Saturday, November 16, 2019

Why bloggers don't get the best from articles shared to improve their blog.

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Reading is very important and a lot of bloggers have missed that. Each time bloggers go searching for a particular solution about how to improve their blog, they find lots of articles, some well written while some without any proper answer.

Read in between lines
Some bloggers do not get the best out of articles shared to improve their blog because instead of taking time to read and understand what the writer has written before the solution, they go straight to the solution hoping to get the best. Most times it all ends up in getting a poor result. Writers who teach a particular skill tend to share important tips/pieces of information before sharing the answer to what you are looking for that gives you a clear and wider insight on how to use that content and channel it in the right direction.

Multiple tab opening promotes improper reading and anxiousness
When you search on google about a particular topic, and all the possible solution to what question you are searching for comes up, don't open more than one tab at a time from the search result. Opening lots of tabs make you read in a not detailed way. It makes you read really fast, you jump into the next article and sometimes you end up not getting the best solution. Find the topic that best suits what you are looking for and read through properly. If you are not getting what you need close that tab before opening another one. It helps reduces anxiousness, this is a very practical reading solution.

Use your google dictionary
Don't rush the article, check the meaning of words that you are not familiar with. Quickly use google dictionary or Wikipedia to search for the meaning of any word you don't understand or know the meaning.

Click on those links
I know some website insert too many links while trying to give out needed information but believe me in between lies the answer to what you are looking for.  Click on the links and read the articles also. Remember, no knowledge is lost and it is a win-win situation.

The comment section has solutions
 Check the comment section. Read through the comments to see if anyone was able to get a solution from the article shared. If they left their website link or any form of contact. Contact them and find out more.

Test before sharing
When you read about a subject or blogging solution make sure you have used it practically before sharing it to your audience. There are lots of empty contents online about getting traffic and we just happen to click on it each time we search on google about how to generate traffic because they used the right keywords.

There is always a free solution shared by somebody online, all you need to do is carefully read and apply what you have read to get results.

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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Bloggers struggling with poor traffic, this is how to generate traffic.


So we all know that traffic is one of the biggest targets of a blog or website owner. This is a major challenge for so many bloggers and we can all relate to it. Ever since google plus shut down, it's been a bit difficult to find a similar open free platform with high traffic that you can easily share your articles on. I went ahead and began to search if I can find a platform like/similar to Google plus because I used Google plus a lot and it worked really well for me, same with other bloggers. There are lots of social and article sharing platforms to share your articles and blog posts on but none can ever be as good as Google plus. Google plus has been shut down but it was indeed a very brilliant platform. 

Photo by Canva Studio from Pexels

Google plus was open to everyone and it had high Seo ranking. We didn't need to log in to view or access articles and all shared article were also linked to top search engines. There was also a setup for automated share, immediately you share your blog post it automatically shares on google plus and since it was a busy platform the articles kept receiving lots of views daily. Now its gone and people are searching for a better platform to share articles. Instagram isn't the best place to share an article, that isn't even the purpose of Instagram, it is more a photo app and marketing platform so you need to have a very high influence to be able to get a good number of clicks. Meanwhile, Instagram doesn't open your website on a browser it opens directly on Instagram so I doubt if the traffic coming from Instagram actually counts.

Google plus shut down

Factors are limiting the traffic gain to your blog and these are the factors you need to put into consideration and correct.

Be your number 1 content promoter: Some bloggers find it difficult to share their articles. The competition in google ranking market is so high and you have to do your best to get your articles to the right audience. What's the aim of writing an article that won't get to the right audience? Getting traffic means putting much effort into sharing your content. You are the boss of the content and so share as many times as you can. Encourage your friends to share your articles on any social platform they are registered on.

Understanding the reason why your website has little or no traffic is a step to solving your poor traffic issue. Share as many times as you can to different social platforms. Joining good social platforms is very important. Some platforms do not permit direct sharing but instead, they ask that you submit the article for review before it is published. If you have to do that make sure you insert lots of clickable links that will re-direct readers back to your website.

Copywrite is a killer: Write your article and always check for Plagiarism. If you copy and paste a content that doesn't belong to you or let us just call it what is it, steal a content you are harming your blog or website searchability. Write original contents, be creative with your words and post title. Most people in the blogging business share fashion tips and lifestyle but there are lots of topics yet to be shared. Do not underrate the title of your article, write it down as it comes. It should be unique so when readers visit your blog they read a catchy post title that makes them click on the next post.

