comfortable. Be sure that before you purchase any bra it is very comfortable for you to wear. This is to avoid wearing one bra over and over again even when the bra gets really dirty you keep wearing it just because it is more comfortable.

3. There are bras for different clothing (design) styles, but there are also bras that just happen to fit into every outfit so well. We tend to wear that bra more often. Instead of over wearing one bra just because it feels so comfortable, purchase that bra type/style in neutral colors that can go with a lot of clothings, so you can change and not wear same bra just because it fits/sits well with every dress.

4. Some ladies even take good care of their shoes better than their bra, just because we don't get to see it. Some ladies are in the habit of wearing a bra for months and until the corners start looking brown they don't care to wash it. Anyways, if you are in such dirty habit you need to stop it. While this depends on your lifestyle you should wash your bra after 2-3 wears. If you sweat way too much then be sure to own more bras and wash even more often to prevent body odor, bacterias and skin infections. 
5. Washing your bra is one thing and maintaining the quality is a whole entire journey. I will tell you something that you might already know.
a). The best way to wash your bra is by hand washing it with a good detergent or soap that is mild and effective. Hand washing your bra is a secure way to protect your bra from damage and tear.
I totally prefer to wash my bra with my hands because I do it better than the washing machine. I scrub specific corners and areas and also get to retain the quality.  Purchasing a quality bra is good but maintaining it is another thing all together.

b). Many of use might be very familiar with this mesh flower print laundry bag which is popularly known for the use of washing underwears and delicate clothings. It is a net like bag, with plastic chain like protectors inside. For those who do not have so much time to hand wash then always set the washing machine to mild wash. Put your bra inside the a mesh laundry wash bag then inside the washing machine. This will wash the bra and prevent it from damage. Not entirely but it is better than just directly putting the bra inside the washing machine.

c). Dry your bra in natural air and temperature, do not blow dry, this is not hygenic.

Thank you so much for reading, I will like to know how you care for your bra and if you are guilty of this then let's talk about it in the comment box below.
 Have a lovely weekend.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

How to be on time when you are running late.


Photo by fotografierende from Pexels.

Timing is very important in every aspect of life. I dislike late comers and the act irritates me because it shows disrespect, but nevertheless sometimes we can't help it.
When you are running late there are things you can do or steps to follow that will help you be on time or speed up your dressing especially in the morning.

For example you wake up late and it's almost time for work, get going with the following steps.

1. Grab your tooth paste and tooth brush, then immediately get into the shower. While you are scrubbing as fast as you can, brush with the other hand. Time yourself to shower for about 3-4 mins, don't get carried away by the calmness of the morning shower.
Off from the shower, clean up,cream up and apply deodorant.

2. If you haven't prepared any clothes or ironed any the previous day, pick out anything that doesn't need ironing, wear your clothes and shoes. At this point neutral colors and one piece clothings will be the best option.

Monday, November 12, 2018

5 Best bras for women with small breast :


Finding the right Bra for ladies with small breast type can be difficult sometimes due to the fact that most ladies with small breast are likely to be in search of bras that can give them a little push up or cleavage. One of the good things about having small boobs is that you can wear a wide variety of clothing and even go braless on occasion. I am glad to know that the options are limitless, whether you want full-on push up, a light lift, simple soft molding, or striking sexy detailing.

I received some bras from Newchic and they are very affordable, made of good quality fabrics and serve different purposes. They are really nice, tho I have not yet washed any.

If you want to have an instant cleavage look, then this is the bra to purchase, I like the comfort it gives and the front hook style makes it easier to wear.

Specification :
Material: Cotton,Nylon
Lining Material: Cotton
Bra Style: Seamless Bra,T-shirt Bra,Sport/Fit/Yoga Bra,Non-wired bras,Push Up Bra,Plunge Bras
Support Type: Wireless
Cup Style: Three Quarters (3/4 Cup)
Pattern: Printed,Lace,Embroidery
Strap Type: Non-Convertible Straps
Closure Type: Overhead
Bust Built-in: 0.3CM Padding
Color: Black,Nude,Wine Red.

