Tuesday, March 15


Last Sunday, my friend and i decided to show off our Ankara prints despite the cold weather. Wearing African prints always feels like Christmas,because we don't get to wear it so often. The stares and compliments we usually get from the non-Africans makes it even more exciting to wear. African prints have been in fashion for years and is taking over the market. Lots of designers are creating different unique styles from the African print. 
The maxi flare skirt is one of the most worn African prints right now. We have always loved the maxi skirt and always wanted to own one. It is a very unique piece. Wearing it with fitted tops or tank tops to me is the best way to style the maxi skirt. We completed the look by making out our hair into sections, and wearing simple low heeled shoes. If  you want to own any print and you are confused I guess this should be the best style to go for. There are lots of reasons to own an African print:
1. They are never out of style.
2.You never get to wear a well styled African print without receiving a compliment or two, because it is unique.
3. African prints can be styled in a million ways, ranging from skirts to dresses, just think it, and you can style it
4. They come in different colors and designs, so you can never run out of options.
5. African prints can be worn to virtually anywhere you can think of:  weddings, church, school and even to your place of work.

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