Wednesday, October 31

Things you should put into consideration before planning an autumn wedding

Oh my God, I hate flu, I had to force myself to write this post. I contacted flu about three days ago and the outcome is terrible. I have been sneezing and coughing. I can hardly concentrate, I feel weak and my nose is kinda blocked. I have had a lot of tea, seeing a movie to distract me a little and make me lively. It feels really bad.

Anyways, even tho I don't like the cold that comes along with autumn and how our body tries to adjust but the beautiful yellow leaves that shine and brighten the streets make it so beautiful, interesting, and picture-worthy. Summer weddings are perfect but also autumn weddings can be a fairy tale. If you are looking to do an autumn wedding, there are things you should put into consideration before planning a fall wedding.

Prepare properly for the cold weather
Honestly, the cold weather can be discouraging and you don’t want your guests shivering and attending without a coat or umbrella. Send written notes alongside your wedding invitation to remind your guests to dress warm, since there will be outdoor activities. If you have some options for outdoor seating, ensure you have provided blankets to ensure guests can fully enjoy your surroundings and special day with you.

Autumn is a season that brings along the countryside or rural vibe, which makes it even more astonishing. When picking your wedding location for an autumn wedding, think woodland, forest, country, outdoor restaurants, riverside with massive leaf pour, and barn wedding locations. Autumn trees and leaves make the perfect backdrop for your wedding photographs. 

Be extra with the decorations, this is what gives your wedding the pop and feel that makes everyone feel cozy and have the love in the air feel.
Include specific natural elements like leaves, flowers, twigs, fruits like berries, sweet apples, and mini tree branches that can be planted around the location. These decorations cost less and bring alongside the autumn theme with the perfect color for fall which is that yellow, green, and rusty brown leaf mix.

Lighting is a tool that makes a venue come to life in its fullest form making every decor more prominent and noticeable. Use lightings like candles, clear Christmas lights, red and yellow bulbs to accentuate your wedding to have a fairy tale lighting. 

The flowers should have the custom fall colors. Think autumn leaves, pinecones, chestnuts, begonia, bed in paradise, marigold, Tulipa, Lilium, daylily, and red hot poker. The arrangement you pick will more likely be related to the color scheme and style of the autumn wedding you choose.
Leaves are a great decor tool. You can place them on the table to bring along a vibrant and festive feel at the wedding. Add the most known festive touches which are bales and well-curved pumpkins. 

Color scheme
Soft blushes and nudes are more suitable for autumn weddings.
To the bride and groom, remember comfort is key, pick a wedding dress and suit that covers your body because of the cold weather, put fancy fur coats, and royal jackets on. Don't let the cold stop your shine.

Monday, October 29

Black Heavily Embroidered Vintage Midi Pencil Dress : Metisu boutique

Honestly, you will agree with me that fall really looks good on me. I added some weight and I am trying to go back to the gym but look how lovely I look. I am enjoying the process, summer was so much fun I couldn't help but eat as much as I wanted. I love eating, especially good food. 

Fall is a very beautiful season, in my opinion fall is a season that summarizes life. Nothing last forever, the green leaves that blossom's during the summer turns yellow, falls to the ground and we all step on it. This teaches us to appreciate every moment, never to look down on anyone and be thankful for every stage of life. 
I am actually sitting on my bed wondering what to write about, tho I already have some articles written down but they don't fit into this post. All I can think of at this point is my dress.

 Almost everyone that visits my website regularly can tell that I love midi dresses that fits really well just like this one. Shopping for dresses online can be a bit stressful and disappointing due to size difference. For me it's much more easier because I found an online shop that has accurate sizes. What's the point of shopping online in your comfort if at the end, the dress isn't your size? that can be really annoying.

One thing that gives me joy is seeing your beautiful comments how you all like my dresses and will love to purchase same or similar. Now let's solve the issue, Metisu boutique is the way out, sizes are always accurate, high quality fabrics and great customer service. What more do you need?  discounts are available. Right now the prices are so enticing, what even makes it more fun is that dresses are available for every body size.
To purchase my embroidered vintage midi dress visit https://www.metisuboutique.com/. This Floral embroidery dress has vivid color and delicate details that brings about visual shock. Stand collar, flared sleeves, tops a fitted bodice with cinched waist. The midi dress displays the feminine beauty.

