Makeup like every other form of art can be used to express exactly how one feels at a particular moment. Today, we are going to show you the different eye makeup we did wearing different outfits.
Different outfits require different eye makeup, although neutral eye colors are cool with every other outfit you can think of.
With the first and third outfit which are the strapless red dress for special occasions,like award ceremony and the wedding guest dress are usually worn in the evenings, we decided to go all out with silver smokey eye makeup, and cut crease makeup. The reason is simple, the makeup is meant to be worn at night, hence the boldness. For the first outfit, It was a little bit tricky with what lip color to go with, so we ended up with an ombre lip, and bright red lips.
The second and fourth outfits are more casual, so we used more playful eye colors : light green and lilac.
The conchella season is here, which is a festive period, the second and last eye make up, will be perfect for the festive season. 
So guys let us know what you think of these eye makeup, ask your questions and leave your comments below.
Last Sunday, my friend and i decided to show off our Ankara prints despite the cold weather. Wearing African prints always feels like Christmas,because we don't get to wear it so often. The stares and compliments we usually get from the non-Africans makes it even more exciting to wear. African prints have been in fashion for years and is taking over the market. Lots of designers are creating different unique styles from the African print. 
The maxi flare skirt is one of the most worn African prints right now. We have always loved the maxi skirt and always wanted to own one. It is a very unique piece. Wearing it with fitted tops or tank tops to me is the best way to style the maxi skirt. We completed the look by making out our hair into sections, and wearing simple low heeled shoes. If  you want to own any print and you are confused I guess this should be the best style to go for. There are lots of reasons to own an African print:
1. They are never out of style.
2.You never get to wear a well styled African print without receiving a compliment or two, because it is unique.
3. African prints can be styled in a million ways, ranging from skirts to dresses, just think it, and you can style it
4. They come in different colors and designs, so you can never run out of options.
5. African prints can be worn to virtually anywhere you can think of:  weddings, church, school and even to your place of work.

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The  aid for Africa #aidforafrica is on, Bows n Ties, is taking over and you just have to be a part of this. I am Glad to be a part of this great movement. Get a pair, from the online store, well made pocket squares, good materials, well sewn and of course mine is a neck square lol.
Bows n ties are top in tie production listing from causal ties to formal style, let them give you best wedding ties with a luxurious look.
This is the pocket square Ghana Flag , the strong black star, one love to all the Ghanaians.
I think we all need a pair of these pocket squares, this will enhance your wardrobe and 100% of each pair purchased is donated for the Aidforafrica.org, a sub Saharan Africa. Help a child, school children needs books, clothing's and food to eat, people need good water to drink, give somebody a life today.
The Aid for Africa collection is available in 12 styles, each representing each different sub Saharan African. Your purchase will safe a life, be a part of this movement. Purchase the AidforAFRICAcollection GOD BLESS YOU.
SHIRT : Fat face
PANT : Lovelywholesale, green Skinny pants, it suits me so well. more can be gotten from this online clothing store, for very affordable price. get your wardrobe ready for spring and summer. 
SHOES : Velentine
MAKEUP:  Makeup by chioma
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Its  no secret by now that i adore Shein dresses, starting from the quality, price and style. I never can stop adding to my cart. This elegant three colored dress can be worn for several occasion, styled in different ways and worn in all season. The material texture is really nice, its has a solid texture.
This outfit idea was for a working class look, and you will agree with me that it passed.In achieving a classy work style look, you outfit plays a very good roles same as your hair style.
  Picking a shoe was a little bit difficult, the girl thing played a role in this dress, but anyways i guess my choice came out satisfying to me.
Shein is giving discount on orders, using the codes ; TOUCH40, TOUCH50, TOUCH45, dont miss out on this one.
Purchase the purple round neck color block dress available in different sizes.  Makeup by Chioma, i have no doubt that she did a good work, from the makeup to hairstyle.
Shoes : Red kiss
Bag :
pocket square;  from Bows n ties, register and get a bonus of $10.
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I love the cute and adorable look i had on last weekend. I wanted something really girly.
It was a very cold day, my dear..humm i nearly got frozen, i was so cold, this was the best i could do in 2 mins.
I am not writing much because i want to go over to the post office and pick up my parcel. So guys what do you think about my pink cuti cuti makeup by Makeupbychioma.
To view what we use to achieve this look, keep reading.
If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to drop a comment. 
With love from your makeup artist, Chioma.  
I know you are itching to see the full outfit, i promise you would love it, but before than lets keep being social
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Her eyes shines so bright, looking at her eyes, lots of thoughts running  through my head, she looks so different wearing a contact lens, i mean she should wear them all day.  Do you like them? Its the GEO MULTI COLOR VASSES CONTACT  LENS. 
You can get yours from GEO COLORED LENSES, they are circle lenses, one of the highest quality lens, it is very comfortable, alluring, beautiful, well designed and highly rated by customers. 
It suits all face shape and it lasts for long. It comes with the is complete lens set. Express Free shipping  upgrade  if you buy more than 5 pairs.
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Makeup, as they say is an art; an art of beauty ofcourse. As a makeup artist,  what first comes in mind is the colour selection which can be very tricky. There are a wide variety of colour shades, and combining the different colours is quite tasking, although there are colour wheel templates that can guide one. Personally, bright colours 'scare' me a lot, I always shy away from them, yellow, red, orange, you name them! So most times, I just go for the ' not so very bright colours', you know them, lol!. I am happy to say that this time was different, thanks to my friend and model, she actually picked the colours and encouraged me to use them although, I hesitated a lot to be sincere. But the camera did the magic, I saw the beauty in it through the lens of camera, even when my eyes failed me!.lol! I really appreciate the colours I used now, yellow and red which was slightly smoked out. I didn't stop there, I still went all red on the lips, I really do love and appreciate this makeup, and hope y'all do too. And not forgetting, I also created the hair style, I just split the hair into four equal parts and made buns, I'm sure this takes you down the memory lane as a baby when your mum was your only hair stylist, lol!
Eyepencil; davis No;018
Eyebrow definer/ filler; zaron
Eye Primer; Tara
Eyeshadow; tare
 Gel Eyeliner; black (lome)
Foundation; Mary Kay Timewise, Bronze 4
Powder; Tara Pallete
Contour Kit; Sleek (Medium)
Lipliner: Avon pink bouquet 
Lipstick; Mac 
Loose powder ; Ben N.Y.E
If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to drop a comment. 
With love from your makeup artist, Chioma. 
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