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How To Unwind After A Long Day When Travelling Abroad

Tuesday, November 08, 2022

If you are traveling or working away from home, you might find it hard to relax after a long day sightseeing, meeting people, and having new experiences. Your body will feel heavy, and your mind will be full of thoughts and observations. A great way to relax in this scenario is to put on a great TV show or movie on Netflix, and using a VPN, you can access your home comforts even when you are away. Moreover, you can run a bath and get a massage to unwind. Finally, make sure you know your sleep hacks, such as meditating, visualizing, and using white noise. With these tips, you can unwind and get to sleep anywhere.

Netflix and… Relax

When you get back to your hotel room after a long day working, visiting friends, or sightseeing away from home, there is nothing more comforting than settling down in front of your favorite show or movie. If you are in Canada, but from the US, for instance, you will be delighted to learn that you can access American Netflix in Canada by using a VPN. This will give you immediate access to your home comforts and any shows that might not be available in your current location.

Allow the warmth and familiarity of your favorite TV and movies to push the tension out of your mind and body and enjoy Netflix before bed.

Run a Bath

Another great tip for unwinding and encouraging a good, long sleep is to run a bath in the evening. Put on your favorite gentle music and light a candle - if you have one available. Nothing says rest and relaxation like a hot bubble bath. See if your hotel has any lovely soaps, salts, and scents to add to your bath for the ultimate relaxing experience.

Get a Massage

If you are staying in a nice hotel with amenities, you might be so lucky as to have access to a spa. If so, you could definitely benefit from getting a massage. A professional masseuse will be able to pinpoint places of tension in your back and neck and slowly work through the knots until your whole body can relax fully.

Massages also involve gentle music and lovely-smelling oils. The combination of the massage and the environment you are in will encourage a deep sense of relaxation and tranquility. You will then be in the perfect place to go to your room and fall asleep.

Know your Sleep Hacks

If you struggle to unwind after a long day traveling or working away from home, you can use some simple sleep hacks to help you get some rest. For instance, try to meditate for ten minutes before you go to sleep.

Then, use the military sleep method to fall asleep quickly. This is a great trick for falling asleep in minutes and involves deep breathing, relaxation, and visualization. First, you need to lie down and get comfortable. Then, beginning with your hands and feet, become very aware of your body and bit-by-bit relax each limb, joint, finger, and toe. Relax your shoulders and breathe deeply. All tension should be leaving your body.

Once your whole body is relaxed and comfy, begin to visualize that there is a gentle warmth flowing from your head to your feet. Keep your eyes closed. Then, imagine that you are lying in a comfy hammock in a dark room, or else on your back on a canoe, floating gently on a lake. Choose an image that makes you feel at ease and sleepy.

Try to keep thoughts out of your head. Use the mantra “don’t think” and repeat it for a couple of minutes if you cannot quiet your mind. Finally, use white noise if you prefer not to sleep in total silence. You should drop off to sleep in minutes using this technique.

This has been a brief look at simple ways to relax when you are abroad and have had a long, busy day. If you find that your body is tired and your brain is full of noise, you can choose to relax in front of a great movie or TV show, or else run a bath or get a massage. These are all excellent ways to unwind after a long day. Once you are ready to sleep, make sure that you know the top tips and tricks for falling asleep fast, such as meditating, using the military sleep method, and using white noise. With these tricks in mind, you should be able to unwind away from home.


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