5 Tips to Create Stellar Content : shopjessicabuurman.com

Ref: https://blog.inzpire.me : Written by inzpire.me.
Congratulations! You’ve established a collaboration with a brand you’re really excited to work with, and you’re looking forward to telling your followers all about their product. Knowing what the next step is can be difficult, especially if the guidelines are just to “be yourself.” 

 5 tips you can use to nail your product collaborations: 
1. Tell a story 
Brands are eager to work with creators who are expert storytellers. Creators who work with a product they are passionate about can easily construct authentic stories around it. This can help increase the credibility of your sponsored posts, as your followers will understand you only work with brands you love. Sharing a personal story or experience is not only a great way to nail your collaboration, but it is also the perfect perfect opportunity to develop a deeper relationship with your followers. 
Pro tip: When you share a personal experience with a product, you can ask your followers to share theirs too. This will help get a conversation started and improve engagement. 

2. Your followers are invested in you 
Your audience follows you because they love the content you create and enjoy keeping up with what you’re up to. This is why some of your most popular photos might be the ones you’re in. Brands enjoy working with creators who use their products and have selected you because they can entrust you to capture an authentic moment with their product. 
Pro tip: When working with a product, break it out of its packaging and use it! This shows your followers you genuinely love the product you’re promoting. This will typically have better results than a selfie or flat-lay. 
Purchase the 
Exclusive - RIHAN Lace Up Diamante Suede Flat Sandals from Jessicabuurman.
3. Your followers can clearly see the product 
Brands choose to partner with creators because of their creativity and ability to showcase a product in an eye-catching way. When you begin crafting content for a collaboration, consider how the product will be viewed in the photo or video. If the product has a label, try to visualize how the label will be viewed by your followers, or whether the label can be seen at all. Brands have chosen you to promote a product, so the product should be clearly shown in your photo or video. 
Pro tip: If you’re trying to capture yourself holding the product, try not to cover the label with your hand! 

4. The product and setting should work together 
Brands are eager to work with creators because you are able to take their products to new settings through your videos and photo. This affects how the product is seen and is why the setting of your content is important. Some of the best collaborations we’ve seen on inzpire.me have been ones where the setting complements the product and the creator engages with the item. Often, this occurs because the creator considers what type of background will work naturally with the product. 
Pro tip: Use the colors of the setting to make the product really pop! Pick an accent color and try to compliment it with a clothing item, household items, or outside scenery.

Friday, October 26

How To Blend Vintage Fashion With Modern Aesthetics

Vintage fashion has been growing in popularity since the early 1990s and is now hotter than ever. This appreciation of the romance of vintage is reflected in more than just clothing styles, but also in interior design trends and in the media. So many current television series and movies are set in the past, and the music scene also reflects several era-based subcultures, from swing to rockabilly.

This prevalence in popular media has translated to increased demand by consumers. Great value is placed on owning a piece of the past that can be enjoyed now and will likely outlive new fashion fads that come and go.

The fact is, vintage items are known for quality, craftsmanship and timeless design, so it's no wonder there has been such a reemergence of these styles among those with distinguished and exacting tastes.
What Truly Defines Vintage?
The term vintage describes items that authentically reflect a definable time period that falls within the past 20 to 100 years. Vintage clothing can be original pieces as well as those recreated from salvaged textiles or just newly manufactured in vintage style. Authentic vintage clothing is from the period, is constructed from quality materials and features fine detailing and remarkable craftsmanship. Most vintage textiles come from natural sources and include pure silk, cotton, wool and linen, and many use unique and whimsical patterns that remind us of bygone times.
Vintage fashion is appreciated by individuals from all walks of life—from consumers to performers—but authentic vintage designs are also sought after by collectors who view these items as investments. These authentic pieces must be preserved in pristine condition to be of maximum value. There is also a market for hobbyists who specialize in reviving well-made pieces, repairing damage and wear and then restoring or repurposing these items for personal enjoyment or for resale.