Be patient, you are doing just fine. Be informed that traffic grows with time and that is why your choice of word is very important. In other words, using unique searchable words, catchy descriptions, top-ranking keywords, top trendy topic search, following seasonal trends is totally required to influence the traffic drive to your blog over time. Some articles do not skyrocket immediately some take time and then boom it's receiving thousands of views per day. These are seasonal articles.

Copycat blogger: There are lots of copycat bloggers. It is not wrong to copy the writing style of another blogger as far as you aren't hurting anyone but what happened to be unique? Learn from others but create space for creativity. Some bloggers tend to copy the writing style of another blogger but what you don't know is that sometimes it is better to be original at grade one than appear to be in grade 2 without a proper clue as to what you are doing there. People want to visit your website and read your articles and feel the authenticity of it, not when they read your article it feels similar to another blog they always visit.

Share your article on different social platforms: Monitor the structure of a platform before joining and sharing your article. When you join a social platform or before using any social media platform to share your article, always understand the structure of that social platform and how it works. Monitor usage preference such as do people share more travel content here? is this a DIY network? or a general platform for sharing just any kind of article. This helps you share the right article to the right audience who will, in return, click to view the shared article, hereby increasing your traffic.

Note: Posting regularly increases your traffic.
Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels

Learning sharing patterns:  The are specific sharing tactics to help encourage clickability. Are you aware that different social platforms and follower base require a particular sharing system and pattern to promote your article and increase the number of clicks? The tactics to improve your blog traffic and increase your readers is by sharing and using the right keywords, hashtags and for example, 
*Sometimes it is better to share an article title alongside the link only.
*Post a few catchy words and the link.
*Post half of the article to get readers engaged and put a link for them to continue reading.

Here are different social platforms to join that will help increase your traffic. 

*Pay good attention and read carefully*.

Medium: Before joining a social platform read about it and check how many visitors it gets in a month. I don't advise joining platforms that have premium and free versions. I joined medium for free even tho it has its premium version but I realised that the content about (HOW NZU AFFECTED MY SKIN AND MENSTRUAL CYCLE) which I shared on medium is still generating views back to my website.

Feedspot: Feedspot features all websites and blogs in one place. It rates and ranks blogs from a particular country. For example, if a brand is looking for bloggers from Nigeria, feedspot shows a list of all the bloggers available and registered on their platform making it easy for bloggers to get reached out by brands.
For traffic, feedspot comes in handy in search that patterns people searching for blogs/bloggers/websites from a particular location. Feedspot also automatically shares your contents. It shows your post frequency, how many articles you share in a week. You can add your blog, tho it also has a premium version. 
Note: You have to request to add your website or blog. You can add your blog under any country of your choice. Example look Top 50 blogs in South Africa.

Here is a picture showing how you can add your blog.
Feedspot is a social platform for sharing different articles. It is just like facebook. 
There are open and closed groups you can share your article to. I just started using it.


Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Cuffing Season: Tips for a Successful First Date


Hot boy summer is gone, but not forgotten. As the temperatures start to drop and the days get
shorter, dating slumps might be hitting us a little harder than usual. If you’re getting back into the
dating scene, use these steps to be fully prepped for #CuffingSeason.

1. Get to know your date.
  Most people — 75% of women and 59% of men check out their date on social media before a first date.
 Use social media as a tool to get to know your date beyond what’s in their Tinder bio.
 Reference it if you need to break any awkward silences, but don’t be creepy!
 For example, if you saw that they went recently went camping, maybe ask if they like the outdoors.

2. Location is everything
 The first date is your opportunity to get to know that person and for them to learn more about you.
 Find a quiet restaurant or bar that has areas where you can escape the noise.
 Don’t meet in a nightclub where you are doing more shouting than communicating.

3. Present your best self
 It’s okay to be nervous, but make sure to smile and be positive and friendly.
 Prioritize personal hygiene, get a fresh haircut and use an acne treatment to prevent any breakouts before the date.
 Put on your favourite outfit, but don’t overdress for the occasion.


Monday, November 11, 2019

The average Nigerian youth is influenced by Instagram SHOW OFF to start fraudulent activities.


Everyone on Instagram is rich, does it ring a bell? Social media use to be a place of friendship, educational forums and learning but in recent times it has become a place for show off and fake lifestyle. I have been functional on different social platforms, and I have come to understand a lot of things. Media has done so much damage as well as positive outcomes. Everyone on Instagram is rich and doing well, what a big scam. Just maybe the non-Instagram users are the only poor people in the world?

