The Kent-knot is a slightly modified version of the Four-in-Hand knot. It is one of the smallest tie knots making it a perfect choice for very thick ties worn with dress shirts that have a narrow collar spread. Since tying this necktie knot required much less of the tie’s length, it is also a good choice knot for big & tall men wearing a regular length tie – although men taller than 6 foot 3 inches are better off wearing Extra Long Ties.

Photo by Anastasia Vityukova 

Kent Necktie Knot Instructions:

Lay the necktie around your neck so that the wide end hangs about 4-5 inches lower than the narrow end. Start by having the inside of your tie face your body, but then flip the wide side of the tie over so that the stitching is showing.

Take the wide end of the tie and cross it behind the narrow end.

Now take the wide end of the tie and loop it over the narrow end. The “good side” of the necktie should be showing now.

Wrap the wide end of your necktie between your neck and the tie and pull through the loop.

Slightly pull tight, center the knot, and flip over you collars. Finished!

Seriously, guys, I have a little secret: when I like something, I wear the hell out of that piece. To me, it's very bad, but for these nude boots, it's totally different. It was a gift from a special one, and I do not want to handle it roughly like my other pairs, so I hardly wear it.

If you are following, you must have seen Lookbook 1 for denim spring outfit ideas, and so this is Lookbook 2, and I am super excited to share with you the best way to take care of your denim. We all know that denim comes in different textures, so the hardness may vary, but in general, let me give you the basic tips on how to care for your denim.

I had some issues taking care of my denim and clothing because I wash both new and old clothes in the washing machine, and it reduces the quality, making me hate the cloth.
Firstly, I would like to start by saying that buying the proper size of denim for your body size helps extend the life span of the jeans. Keep your denim on rotation; buy jeans you really love so you can wear all of them.

1) Read the instructions on the label inside the denim.

2) Do not dry clean your denim.

3) Wash deep-colored denim with other deep-colored denim; don't mix them.

4) Turn your denim inside out before washing to reduce friction on the main surface and fade it out.

5) Brushing your jeans is a way of washing them; use a soft brush to reduce friction. Do not use hard detergents when washing your denim.

6) Hang dry your jeans to prevent wrinkles. Turn it inside out, zip the button, and then hang it.
I have seen people say that putting the denim in the freezer kills the bacteria and removes smells, and socking it in coffee restores the color. I have not tried the freezer and coffee method, but what do you think about it?

Finally, do not forget that denim will definitely fade out; how you care for it will depend on how long it will take before fading out.

Outfit details :
Denim jumpsuit : Sammydress
Sunglasses : Zero uv
Shoes : Braska
Pocket Square : Bows N Ties
Makeup and hair by Chioma and Evg photos

Get the  ties Tie: Bows N ties #bowsnties


 So the blog was  updated  and we lost all the comments,we are still trying to fix up the mobile version. Its cool taking a new dimension, Anyone noticed the change? I am loving the new look, what about you?.
  Sharing a simple spring outfit, wearing the Tie from Bows N ties, having the best wardrobe essential for men is highly needed. Add more life to your contemporary wardrobe with the Pastel Chartreuse Paisley Tie. Designed by the necktie champ Puccini, the tie is replete with a shiny satin finish that gives it an elegant sheen.
It is made from a silk look-alike microfiber material which is more resistant to stains and frays.  I looks really good in it, i love the baby pink which of course screams spring, and my blue pants which compliments the outfit perfectly. This outfit can be worn for a formal afternoon event without the hassle of a blazer and the shoes are very  comfortable.
Wishing you all  happy women's day. 
I just cant imagine melody as a Man, so thankful to God for making me Woman, the pride of being female is so glorious and magical.
Chihuahua Scarf, expertly woven from premium silk, Its lime green puppy-print adorns a hot pink background that's bordered with lime green hand-rolled edges. Its 36" x 36" dimensions allow for endless styling options. Wrap it around your shoulders or use it to keep your hair up during your next evening stroll with your four-legged best friend!
This is one of my favorite, i love the color, texture and design.
                                                     Dress: Dresslily
                                         Glasses : Giant Vintage 15% off and free shipping
                                        Scarf : Bows n Ties 10% off for sign up
                                         Shoes : Amiclubwear 50% off code NEW50