Some mainstream retailers have tried to harness the vintage fashion trend by attempting to mass-produce clothing that has some elements of vintage styling; however, history buffs and vintage collectors typically demand authentic items.
Vintage Clothing in the Fashion World
The contemporary fashion world continues its love affair with vintage flashbacks. Runways are showing off polka dots, color blocking and metallics. Models strut on the catwalk in boots with buckles, chunky costume jewelry and lots of velvet and lace detailing. These styles are showing up on the street in such forms as metallic brocade and velvet from the 1920s to pencil skirts and sequins that were popular in the 1950s. There are splashes of vintage to be seen everywhere you go!
How to Wear Vintage Fashion
In other to wear vintage fashion without appearing to be dressed in a costume, finding a careful balance is key. Pick a focal point. For example, if you start with a contemporary basic, choose vintage accessories as accents. If you opt for a vintage piece as your focal point, then accent with modern jewelry.

Wednesday, October 24

How to Successfully Collaborate With Brands and maintain a long term relationship

Are you wondering how lots of bloggers including myself collaborate with different brands and maintain a long-lasting relationship with them?.
Keep reading to get the key facts of having a long-lasting relationship with brands and positive collaboration.

1. Early reply.
Most bloggers fail to reply to emails really fast, some take more than a week to reply to emails, this makes the brand agent lose interest and this can harm your collaboration with the brand causing it to be brief or canceled. Remember there are lots of influencers out there.

2. Spell check.
Spell check can be a complete turn off to a brand agent, this is because most brands re-share articles written about their products and this is something you should look out for when collaborating and replying a brand about a collaboration. Read-through before sending your emails or replies.

5. Flexibility.
As a blogger or lifestyle influencer, flexibility is needed. Every action counts. Everyone likes to be treated in a special way and this also includes the brand we collaborate with. Gives ideas that will thrill the brand and make them even more engaged. Let them know how far you can go to make sure the collaboration is successful and reaches the right audience.
Be open to changing your posting style, let the articles be delightful to read and engaging.

6. Photography and content.
For instance, you are collaborating with a clothing brand, it is your duty to ensure that the photos are well taken, in a good location and every detail is clear. Photography is one tool that plays a great role in every collaboration. Let your content be original and well out together. Written to promote the brand, increase traffic, and generate clicks.

3. Be engaging, act professional, and qualified.
This plays a very important role as to how a brand responds after accepting to collaborate with you. How you reply to brand matters, constructive replies, and using the right words. Acting professional in any business you are into is very important, this brings about that trust and relationship that you are capable of handling the project.

4. Ask a question and clarify every information.
Communication is very important. Be specific about how you are going to carry out the collaboration and posting dates. Make sure you read the instructions sent to you before accepting or signing any document. If you are not clear about any word or instruction ask questions.

5. Flexibility.
As a blogger or lifestyle influencer, flexibility is needed. Every action counts. Everyone likes to be treated in a special way and this also includes the brand we collaborate with. Implement ideas that will thrill the brand and make them even more engaged. Let them know how far you can go to make sure the collaboration is successful and reaches the right audience.
Always try to be flexible with your posting style, let the articles be delightful to read and engaging.

Photography and content.
Let's take for instance you are collaborating with a clothing brand, it is your duty to ensure that the photos are well taken, in a good location and every detail is clearly seen. Photography is one tool that plays a great role in every collaboration. Let your content be original and well put together. written to promote the brand, increase traffic, and generate clicks.

Tuesday, October 23

7 boots under $150 that will step up your fashion game this fall.

Knee high boots are probably single-handedly representing all things fashion in winter and fall. I can’t think of anything else that is good about these cold months. Anyway, these are not only just good looking but quiet comfortable too and that’s why these started on the runway and pushed their boundaries to become a shoe wardrobe staple. Almost every own a pair of leather knee high boots but there are some really look better and makes your fashion game more of a statement regardless that the leather knee high boots comes in different color but most of them maintain almost them same style.

Wednesday, October 17

To all those that died of starvation : Always remember this

I want us all, as we read this post to take a minute of silence for everyone one that has passed away due to hunger or starvation, starting from soldiers to the less privileged and so forth. Sometimes we underestimate what we have and forget to appreciate and realize how God has blessed us. 

