The real act of marriage takes place in the heart, not in the ballroom or church or synagogue. It's a choice you make - not just on your wedding day, but over and over again - and that choice is reflected in the way you treat your husband or wife.
Barbara De Angelis.


19 July, 2018

The Thou Shalt Trilogy : The new bestselling author

The Thou Shalt Trilogy (three-part book) is an African Inspired Romance comprising Thou Shalt Love, book one of the series. Thou Shalt Trust, book two, and Thou Shalt Forgive book three of the series. This trilogy is about strong family ties, romance, sex, love, betrayal, domestic abuse, sexual addiction, and fighting through the issues African women face in a male dominant society. It’s also about portraying the richness of the African culture, food, tradition, wealth, and telling our romance story to the world.
Read the Blurb:
Sisters of spirit and grown women, Susan and Mildred are reunited under the roof of their grandmother, Louise, where family and love always prosper. Yet, in their personal lives, Susan and Mildred find themselves unlucky in love time and again. Separately, they discover that keeping secrets from one another is a lonely journey, which ends in heartache. Only when they realize that they must face life’s challenges together do they see that they can survive, them against the world.

17 July, 2018

Hawaiian sunrise shell Jewelry

Indulge your oceanic obsession with Sulfer girl jewelry, edit of the best sea shell-inspired jewelery to buy now.The sunrise Hawaiian Shell custom necklace made in Hawaii is so beautiful and compliments almost every beautiful dress. I love the way it complimented my outfit and stood out in its little way. These are statement piece regarding the sizes.
These gorgeous west side of Oahu sunrise and moon rise shells are "gold dipped"... The shell was “electro-formed” which means it was plated with three multiple layers of metal. The first is copper, then nickel, and then a layer of 18k gold. The gold has cobalt added to it to make the gold more durable and wear resistant as well. As with all "gold-dipped" jewelry - store in a cool, dry place. 
It comes in different sizes and you can  upgrade to an 18 inch Gold fill chain instead of rose gold.

what to write in a wedding card

What to write in a wedding card is always a bit tricky. Need help with what to write in a wedding card?  then keep reading.
When someone you know gets engaged, you know it’s time to start thinking of some messages for wedding invitations. There are so many things to write to the bride and groom at different stages of the process, it can be hard to come up with fresh ideas for what to write in a wedding card. The difficulty of writing wedding card messages can, of course, be magnified five or ten times since wedding seem to come in waves! most especially in Nigeria. The perfect wedding message comes from the heart, after reading the Shutterfly wedding card etiquette guide which is one of the best I will recommended that you read carefully. This is a starter guide which you can follow to achieve the best wedding card message.
A congratulations is in order. No matter what your personal writing style, this common expression is a great way to warm up your wedding greeting.
Add a wedding wish tailored to the couple. Use the next few lines of the card to create a personalized wedding wish for the couple. Before you begin to fill the blank space, think about your relationship with the couple. What will the bride and groom enjoy reading after their big day?
Thank the couple. Save a line in your greeting to express your gratitude to the bride and groom for inviting you to be a part of one of the biggest days of their lives.
Sign off with a warm closing. Before you sign your name leave the newlyweds with a warm closing.
Read the full post at Shutterfly.

16 July, 2018

Best 5 online shopping sites for buying wedding dresses

You deserve to show  off on your wedding day, show your unique beauty wearing a gorgeous elegant dress. Long, shorts, flare, mini, midi, it all depends on you, what ever goes with your body and makes you feel comfortable, go for it. What type of wedding dresses do you refer? for me I refer body fitted wedding dress, with glitters, Not like I hate long flowing wedding dresses, I just prefer fitted dresses to the flare or A-line wedding dress style due to the comfort that comes with it.

There a list of  top best shopping sites to but wedding dresses which I will be listing out.
1 David's Bridal
Find the perfect dress and accessories for any special occasion at David's Bridal. Shop our exclusive collection of gorgeous wedding gowns, bridesmaid .
Bridal Gowns & Bridal Party Attire
Special Occasion & Party Dresses
Ceremony & Reception Items
Wedding Party Gifts
Guest Favors... and so much more
$499.00 now $449.00