The  aid for Africa #aidforafrica is on, Bows n Ties, is taking over and you just have to be a part of this. I am Glad to be a part of this great movement. Get a pair, from the online store, well made pocket squares, good materials, well sewn and of course mine is a neck square lol.
Bows n ties are top in tie production listing from causal ties to formal style, let them give you best wedding ties with a luxurious look.
This is the pocket square Ghana Flag , the strong black star, one love to all the Ghanaians.
I think we all need a pair of these pocket squares, this will enhance your wardrobe and 100% of each pair purchased is donated for the Aidforafrica.org, a sub Saharan Africa. Help a child, school children needs books, clothing's and food to eat, people need good water to drink, give somebody a life today.
The Aid for Africa collection is available in 12 styles, each representing each different sub Saharan African. Your purchase will safe a life, be a part of this movement. Purchase the AidforAFRICAcollection GOD BLESS YOU.
SHIRT : Fat face
PANT : Lovelywholesale, green Skinny pants, it suits me so well. more can be gotten from this online clothing store, for very affordable price. get your wardrobe ready for spring and summer. 
SHOES : Velentine
MAKEUP:  Makeup by chioma
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Its  no secret by now that i adore Shein dresses, starting from the quality, price and style. I never can stop adding to my cart. This elegant three colored dress can be worn for several occasion, styled in different ways and worn in all season. The material texture is really nice, its has a solid texture.
This outfit idea was for a working class look, and you will agree with me that it passed.In achieving a classy work style look, you outfit plays a very good roles same as your hair style.
  Picking a shoe was a little bit difficult, the girl thing played a role in this dress, but anyways i guess my choice came out satisfying to me.
Shein is giving discount on orders, using the codes ; TOUCH40, TOUCH50, TOUCH45, dont miss out on this one.
Purchase the purple round neck color block dress available in different sizes.  Makeup by Chioma, i have no doubt that she did a good work, from the makeup to hairstyle.
Shoes : Red kiss
Bag :
pocket square;  from Bows n ties, register and get a bonus of $10.
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Good day friends, i was supposed to have shared my birthday pictures with you guys since June 25th, but this week has been so joyous and stressful (in a good way) with a lot of celebration. I want to use this medium to say a big thank you to everyone for their wishes and love. Itailor.com made it possible for me to get my suit ready for my birthday and graduation. Fast delivery, well packaged in a luxurious bag. I don't want to say much, let the photos do the talking. If you are curious about the fabric i selected to be tailored for me, here is the fabric No : 51000-17. The fabric is so cool and the beauty of it all is that you have to choose practically everything (DESIGN) you want on the suit. Itailor also allows you to have a name customized on the suit. Itailor has got one of the best website and services in the area of online clothing's. Drops your comments and observations, also don't forget to visit the website. Luv you all!!

Happy new month Friends, And a very big shout out to all the June babies including myself and melody. I have a set of unique choice of bow-ties and Cuff-links from Bows-N-Ties. Of late i have grown to fall in love with bow-ties. Bows-N-Ties didn't disappoint me with there unique sets of bow-ties and Cuff-links. my favorite of them all is the MEN'S PATTERNED BOW TIE IN NAUTICAL BLUE  with floral pattern and silk fabric design. i will recommend this for all fashion lovers. And also the RETRO SILK BOW TIE IN YELLOW, RED, AND BLUE , which is a self tied bow-tie. Alright don't laugh me if i didn't knot my bow-tie perfectly, because am still learning and i wanted to do it myself . I went for this bow-tie because i am huge fan of Plaid Designs.

   Over to the Cuff-links lovers. i am so used to cuff-links because back home (Rivers-state,Nigeria) we use cuff-links to compliment our native attire, that's why I'm a cuff-links fan. I know my Dad will grab this Bows-N-Ties Cuff-links at first sight. When it comes to Cuff-links Gold has always been my first choice,  The SQUARE DESIGNER CUFFLINKS IN GOLD with plaid and square pattern is irresistible to me. Also MENS CUFFLINKS BLACK AND GOLD Is a perfect Cuff-links that can fit basically all kinds of looks and styles. The Black and Gold Design will look really good on a white or light blue shirt. So guys try to check them out and drop you comments as well, Enjoy you new month and remain Blessed.
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