A day before yesterday being thursday, I refused to eat all day. I didn't sleep so well at night and I wasn't feeling hungry, my monthly flow was on and it made me really uncomfortable and I kept frequenting the toilet. I woke up, did the necessary, started working on my website, writing posts  and replying emails. I already planned with my friend with whom I traveled with on visiting the karaoke hall to catch some fun. I took my bath, I started dressing up and I could hardly lift my body cream, I struggled through the process. I wore a pantyhose, it felt really uncomfortable I removed it and decided to wear jeans and sweater. I managed to dress up, then we got out of the house and I was really struggling to walk and keep up with the slow steps my friend was taking. We were walking to the restaurant to eat before going to the karaoke hall. I had to tell my friend to stop and I slowly walked into the pharmacy close by, they saw my state and quickly gave me a chair to sit down. I sat down and asked them for glucose  and water which was given to me immediately. I sat for some minutes and got little energy and worked to the restaurant where I had soup and mashed potatoes which I had to force myself to eat. I felt better in less than 5 mins after eating.

Generally, our body needs food to function, food converted to energy and used to fuel the body. Our bodies digest the food we eat by mixing it with fluids (acids and enzymes) in the stomach. When the stomach digests food, the carbohydrate (sugars and starches) in the food breaks down into another type of sugar, called glucose. The stomach and small intestines absorb the glucose and then release it into the bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream, glucose can be used immediately for energy or stored in our bodies, to be used later.

Tuesday, October 16

one mistake bloggers make that hunts them later: Metisuboutique.com

Over the years, commenting system has been a very big challenge to bloggers, I have migrated from blogger to google plus commenting system. I had an issue with my blog commenting system and invited someone to solve the issue and she wiped off all the comments from the previous years and never replied my emails anymore. I kept using google plus and just realized how I have been missing out. Google plus commenting system is not flexible and I will totally recommend that if you open a blog, it is better to use the commenting system that comes with the blog. I know that we all want something fanciful and more interactive like disqus and google plus but I strongly will recommend using what ever commenting system your blog provider comes with.
I decided to migrate from google plus back to the normal blogger commenting system and I must say it really hurts seeing that all your lovely comments will no more be visible.

Blogging is a journey and it comes with a lot of sacrifices and discipline to always do what is best for your blog. So, my little advice to any new blogger, is read about commenting systems before you embark on this journey.
I joined the google forum for question and answer
What is the best commenting system?

Hi Melody,
Thanks for sharing your question today - and welcome to the Blogger Support forums.

Both Blogger and Google+ comments have their advantages. Blogger Comments allow you more flexibility, in that you can allow anonymous comments - and you can moderate comments from your dashboard. Google+ comments let you combine your Blogger and Google+ activity - and let you free yourself from moderation. Google+ comments are moderated by the community - and require a Google+ account, for participation meaning if a reader doesn't have a google plus account he/she can not comment on your blog.

Monday, October 15

Giveaway!!!!!!!: One year of Seoras handbags and accessories

Its one year already and Seoras.gr is excited to hold a Giveaway to mark the One year of original successful handbag and accessories production. 

The rules are simple and easy.
2. Tag two friends on Instagram on @seorasbags page. 
3. Like the photo
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Participation accepted till 26/10/2018 12:00 p.m. CET.

It is pretty, the giveaway ends soon. Goodluck to you all.
Wondering if I have my Searos bag, yes I do and it is of the great quality, style and usage. View here.
Visit  Seoras for more.


Do you enjoy wearing blazers? I have read a lot of blogs and articles written by bloggers saying they are addicted to purchasing blazers. The good part of it is that blazers never goes out of style, they will always remain very functional and stylish.

Sunday, October 14

ADIDAS HAVEN W BY9574 Pink Sneakers : czasnabuty.pl

The adidas haven W is a Retro style inspired sneakers perfectly suited for the prevailing trends. The textile upper has been equipped with suede overlays, the shoe offers excellent ventilation and fit. The material inside is made of Ortholite antibacterial insole to cover your feet comfortably and provide freshness throughout the day. EVA foam in the construction of the midsole results in a light cushioning, and the outer sole made of plastic extends the life of the model.

Friday, October 12

Influencer Marketing : Importance of disclosing sponsored contents and adverts

It is very important to disclose sponsored contents when collaborating with a brand. There are lots of advantages to being really transparent with your readers and the purchasers of that product or service.

If you are contacted by a brand and you are offered free products in exchange of a content or rather for a product to be promoted on your platforms, it is very important to disclose your connection with the brand in terms of affiliation to your readers and audience in general to be informed about the fact that you are posting/publishing a sponsored content. This is because there are bads sides and good sides to collaborating with a brand most especially skin and edible products.