This bras wasn't exactly my size but the fit is still very ok. The space between my breast and the cup was a bit much but I like the design and the material used in making this bra. This is a good bra to own.

Specification :
Material: Cotton,Nylon
Lining Material: Cotton
Bra Style: Seamless Bra,Non-wired bras,Push Up Bra,Plunge Bras
Support Type: Wireless
Cup Style: Full Cup
Pattern: Printed
Strap Type: Non-adjusted Straps
Closure Type: Back Closure
Bust Built-in: 0.3CM Padding
Color: Blue,Grey,Pink,Beige,Watermelon Red,Cameo
Cup Size: B,C
Band Size: 34/75,36/80,38/85,40/90.
Red is a hot color. I like red underwears because of how they look on my skin. I recommend red underwears for married women because of its altitude.
 Reaffirm your style with this classic and comfortable full-coverage wireless bra that will provide all day comfort and prevent dig-in. Great quality and gives cleavage. Stretch fabric that smooths the back for a sleek look with no bumps or lines. Seamless sides and an invisible neckline offer a smooth look under your favorite T-shirts and silky blouses.

Specification :
Material: Polyester,Spandex
Bra Style: Seamless Bra,Non-wired bras,Push Up Bra,Plunge Bras
Support Type: Wireless
Cup Style: Three Quarters (3/4 Cup)
Strap Type: Adjusted-straps ,Convertible Straps 
Closure Type: Drawstring,Back Closure
Color: Black,Red,Grey,Pink,Purple,Navy,Rose,Nude,Wine Red
Cup Size: A,B,C
Band Size: 32/70,34/75,36/80,38/85,40/90
This feels like I am wearing a bra-singlet, which is always what I want when I wear a bra. Most times I wear a bra and singlet because I am use to covering in that form. This bra is very comfortable and the lace embroidery design makes it so beautiful. 

Specification :
Material: Cotton,Spandex
Lining Material: Cotton
Bra Style: Non-wired bras
Support Type: Wireless
Cup Style: Three Quarters (3/4 Cup)
Pattern: Lace,Embroidery
Strap Type: Adjusted-straps 
Closure Type: Back Closure
Bust Built-in: 0.1CM Padding
Color: Blue,Green,Nude
Cup Size: B,C,D,E/DD
Band Size: 32/70,34/75,36/80,38/85
This bra is perfect when wearing shirt and sweaters. Personally, I hate tight bras because they are so uncomfortable. When comfort is lost the purpose and function of a clothing is not valid to me.
The bra feels so good on my skin, I could hardly remember I was wearing a bra. The polka dot design gives it a little vintage look. This is one of my favorite bras from Newchic at the moment.

Specification :
Material: Cotton,Spandex
Bra Style: Seamless Bra,T-shirt Bra,Sport/Fit/Yoga Bra,Non-wired bras,Push Up Bra,Plunge Bras
Support Type: Wireless
Cup Style: Full Cup
Pattern: Solid Color
Strap Type: Non-adjusted Straps
Closure Type: Front Closure
Color: Pink,Beige,Nude,Cameo
Cup Size: B,C,D
Band Size: 34/75,36/80,38/85,40/90,42/95,44/100