 2. Essense of Australia 
Designer wedding dresses by Essense of Australia. Browse our award-winning collection of wedding gowns with exquisite details and romantic finishes.
It will be love at first sight when you discover the wedding dress collection from Essense of Australia, which puts a modern spin on bohemian style. With designs that cater to every bride and her unique bridal style, Essense of Australia offers everything from wedding dresses with sleeves and sexy backless gowns, to classic lace dresses and plus-size styles.
3. Angrila
you must have come across the on line store, they've got gorgeous and amazing wedding dresses.
 Angrila  Introduces Her dresses to all the ladies, with all kinds of body types. Get exceptional fantastic dresses that will keep you dreaming of that special day.
Everyone is loving the 2018 collection and brides are so gorgeous wearing them. As a leading one-stop wedding store, Angrila supplies exclusive dresses for brides, bridesmaids, prom, evening and other special Occasions. Quality really matters when choosing a dress for your wedding, which makes Angrila a reliable source for quality wedding dresses. They offer high quality stylish wedding dresses which are very affordable. You can get wedding dresses for very affordable prices. Like I said previously, I love simple and stylish wedding dresses like the mermaid style wedding dresses, I love the fit it gives. You should check out the 2018 spring/summer collection, absolutely amazing, its like a dream come through. You can also Purchase dresses for different occasions such as prom dresses, homecoming dresses,cocktail dresses and lots more here. Visit the online store, tell a friend to tell a friend, lets put a lovely smile on the face of a bride. Angrila brides are always so stunning,  beautiful and elegant.
4. Allure Bridals
Allure Bridals is one of the premier designers of wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, bridal and formal gowns. Summer events are usually the best, over all these wedding dresses by Allure bridals are worth the stare.
They've got elegant and stylish dresses that will definitely transform any lady. They have lots of dresses which comes in different colors, styles and for different events. Are you planning for a wedding or you have problems choosing your forth coming wedding dress? look no more because Allure bridal has got the perfect, elegant, gorgeous, beautiful, attractive and very affordable cheap wedding dresses for you.

5. Modcloth
Feel confident, look stunning & be the best you. 
From retro to rustic, luxe to laid back,  Modcloth wedding boutique has something special for your special day. A little secret? These looks won’t break the bank, which means you’ll have more for your nest egg.
Modcloth sales different dresses such as wedding dresses, party dresses, dinner dresses and dresses for all occasions. They also sale elegant shoes and accessories which suits the dresses perfectly, giving the best glam look. Plus sizes are also available for ladies, so not to worry everyone can shop from Modcloth.  Worldwide shipping with lots of bonuses. You can visit the on-line store and start shopping for your dresses now. 

15 July, 2018

Street snap illustration by Jian Jian

Jian Jian is an artist and illustrator from Taiwan.  He creates daily life story illustrations, passenger illustrations and he is also fashion illustrator. 
 He is a super talented artist. I was thrilled by this amazing art piece of me during a cold winter morning on the 12th of June 2016 featuring some tips on how to level up your looks and photos.
Thank you so much Jian, for this beautiful piece of art.
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14 July, 2018

Favorite Picnic Foods in Ukraine

A picnic is a meal taken outdoors as part of an excursion – ideally in scenic surroundings, such as a park, lakeside, or other place affording an interesting view, or else in conjunction with a public event such as preceding an open-air theatre performance, and usually in summer.
Picnics are usually meant for the late mornings or midday breakfasts, but could also be held as a luncheonette or a dinner event. 
What I enjoyed most about this mini picnic is the natural environment, food and chatting with my friends. This happens to be my favorite place in Kharkov, covered with the most beautiful tall tress, sands hill and a big river.

Food: We had a little barbecue ( meat), chicken, potatoes and vegetables.
I wore a very simple dress stripe dress, pink lace-up sneakers by Casnabuty (here) and the Beatrice white by Leointown. Comfort is key for a good relaxation. 
Nature at its best. I stared at the sky and had cool music playing, it was such a wonderful time.
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12 July, 2018

yellow submarine

While the world cup 2018 groups are getting a lot of attentions, some people are busy searching for  where to go on holiday? How to make an old fashioned travel plan, what sunglasses suit my face? what is the fashion latest trend? and what to take on holiday?.
Just to answer one of your questions, here is a great casual yellow poplin plain cotton dress for vacation any type. The gathered casual yellow dress - Mustard Colored / Belted from Vipshop is one of the most popular women's clothing style.

This yellow pleated bright colored casual dress is one of the most popular dresses in summer 2018. It comes with a smooth round neckline. This mini dress has a loose comfortable fit with a waistline that is defined by a narrow matching tie belt. The belt features metal cap in the middle and can be adjusted to the wearer’s desired level of comfort. The hemline of this dress ends at the top of the knees. No pockets.
What I like most about this dress is the puff sleeve fit and flare style so ladylike and cute.
As a young child I like to look masculine and wear mens clothings, but growing up I began to love the feminine look and since I had the power to switch I did, this was one of the best transitions I ever did. There are a lot of statement dresses with extra touch, that are beautiful and you can find them at Vipshop since lately a lot of ladies complains about designers producing boring and ugly clothings that doesn't suit their style. 
Use the code GODISABLE1113. Use the code at get $5 off on orders over $50.
You are allowed to earn commission as an affiliate. Search ShareASale MID: 63114 to join VIPshop affiliate program.
What to buy this summer
Hat : A hat is a head covering which is worn for various reasons, including protection against weather conditions, ceremonial reasons such as university graduation,  religious reasons, safety, or as a fashion accessory. Do you love wearing hats? Get the largest collection of streetwear hats and beanies, including baseball and trucker hats, brimmed hats, dad hats and more. Get the Panama hat from, hand-woven, classic styles, custom size, finest quality,made to order for men and women. One of the trending fashion accessories are different kinds of bags. A good summer bag to carry around is the woven bag trend which have been manufactured by a lot of  bag designers and bag  brands. has the best woven bag for summer 2018.