If when posting a product and you clearly disclose that it is a sponsored article, if any issues or rather dispute arises it can be easily sorted out from your own end. There are different ways you can disclose sponsored content or indicate that a content is being sponsored by a brand. Simply include hashtags on your social media #sponsored #ad #collaboration #promotion. If you are sharing on your website or blog indicate at the end of the post that it is a sponsored post or add the label to your list of collaborations and make it tab on your webpage.

Thursday, October 11

Biker Ankle Western Cowboy Boots by Jessicabuurman

Check out affordable women’s biker boots at Jessicabuurman, they offer  the latest colors and cuts in cool moto styles. All types of  biker boots for rocker chicks and sleek motorcycle boots for more feminine fashionistas are available. Get these popular casual boots in traditional black, or choose from other appealing colors. Moto boots go great with just about everything. 


Wednesday, October 10

Going on a date : Dress code and tips for ladies :www.newchic.com

I know very well that this might seem really weird and half of you might not agree with this but I will tell you why I advise you dress similar to a date. Whether you are meeting the person for the 1st time or you have known this person I advice you dress really covered going on a date. 
Generally, I hate to pass the wrong information, in recent times it is every easy to pass the wrong information and taken for what you are not. No one is asking you not to look good or do you, but at the same time it is very advisable to stay well put together.

Tuesday, October 9

EXCLUSIVE - Jessicabuurman RIHAN Lace Up Diamante Suede High Heel Sandals

Glamour your way into the party and turn heads with these gorgeous nude iridescent stones strap high heels. High heel sandal with jewel ornamentation on the ankle strap, glass stones are place in a custom metal rim setting. Single sole with leather covered and breasted heel. 
Purchase from Jessicabuurman.


Sunday, October 7

Зима модные тенденции: Must-Have Trendy Women Accessories For Winter

Winter is almost here and I am not happy about it, I hate the cold weather because it makes me feel lazy, and waking up in the morning seems harder. As you can see, I am so willing to fight the cold this season without letting down my fashion sense. Here are the winter wardrobe must-have essentials for 2018. Stylish women everywhere often have their favorite wardrobe staples that are classic and worn repeatedly. Accessories change the look of these wardrobe staples by adding color, a theme, or a new way to wear the staples.

If you want to get your hands on the perfect accessories, have a look at https://www.micolet.co.uk, a second-hand marketplace with great discounts! You can find coats, jackets, shoes, jewelry, hats, sunglasses, and more! 
Sophisticated fur coat 
These coats are show stoppers, they cover you from the cold and also gives you that money look. Fur coats are very fashionable and easy to style. A pair of ankle boots, nice berets, and sunnies will do the magic. 
Purchase the vogue fashion classics from Here.  Get more affordable coats from Simplybe.com.

For jeans, In my best opinion, I would prefer loosed jeans, just in case I want to layer. Skinny jeans can be so uncomfortable during the winter period on my skin. I think I need my skin to have a little space because after wearing the pantyhose, it's pretty much uncomfortable sometimes for me to wear skinny jeans on top.
Here are some mom jeans suggestions that are very comfortable to wear during the winter.

Cardigan and sweaters
There are a lot of fanciful and well-printed cardigans and sweaters with a lot of varieties to pick from. Here are some cute ideas that are also affordable, stylish, and also suit the season's trends. You can style them with a collared shirt protruding from underneath and goes with everything including midi skirts, jeans, printed trousers, and leather pants.


Saturday, October 6

Uba Nigeria : United Bank for Africa x Melody Jacob

The UBA Prepaid Card is a pre-funded and re-loadable card. It is internationally accepted at all Visa/Master acceptance points (ATM, POS & Web) in over 200 countries

Card Features

  • No need to have bank account
  • Alternative to cash
  • The Prepaid card is safe for transactions across channels (ATM, POS, Web)
  • Funds can be retrieved incase of theft or lost of the card
  • Access for fund 24/7 anywhere in the world (Worldwide Acceptance)
  • Can be used on various channels for local and international transactions (POS,WEB & ATM)

Card Benefits

  • Valid for 3 years from month of issue
  • It requires a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for all ATM and POS transaction
  • Transfer money from your Prepaid card to another UBA prepaid card easily
  • Real time banking transactions

Shopping Made Easy

UBA Prepaid card allows you to worry-less about your card being hacked while shopping anywhere in the world or through any channel since it’s a prepaid card which assist manage your spending.

