God is a God of seasons. In life learn to understand your journey and the purpose of God in your life. Welcome to the year of 2019 which is a year of divine perfection. God is indeed faithful.

Better things awaits us all.
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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

5 Flashtrek sneaker style with removable crystals strap to purchase from


Heels are sometimes boring and the discomfort can not be overlooked. Sneakers styles has evolved and there are different styles and a wide range of statement sneakers you can pick from. I am a sneakers lover due to how simple and comfortable some of them are.

From the Balenciaga sneakers trendsetter, to brands likes Gucci, Zara, Jessicabuurman and lots more. Top design houses making their own sneakers which has made fashion even more versatile and suitable for everyone. Models are rocking sneakers off and on the runways. The sneakers trend is one of the hottest in the fashion industry. 

Jessicabuuman offers street style shoes, bags and clothing's at a reasonable price and quality. Here are the 5 Flashtrek sneakers style with studs to purchase from Jessicabuurman. 

Friday, January 18, 2019

The success of vintage style in Marvelous Mrs Maisel


The Tv series Marvelous Mrs Maisel is known of its vintage style success and in totally I  am loving the pieces used in this movie. Vintage pieces are very timeless and grow in popularity each time. Vintage features a quality, class and durability.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Mastering Rihanna's Denim style inspiration


Mastering Rihanna's denim style is very dope and easy. Statement denim pieces and accessories always does the magic. Rihanna is clearly a style icon and her love for cool pieces is very attractive.

Denim on denim style is not a new trend and like we all know, denim is a trend that never goes out of style. I am also a lover of  the denim on denim styling because it give's an effortless cool look. When planing a denim on denim look there are key items that come's in play to add a lot of glamour and power to a denim look. It can be accessories which turn a simple and plain outfit into something straight off the catwalk runway.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

How I experience real love and soul connection with my Dad each day.


Waking up this morning I was not feeling too well and happy, I decided to try out different things to improve my mood. I quickly started trying out my new makeup products but that didn't really help so I decided to stop, take a minute of silence and refresh my mind. It helped a little but just before I left my house to the post office my dad sent me two messages and the second picture message improved my mood and made me stronger at that moment. It was a picture of a father doing all he could to make sure his child smiles. My dad is not just the average dad that just loves his children, he expresses and connects with his children in a lovely way that words can not explain. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

5 sweatshirt brands taking over street style in 2019


Sweatshirts are part of my winter go to wears. Winter is not really a friendly season because of how cold it can be. I get really cold and wearing the right clothes can be a very helpful way to stay warm and healthy. In as much as, I will always want to look so fashionable, I also have to consider how to stay in style and still be warm and well protected.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Please take this survey


I Just need you all to give me not less than 5 mins of your time which I will appreciate . Take this survey with me.
It is a very simple survey and I need you to let me know when you click on the link and take the survey with not less than 14 questions. 

The questions are few and very easy to answer. All you need to do is click on the write answer. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Would you wear this red sweatshirt?


I am still struggling to get over the holiday season and get back to work, but at the same time I have been a little bit addicted to wearing this Beligion sweatshirt while running errands. I like how comfortable and cozy it feels. One thing I have learnt from the previous cold winter season is that sweatshirts do the Magic, you stay stylish and warm. 

This Beligion sweatshirt comes in different sizes and colors. I am wearing an XL and for me the bigger the better during the winter period so I can have more space for layering. Beligion is a new brand with cool sweatshirts and tees which can fit into everyone's styling wardrobe. 

Red happens to be  one of my favorite colors and so I enjoyed every moment wearing this red Beligion sweatshirt. Depending on what you like there are different ways to style a sweatshirt which includes wearing it with a skirt, pant, short or even a dress, for extra street vibe tie it around your waist.

What is written on my Beligion Sweatshirt.
Out of nothing we get to write our own story because  of what we represent". These are such inspiring words and I totally love to read them, over and over again.
Normally, I hand wash review items before sharing my opinion with you all, because I prefer to hand wash my cloths especially the new ones to know how durable they are and if the color won't fade away after washing.  It was a lazy day for me and so I decided to use the washing machine and here's what happened.

Friday, January 4, 2019 came out best of 2018 on Pexels (


Hi Godisable,
Where did 2018 go?! While we'll be ringing in new year celebrations in just a few days, it's important not to forget everything that was accomplished this year. We saw thousands of amazing photos and welcomed hundreds of talented new photographers into our community, which helped fuel countless projects by our users. Here are some of our top photographs from this past year, cheers to 2019 🎉!

So as a top contributor of Pexels, I am glad to have helped a lot of brands and inspire a lot of photographers and also won amazing photo competitions. 
Cheers to an amazing 2019.
Photo of adult, drag race, enjoyment
Photo of abstract, art, colorful
Photo of beautiful, beauty, black girl
Photo of adult, african american woman, art
Photo of animal, aquarium, child
Photo of accomplishment, adventure, backpacker
Photo of adult, architecture, art
Photo of aerial shot, bird's eye view, boat

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2019 :Happy new year : High slim Himawari backpack available in two colors


Thankful for the year 2019 and I want to welcome you all to all to a year of divine perfection.
Enjoy the year and its indeed going to be a beautiful one.

Purchase the High slim Himawari backpack available in two colors. 
Made of soft, slippery material, it has a very interesting design. 
The main compartment and the outer compartment are closed with a zipper. On the sides, two compartments, for example a bottle of water. 
Inside the backpack there is a large compartment for a laptop and two smaller ones for small items, such as a wallet and a telephone. 
On the outer side along the back wall there is a zipper, which makes it easy to reach inside the backpack quickly. 
Back of the backpack and the inner sides of the arms are covered with a soft sponge and mesh. 
The backpack has a belt and buckle, thanks to which you can fasten your waist to make wearing comfort even higher.  This supplement was created for lovers of original and functional backpacks with character.

Made of non-itching fabric. 
Slightly stretchable. 
Tight head fit. 
Perfect for sports and casual makeover.
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