Saturday, November 10, 2018

5 things you shouldn't do during winter : Read carefully


Photo by Swapnil Deshpandey from Pexels
This might be too much for some of us, but these are ways to protect ourselves during the winter period from a lot of bacterias and promote good health. When it gets cold what comes to our minds is how to cover up wearing jackets and boots. The hygiene that is needed in winter is a lot, but I will start by sharing some major mistakes we need to avoid.
 1.Coat rack: A lot of people do not have the habit of washing winter jackets due to its thickness and sometimes the bacteria that inhabits inside some jackets you don't want to know. When hanging your jacket in a restaurant or public place, make sure your coat or jacket is hanged on one separate hanger. There are people with bad body odor and the smell can be transferred to your jacket if kept together for a long time. Also, bed bugs can transfer from one person to the other by this means . 
2. Doors: I wrote a post on personal guide to excellent hygiene which is very important for everyone to follow. Do not open any door with looking at the handle. Winter is a period when people have running nose, cough and sneeze a lot due to the change in temperature and harsh weather condition. This help to avoid touching any person's mess by mistake. Use your gloves to open the door or carry along a spare gloves for this. I am talking out of experience, I didn't touch the mess but I wasn't myself when I got home.
3. Snow eating: For those who are in the habit of eating snow/licking snow you can do it in a better way. Do not just pick snow from any area because no one was matched on it, saliva does leave it's Mark on snow, you might end up taking in saliva or any bacteria. if you want to eat snow, do yourself well but putting a clean bow outside your window when it starts snowing and get clean and neat snow.
4 Do not start a relationship because it is winter. Over the years I have heard sayings like, I can't be alone it's winter... ladies and gentlemen if you start a winter relationship what about summer? don't be used as the seasons body/bed warmer.
5. Keep fit. In my previous post I explained a lot about winter fitness, you can read more here.

What to wear to a fall wedding : Colors and tones with Metisu Boutique


I published an article about the things you need to consider before planning a fall wedding, which also involves what to wear. If you are attending a fall wedding there are colors that suits Autumn and have a lot of tendency of fitting into the theme of the wedding. Neutrals and pastels are good options for fall weddings, because the bride is always on white most times, pastels colors few times and neutrals Less often.
Fall and Winter weddings are a great opportunity to incorporate jewel tones such as sapphire,emerald, ruby, topaz and amethyst to your attire. Festive colors like burgundy, sage, forest green, and navy are great colors to wear also. Fall is tricky. It could be gusty and cold, or sunny and warm, all depending on where you are and what the weather feels like that day. It’s more chilly in fall, but nothing’s better than a wedding in the open air with all those beautiful fall colours, tall yellow trees and leaves on the ground around you. 
The pastel light blue delicate buttons bodycon dress looks really beautiful and compliments my skin so well. This is a simple dress, made with good material and very comfortable. The style is unique and my red heels from and bag by Jessica Buurman really compliments it.
Add a hint of gold accessories and you’ll be ready to go. I opted for a gold and silver mix, I wore a gold wrist watch and silver dangling earrings. What is your best color for fall and what would you prefer to wear to a fall wedding?.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Is it okay to keep pregnancy secrets away from close friends?


Let's talk about something a little bit sensitive to some of us. Three days ago, I got a message on instagram from a friend, joyfully stating that his girlfriend who happens to be close to me has given birth to a lovely baby girl. I was so happy and of course we all know that children are gifts from God. The news made my day, immediately I sent a message on instagram congratulating her.

Now, what is very interesting is that I was not aware that she was having a baby, and we chilled out a lot during the summer period, tho she looked fresher and glowed even more but I never suspected a pregnancy. I just kept complimenting her skin. Fall came and I got really busy so we did more of phone calls and chats to stay in touch.


