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Look who is marching her purse with her purse, nails, and phone—isn't this cute? Well, today I will be sharing about purses with you all because this cute purse has been sitting pretty waiting for me to make use of it, and today is the day. Purses are a wardrobe staple that comes in a variety of forms, ranging from duffel bags to satchels.

A purse, sometimes known as a handbag, is a bag that is used to contain money, wallets, phones, and other daily necessities. Purses frequently have a long strap or handle that can be worn over your shoulder or held in your hand. Handbags can be used to transport personal belongings or to make a fashion statement.

If you're going somewhere, then you'll need a purse to carry everything you need: makeup, hand cream, keys, hand sanitizer, etc. Going to work or running errands? To finish the appearance, a purse is a good option. I carry essentials in my purse. However, most women's garments lack pockets, the pockets on women's pants are tiny, and women's purses are much larger, but it also serves as a fashion statement.

Paula Echevarría X Primark: blue satin bow handle bag

Friday, January 06, 2023

The Best Back-to-School Backpacks for College and High School Students

If you are a high school or college student, you will need a backpack to carry your daily academic supplies as well as any exercise equipment., rehearsal, or a late-night library session. A decent "school" backpack should be able to withstand the rigours of at least four years of schooling, as well as weekend trips and vacations back home.

A backpack is a must-have item for each student. So it's very important to choose one that can hold all of the things you'll need for a long day while still being comfortable, cheap, and attractive.

Are you excited to go back to school? Are you looking for the latest backpack styles to purchase since school is resuming in September? We picked out the best school bags for you. Click below to purchase.

Backpacks for College and High School Students

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Raffia bags are the cutest bags ever. If you love fashion then owning a pair or two of raffia bags must be a delight. It doesn't matter the brand the feeling of holding this bag is just calming and beautiful. A raffia bag and sandals are must-haves this summer. I do not see the need to buying designer raffle bags are most of them are made from the same material. 

Women's summer raffia bags under $100

Sunday, June 06, 2021

White tote bags are classy. They instantly upgrade your look. To get the cheapest, most fashionable, and affordable trendy white tote bags from Zaful.

Diamond Pattern Quilted Solid Color Crossbody Bag - White.

Get the most stylish white tote bags from

Monday, January 11, 2021

Mini bag street fashion

Mini purses/bags are have flooded the fashion world. Yellow is one of the most popular colors of mini bags you can see on Instagram. Mini bags maintain a prominent presence on the streets and the fashion world. Even tho, mini bags have minimal space they make a loud statement and elevate your look. They are made to carry your important little essentials like your phone's lipstick, sanitary pad, etc.

This animal embossed square mini bag from Zaful comes is available in yellow, purple, pink, and black.
To get a discount on any purchase you make on zaful click on this link and get18% off code: Melody

Zful clothing website

Purple mini bags

Pink mini bag

Yellow Animal Embossed Square Mini Bag :

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Creativity gets to me in a very positive way. This wooden hand made bamboo bag is such a beautiful bag to own. This clutch is a trendy modern design that suits the beach, classy office look and street style wears. The colour of the bag which is natural golden brown gives the bag a beautiful look that compliments any outfit.  Noracora bamboo basket bag is a stylish classic expression of craftsmanship, specially handcrafted to a perfect size and shape. 

If you are looking for a timeless bag to add to your bag collection then the chic elegant ladies bamboo basket bag hand made beach tote bag should be in your list. It is timeless and perfect for holidays, shopping, beach trips and carrying all your favourite things in style.

 Are you familiar with the health qualities of bamboo materials? 
Generally, bamboo is eco-friendly and this totally brings you closer to nature.  It mainly retains the excellent characteristics of high density, toughness and strength of bamboo, and maintains the natural texture of bamboo. It is simple and elegant.

I have been more versatile with my choice of earrings, trying to escape from my everyday stud wearing style to something bit bold. This green vintage jewellery all season alloy earrings is simple and light.

Bamboo basket bag

Thursday, July 02, 2020

Get cool stylish and modern travel bags with unique designs at Herschel. This brand was Driven to provide the everyday traveler with the perfect bags and accessories, Herschel Supply's Classic Collection has been thoughtfully designed from the ground up to include details that aid in daily journeys. Featuring timeless silhouettes inspired by the world around us, each piece evokes a bit of nostalgia yet offers modern functionality. The Herschel Supply Classic Collection continues to redefine timeless design while maintaining fine regard for detail.



More about the best bags to buy click here. Travel Accessories: The most stylish Boxes, Waist bags, Backpacks and Duffels for travel.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

The must-have vintage mini handbag from Jessicabuurman.

Vintage bags are so cute and can be styled in different ways. They are very durable and most times you find very good vintage bags at the thrift store. Jessicabuurman's deep coffee Genna crocodile skin leather tote bag comes in handy each time I want to keep it simple, rich, and expensive. This bag can contain your phone, mini money purse, lipstick, and power bank. The leather quality is very good and the animal print being the crocodile-skin style is very unique.