Meaning of SHOW OFF: To boastfully display one's abilities or accomplishments.
According to Cambridge English dictionary show off means, to behave in a way that is intended to attract attention or admiration, and that other people often find annoying.

Peer pressure is affecting youths and leading many astray. I logged unto Instagram and found out that a popular social media personality called Mompha, an Instagram big boy was arrested by the Nigerian Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for an issue related to fraud. He hasn't yet been proven guilty to the public, but here's my thought when I saw the news on a popular page called instablog.

The average Nigerian youth spends at least 3-16 hours a day on Instagram, this is a country with very expensive internet services and here's all some of them do.

1. Influencers. Share Religious and Business contents.

2. Cyberbullying. Fight and use abusive words.

3. Pick up bad habits. Learn bad habits and sleep on pages of boys and girls showing off expensive cars and clothes wondering how they made their money.

4. Crushing on a male/female

5. Begging for money.

6. Marketing.

7. Show off and leave a fake lifestyle.

8. Hacking. Fraudulent activities in general.


Friday, November 8, 2019

The latest most loved free stock photos on Pexels this week: 11/8/2019


Get inspired by this week's greatest hits
Hi Godisable, From lush landscapes to moody portraits, find your creative spark in these beautiful shots. These are just some of the most popular photos on Pexels this week. Explore more popular photos here.


Thursday, November 7, 2019

3 free Christmas and new year countdown widgets for blogs and websites.


Who else is counting down to all the holidays remaining in 2019? most people are counting down to 25TH December being Christmas day and some New year, 1 January 2020. Whichever holiday you are looking forward to celebrating, as a blogger or website owner adding a countdown widget to your blog or website is a great way to share the festive holiday fever with your readers.

The best countdown Widgets for Blogs and Websites
3 different countdown widgets perfect for blogs and websites to use for Christmas countdown. Very easy to use. All you need to do is to follow the instructions.

Photo by Suganth on Unsplash

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Dress styles to wear to Christmas Dinner, party and homecoming.


Where to buy dresses for Christmas events 

When I think of Christmas I think of a cold white Christmas. Christmas is coming and I am super excited about the season. Some Christians recognize Christmas as the period given to honour the birth of Jesus Christ and so while enjoying the season don't forget the reason for the season.

Are you getting ready for Christmas? what are you wearing on Christmas day? do you have any ideas on what to wear to your Christmas party, dinner and gala?. Here are different ideas and styles to wear on Christmas holiday special occasion events.

Sequin: Wearing a sequins dress to Christmas dinner or party is a good idea. It reflects the season.
Sequins are made with shiny plastic and they are fancy to wear to dinner. They are pretty easy to style. 
Metallic dress: Mettalic fashion trends are trending and are sparkling and shiny. If you want to sparkle and shine then wear a metallic dress to your Christmas party or gala. Glittering and shiny metallics look great. Metals are great for evening events, they are stylish and classy. They add sophistication to your look. You can incorporate metallic footwear or makeup.
Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "Metallic dress"

Lace dresses: are pretty feminine and with the floral pattern, it creates an eye-catching look. A  lace dress is stylish and has the ultimate sophistication.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Pain is not just a physical sensation.


Pain is a bad emotional experience that no one wants to feel.
Pain is a slow killer. Pain can eat deep into our minds. Pain can bring about positive or negative influence.

Everyone is striving for the top. Everyone wants to be the best and move as fast as they can to get to the top but not everyone is achieving that goal. You might be going through tough times, you are struggling just to keep your head above and breath. You are trying but things do not seem to be walking out the way you planned. You probably should be in a different place in this time of your life but you are here wondering why it has to be this way. You are smiling for the sake of appearance and it really hurts deep down but well what can you do?.

For some everything is working so well but they have a broken heart, relationship, marriage or family causing them constant pain. You feel the void of true love and you are constantly in a wondering state and asking yourself different questions. It hurts to feel alone, to be in a dark place and feel like no one cares about you.


Saturday, November 2, 2019

cute mugs to gift an acquaintance : Christmas


Gifting doesn't have to be seasonal, you can decide to be good for goodness sake. It doesn't hurt to be nice to someone at your workplace, church, small groups, schools, or any organization you find yourself. Showing an act of love sometimes goes a long way than we see or can even imagine. We all have nice acquaintances that deserve a mug or even more.  They might have been there unknowing to them. A little thank you won't hurt.

Mugs are gifts that are not so practical to me, but I can also say they are the best gifts to give to a not so close person. Gifting is a choice and should come from the heart. Here are cute mugs options to gift an acquaintance.

Blue mugs

Photo by fotografierende from Pexels


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