January 9, 2019

Would you wear this red https://beligion.com/ sweatshirt?

I am still struggling to get over the holiday season and get back to work, but at the same time I have been a little bit addicted to wearing this Beligion sweatshirt while running errands. I like how comfortable and cozy it feels. One thing I have learnt from the previous cold winter season is that sweatshirts do the Magic, you stay stylish and warm. 

This Beligion sweatshirt comes in different sizes and colors. I am wearing an XL and for me the bigger the better during the winter period so I can have more space for layering. Beligion is a new brand with cool sweatshirts and tees which can fit into everyone's styling wardrobe. 

Red happens to be  one of my favorite colors and so I enjoyed every moment wearing this red Beligion sweatshirt. Depending on what you like there are different ways to style a sweatshirt which includes wearing it with a skirt, pant, short or even a dress, for extra street vibe tie it around your waist.

What is written on my Beligion Sweatshirt.
Out of nothing we get to write our own story because  of what we represent". These are such inspiring words and I totally love to read them, over and over again.
Normally, I hand wash review items before sharing my opinion with you all, because I prefer to hand wash my cloths especially the new ones to know how durable they are and if the color won't fade away after washing.  It was a lazy day for me and so I decided to use the washing machine and here's what happened.

I  added a not so white and pink pair of socks along side the red sweatshirt and it barely colored the the socks which is expected cause this is the first wash and I was really impressed. 

Hoodie: Beligion.
Track pant: Sammydress
Red boots: Czasnabuty.pl
Wrist watch : ChristianPaul
Lipstick: Ewabyaraphat (Sheba red )purchase on www.etsy.com/shop/ewabyaraphat.

Click the sweatshirt for direct purchase or click on the link. Let me know what you think about my sweatshirt in the comment box below.


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