Zero Lost Card Liability

If your UBA prepaid card gets lost or stolen, you are protected against fraudulent purchase transactions from the moment you report the loss to UBA (Call CFC on +234 1 280 8822)

What Do I Need To Get This Card?

Visit any UBA Branch to get the card INSTANTLY.

How Do I Activate My Card?

  • Load the UBA prepaid card at any UBA Office or through UBA Mobile/Internet Banking, Payarena and Business Direct.
  • Go to any UBA ATM to change PIN

Your Reliable Travel Buddy

The UBA Prepaid is your reliable travel partner, experience unlimited freedom 24/7 anywhere in the world with your card.

Other Card Variants

  • Gift cards
  • Salary cards
  • Expense cards
  • Co-branded

Service Portal Features

  • View card activity
  • Check balance on card
  • Card to card transfer
  • Activate Verified by Visa (VbyV)
  • Phone number modification
  • Email modification


Affordable Jeans under $100 to purchase from Dr Denim

So far, I have been doing really good with the weather, It's slowing me down but I have managed to keep moving and riding. I dress so warmly which is the number one tip to manage winter season. This is a kinda all denim sporty street look featuring one of my favourite denim brands with affordable quality jeans under $100. I have made a list of 4 pair of flared jeans and 1 straight jeans that you can purchase from Dr Denim.

Friday, October 5

Where to set up a Cryptocurrency Exchange Part 4: Start an Exchange in America

Hi ,After discussing the fundamental aspects when choosing the jurisdiction to establish your crypto trading platform, and taking a look at some jurisdictions in Asia-Pacific and Europe, we conclude with the "Where to set up your cryptocurrency exchange" article series with some of the most interesting jurisdictions in the American continent to start and operate a cryptocurrency exchange.

Bermuda is home of many Fortune 500 companies which have chosen the island to set up a tax-exempt vehicle as a holding company, and for trading, manufacturing, inter-group financing, shipping, aircraft leasing and holding of intellectual property rights, among others.

Bermuda is also an insurance leader, with 900 captive insurance companies and almost half of the world’s leading reinsurers.

Bermuda has also been a pioneer in enacting a legal framework for Initial Coin Offerings, which currently need to seek permission from the BMA (Bermuda Monetary Authority).

Thursday, October 4

Chicken Republic Nigeria x Melody Jacob

Chicken Republic is an ambitious, world-class modern African brand. We began operations in 2004 and have already opened over 65 stores within Nigeria and Ghana, making us proud of our hard-earned reputation as the fastest growing chicken brand in West Africa.
Visit the website to order for those in nigeria and to know more about them visit the official website @ https://www.chicken-republic.com/

Кроссовки Adidas RUN70S B96561 женские цвет review : czasnabuty.pl

Sneakers will always be my go-to footwear to any event or impromptu outing. If I am asked to pick between sneakers and heels I will definitely pick sneakers, the comfort can't be bought or exchanged. 
But wait, do you know that there is no much difference between a fake sneakers brand and the duplicate sold in markets apart from quality difference?. Tho, I am wearing the original of the Adidas run70s B96561,  I can't really tell the difference, can you?.
The Adidas run70s Blue sneakers are a perfect proposition for every woman following fashion trends. The braided upper layer provides air circulation and maintains proper thermal comfort. The soft interior of EVA foam and anti-bacterial profiled OrthoLite insole respond to comfort and support. Three Adidas TPU belts and a rubber outsole give the shoe a stylish finish.

Top: textile material
Lining: textile material
Sole: rubber

Wednesday, October 3

Melody Jacob x Fayrouz Nigeria

Fayrouz is a natural premium soft drink. If you are up for a refreshing and non alcoholic drink, its time to taste something new. Fayrouz is made of all natural ingredients but its also natural in many other ways.
The name comes from a turquoise gemstone found in sinai desert, and fayrouz is one of the most beautiful colors of nature.
No content on this site, regardless of date, should be used to replace direct medical advice from your doctor or another trained practitioner.
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