07 July, 2018

what to wear to a wedding

Do you love attending weddings? If yes then what do you wear to a wedding ceremony as a wedding guest?.
After much news, articles and magazines featured the royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, I have read a lot of write ups with titles such as, what to wear to a royal wedding, the royal wedding dress code, the royal wedding 2018,
Royal Wedding Guide, royal wedding Etiquette, what to wear to a British wedding and lots more. Meghan Markle should be the bride of the year.

Are you attending any wedding soon? Just before I show you a list of what you can wear to a wedding, Just keep this in mind, you are not allowed to wear a white dress to a wedding as a wedding guest, only the bride should stand out, allow her enjoy her special day. 
Preparing for a wedding can be a little stressful if you let it be. Most times the confusion lies between looking under dressed or too dressed. There are lots of dresses which you can wear with a simple heel and still looking stunning. When preparing for a wedding always try to keep your look very simple with less jewelries and a simple hairstyle.
While you are still wondering about how to look so fashionable as a wedding guest, you can go for Subtle or bright colored dresses like sky blue, Apple red, light green with floral prints, Light orange color, red, light orange. There are a lot of options for you to choose from. Lace, Floral dress pattern lace and Slinky dresses are good choices because they make the best statement in a minimal form. 
Did you see the new Dolce and Gabbana Alta  moda fashion show como yesterday? it was so lovely but personal for me those dresses looked too heavy and I wont advice you wear such dresses to a wedding as a wedding guest. I am saying this because I have seen photos of some wedding guests wearing couture ball gowns to a wedding as a wedding guest.

06 July, 2018

Love bloom smart necklace by Totwoo

Have you ever opened a beautiful jewelry box and all you said was wow. Totwoo got me wowing almost all the time. Fashion meets technology, spiced up with luxury and sophistication yet so simple, health adequate and outspoken. This luxurious neck piece is a girls best friend, it basically works like a charm. It has lots of amazing functions which will amaze you. When I opened the box and the light came no, it gave me such a good feeling I knew there was more to this than just a neck piece.

The Totwoo love bloom neck piece is very sophisticated and elegant. Each pendant consists of nine drop-shaped Swarovski crystals, and a flower core that is made with gold foil. Underneath is the Totwoo newest smart core, the smart core 2.0, covered by 18k gold-plated S925 silver. This gorgeously designed pendant is in golden color and comes with a length-adjustable golden chain.
18K gold-plated s925 silver, Swarovski crystals & fine gold foil. Pendant diameter, 25mm. Adjustable chain, 40-60cm.
The concept of the Love Bloom is “angel”. which aims to encourage women focusing more on their selves instead of others, and taking proper care of themselves. Newly incorporated features of Love Bloom includes: Menstrual Reminder, Hydration Reminder, Custom Reminder & Smart Camera.
Lets talk about the functions of  this jewelry.
Reminder/awareness: Sometimes we are too busy to remember the start of our menstrual cycle or even to prepare towards it, the love bloom can serve as a reminder this. This is so amazing right, and you are wondering at this point how does this work. Keep reading to get the best of today;s article.

It can automatically calculate your daily walk and consumed calories. Once your target is achieved, it will congratulate you by flashing with colourful light.
Gone are the days of prolonged sitting. Totwoo will remind you once you remain inactive for a certain period of time. This will help regulate your daily movement and lifestyle in general. This is a perfect gift for a friend who needs/wants to lose weight.
Luxury and glow: This is an amazing neck-piece to own and to let everyone know you own such an amazing piece when in the dark or in a party, you can Switch Totwoo to “shining” mode and it will flash continuously. Girllll lets do this....ahh.

Love and connection:
Another exciting part of the the love bloom is that it keeps two heat beating, connecting and keeps your love so strong. You could pair up your Totwoo with that of the special someone. And messages could be sent by simply tapping the jewelry. It keeps you connected, always. Don't let anyone steal your boo.
Trying to make a decision and you can't seem to get the exact answer, your favorite friend is here, all you need do is concentrate on the question, then gently shake or knock on the jewelry. It will give you the much needed answer instantly. This is my favorite part, the set up.

Besides all this functions, you can set you can setup it to only receive alerts from your most important contacts. No more intruders... rest well my dear.
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