Wednesday, November 7, 2018

10 Budget-friendly holiday dresses : Vip sales


The holiday season is here and if you’re searching for the perfect standout holiday dress to sparkle in this season, don’t let price tags get in your way shop with There is an ongoing sales which involves buy two and get one free.
Simple floral quality dress with a nice fit.
The Metisu Wine Red Off The Shoulder Asymmetrical Mini Dress is suitable for an evening party or wedding. The off-the-shoulder not only reveals your charming collarbone but also your beautiful shoulder line. The golden embroidery on the collar makes the whole dress grand and noble. And asymmetrical hem adds a touch of sensuality and charm to you.
This is a very lovely dress that suits the season. Makes you look younger and smart.
Red is always an outstanding choice of color.
Very lovely dress with glitter stones that sparkles and suits the season. Glow in this red off shoulder dress.
I loved every minute wearing this lovely Brown Belted Shiny Knitted Midi Dress from This is totally a lovely dress, believe me the picture didn't even compliment this dress. Seeing this dress is its real form will totally blow you off. Its a master pieces and bomb classy statement that suits both a day to night look. I usually don't fall for materials with glitters but this definitely got me into the game fully.
You will never forget the banquet night with the Metisu Purple Off The Shoulder Sequin Embellishment Maxi Dress! This mysterious purple brings about infinite reverie for you in the grand party. Splicing sequin embellishment overlay the whole dress makes you gleaming under the light. A lacy off-the- shoulder neckline with semi-sheer short sleeves shows your beautiful collarbone and shoulder, releasing elegance instantly. Fitted waist atop a maxi skirt hugs your curves.
This is a perfect fit for the season, sequins are very playful and elegant.
Lovely apricot floral round neck dress. Embroidered floral design.
With a sweetheart silhouette, delicate embroidery, and elegant V neck,this lovely cocktail dress will have you dancing all night long.Layered tulle composes the full skirt Flexible boning and underwire cups.
A perfect party look is on you with the Metisu Golden Brown Split Cuff Bodycon Lace Midi Dress! If you don't like glitters and sequins this is a perfect choice. Delicate cutwork lace on nude lining has a feminine and glamorous look. Eyelash edge collar and split cuffs are unique, which shapes a darted bodice. Semi-sheer panel make this dress have subtle sexy. Scalloped hem with split back creates a chic look.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Getting Your Body Ready For Winter : Stay fit and healthy all year round


Winter isn’t typically a time we think of as perfect for self improvement. You’re usually just trying to settle down and enjoy yourself after a long summer of fun with your friends and money making. But winter is a crucial time of the year for your health and safety, and it’s time to pay attention to what it can do to your body. 
So you did well for your summer body, getting yourself into a happy and healthy shape for hitting the beach in, but now the winter is well on its way. That means you’ve got some work to do to prepare yourself for colder temperatures and shorter days. You want to live as happily and healthily as possible during the darker time of the year, and this post is here to help you out with just that! 
Winter can make you feel like you’re up against a geyser of cold, so be prepared for it! (Image)

Be Aware of Your Diet
Your diet needs to change as the seasons do, to make sure you’re getting a regular intake of all the right nutrients and vitamins, and that you’re not wasting food that could be put to better use in other weathers. For example, in the summer, you don’t need as many foods that have Vitamin C and D in them, but in the winter, you’re going to need these in spades. 

An apple a day will still work wonderfully here, with plenty of Vitamin C to fight off colds and flu. You’re also going to need more leafy greens, to make sure you’re packed out with all the necessary energy to get through the colder days. 


Monday, November 5, 2018

Breakfast at Park Avenue restaurant Kharkov city Ukraine


 I had an early appointment today, woke up so early by 8:45 am this morning. After my appointment I decided to go  have breakfast at Park avenue. Just in case you visit Kharkov and you want to have nice breakfast in a calm modern interior decorated restaurant then park avenue is a very cool choice. The bar area is pretty cool with cool decors also. I like to sit out in a cozy restaurant with modern interior, it gives me a good vibe and feeling. I can't really explain in words how much this makes my day but if you are into interiors and decor then you can relate properly. There are alot of restaurants in my city and they all have different services that attracts me to them. Some the services, interior, cost and food but with park avenue I tend to find almost all of this in this restaurant. I will visit this restaurant again with friends but I enjoyed my alone breakfast time. It was a time to reflect and enjoy my meal.
Address: вулиця Гоголя, 2А, Харків, Харківська область, 61000
What did I have for breakfast?
I wasn't so hungry and of course breakfast should be light and my fitness routine won't permit some sweet pancakes so I had vegetable salad and ginger tea made with natural ginger and it taste so good.
This is all for my morning today. what's going on in your morning today?
I love restaurants with glass street view surrounded by tall trees. Fall makes this view even more relaxing and calm. My morning is beautiful.
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