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Seoras Darker Atmospheres FW2017 : The Backpack You Won't Regret Investing In

Shot by Mart Photos.
When it comes to investing in a luxury bags, it's crucial to not only find a style you really truly love, but to educate yourself on which specific handbags will hold their value and never go out of style.
The Darker Atmospheres FW2017 collection by Seoras is worth investing in.
I love uncommon designs which are one reason this bag stands out. It is a Triangle shaped bag backpack, with an opening from the back and an inner zipper pocket inside.
The interior of this backpack is covered with dark red material.
This bag is everything you want when it comes to style, security and statement-making.
The security aspect of it has been the most fun part for me.
The leather is a combination of soft and embossed leather which is light and easy to carry around.

These are special features you need to know about the Seoras FW2017 
100% European Manufacturing (Central Europe)
100% Hand Crafted
Materials/manufacturing standards
(using only the finest European fabrics and hardware):
Leather: Italy
Zippers: Swiss & Spain
Labels / Tags / Ribbons / Tape Handles: Greece 
Threads: England & Slovenia
Lining: Czech Republic
Metalic details: Italy
Cardboard: Austria
Foam: Slovenia.
Do not clean leather bags with aggressive chemicals or cleaning products. Clean your handbag only with a damp soft cloth. ​Pat the wet handbag dry and dry at room temperature. Please note that certain stains cannot be removed from leather (e.g. ballpoint pen ink).

Store light-coloured leather handbags away from the dark-coloured handbags or other such products, because the dye from the dark-coloured handbag or other product may seep into the light-coloured leather. We recommend storing the handbag in the protective bag you received when you purchased the handbag.

Handbags made of velour leather and nubuck are especially sensitive to water and grease because this kind of leather is made by sanding its surface in a special way (i.e. chrome tanning). If your handbag needs some care, simply brush it with a special brush in the direction of the fibres. We do not recommend wearing a dark-coloured velour leather handbag with light-coloured clothes because the product colour may seep into your clothes.
Fingerprints are often visible on lacquered leather products. Clean such handbag only with a soft, dry cloth. When storing lacquered leather handbags, make sure that they do not touch other handbags or objects, because the lacquered leather would absorb their colour. Moreover, ensure that the handles do not press onto the bag. Store such handbags in their protective cases.

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