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What is Multiplex ads? Why use Multiplex Ads?

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

What are Multiplex Ads?  

Multiplex ads are the new Matched content unit ads. Google Adsense just sent out an email alerting that Matched content units will be renamed "Multiplex ads" starting March 1, 2022, and will only display advertisements.

This means that matched ad units that are used to content Ads and your website contents will only show ads. This is due to the decreased use of the matched content ad.

Multiplex ads are a type of native advertisement, similar to content suggestion ads. Publishers can use them to distribute advertising that mixes in seamlessly with their website's content. 

Why you should consider using Multiplex ads?

Google just released a beta version of Multiplex ads.

In recent years, platforms such as Taboola, Revcontent, and Outbrain have acquired substantial traction in the ad tech business. A compelling reason for this is that these platforms provide publishers with cutting-edge advertising alternatives. Publishers can monetize their inventory differently with content recommendation advertising than they do with standard display ads.

Despite the popularity of many content recommendation services, many publishers may be hesitant to partner with them due to concerns over ad quality. Publishers, thankfully, now have the option of utilizing Google's Multiplex ads.

Continue reading to learn about multiplex ads, how they can offer value to publishers' inventory, how to get started, and best practices for their implementation. 

What is Multiplex ads?

Optimal Practices

Consider User Intent: This is something that applies to all forms of advertising. However, it's important to emphasize once more that you must place user intent at the center of any ad monetization plan. At the moment, the ad tech sector places a premium on relevant ads. As such, ensure that your Multiplex advertising provides material that is appropriate to the various types of users who visit your site.

Recognize your Audience: While this point may appear similar to the preceding one, we recommend viewing it as a continuation of the latter. How will you arrive at an ad monetization strategy that prioritizes the user? By ensuring that you are familiar with your audience. Native advertising in general, including Multiplex adverts, works best when you offer your visitor customized advertisements.
A/B test your advertisements: As with other ad formats, it is critical to A/B test Multiplex ads. As a publisher, you'll need to determine whether or not your new ad placement is effective. Or whether a different ad layout might be more effective than the one you currently use. Revenue optimization is primarily reliant on A/B testing, so it's only natural that you'd do the same with Multiplex advertisements.


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