5 reasons to buy vintage bags

Monday, June 10, 2019

Laptop bag designs have evolved a lot, in the past years, you find more of simple black laptop bags which are almost always the same design. This pink laptop bag is a waterproof design protecting your laptop from water damage. The bag has a glittery shiny effect giving it a more glamorous look. 
You can get different laptops bags from Fyystore. You can also purchase items such as a phone case and tablet case. You get to experience new products and new cover release.

Heel from Amiclubwear.

This waterproof leather sleeve case is 12"-13.5" and for Surface Book MacBook Pro/Air 13", Briefcase Bag fits 12"-13.3" Lenovo Dell Toshiba HP ASUS Acer Chromebook Notebook Ultrabook.
This briefcase is tailored from the finest premium PU leather. Reinforced stitching makes it even more durable. Perfectly protecting your notebook computer against impacts from daily bumps and drops. Front zipper pocket organization, convenient for all your significant articles, such as cell phone, portable charger, and wallet and so on. Zipper design, easy to open and close, making your stuff safe inside the bag; Hand strap offers great convenience for carrying.

Fashionable modern waterproof leather laptop bags.

Monday, April 22, 2019

 Women fashion Mini bags are very useful mostly especially at night during those brief outings with the girls. They play a very important role. Spring/summer mini bags are available for cheap prices on dresslily. 
 Get the Top Handle Mini Chain Crossbody Bag 
20% OFF with coupon code: DLSPRING.

Cheap mini bags for Spring/Summer 2019

Monday, March 25, 2019

Gucci products are popular all over the world for their style and luxurious looks tho not everyone can afford them but the comfort and style is very outstanding along with comfort of using them. Being a luxury brand in the fashion industry Gucci products are available for both men and women. Gucci has introduced a wide variety of wallets but everyone cannot afford to buy them due to their higher price so just in case you have been wanting to own a Gucci product you can start from purchasing a wallet.

Would you purchase a Gucci wallet?
Photo belongs to Lyst

Gucci Wallet Under 500$ : Spring Fashion

Friday, March 22, 2019

When I received my 1st bamboo bag, basket bags or straw bag I guess everyone knew because it was on repeat. Tho, at that time straw bags weren't so trendy and a year later it was all over the internet as a major trend. I use my bamboo bags both in winter and summer. I don't mind using this summer staple during the winter because I just love how it compliments my look in a modern-vintage way.

Trending affordable Bamboo bags under $100 on Pinterest

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Fashion comes in different forms and styles. The expensive luxury fashion straight out from the runway to the cheap bags and shoes affordable and ready for purchase. Getting good cheap bags shoes can help you save money. There are online shops like Jessica Burman and which retails good bags and shoes with great sales.

Below is the Brown Muses lock embellished suede tote bag in size large. This bag is very classy and looks prettier than in the picture.
You can purchase these red classy pointy heels from These shoes are so comfortable, affordable, and perfect for different occasions. It has stones around the heels the night look is wow.

Cheap affordable shoes and bags under $100 on sales now

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Thankful for the year 2019 and I want to welcome you all to all to a year of divine perfection.
Enjoy the year and its indeed going to be a beautiful one.

Purchase the High slim Himawari backpack available in two colors. 
Made of soft, slippery material, it has a very interesting design. 
The main compartment and the outer compartment are closed with a zipper. On the sides, two compartments, for example a bottle of water. 
Inside the backpack there is a large compartment for a laptop and two smaller ones for small items, such as a wallet and a telephone. 
On the outer side along the back wall there is a zipper, which makes it easy to reach inside the backpack quickly. 
Back of the backpack and the inner sides of the arms are covered with a soft sponge and mesh. 
The backpack has a belt and buckle, thanks to which you can fasten your waist to make wearing comfort even higher.  This supplement was created for lovers of original and functional backpacks with character.

Made of non-itching fabric. 
Slightly stretchable. 
Tight head fit. 
Perfect for sports and casual makeover.

2019 :Happy new year : High slim Himawari backpack available in two colors

Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Transitioning from summer to winter is usually difficult for non winter lovers, one major problem I face is what type of bag to carry during winter period, knowing how much protecting your body generally is very important, our hands face a major stress and exposure when carrying our bags in this cold weather. The funny pack is the best bag to go with during the winter period, it is stylish, comfortable and protective.
Here’s several very practical reasons why fanny backpacks or waist bags are perfect for the cold season.
1. Makes running around very easy and outgoing.  You get to hold up your pants and you get to keep your bare necessities in it while at it.

2. You can go completely hands free. Hands in your pocket while your bag comfortably sits on your waist, chest area depending on where you decide to put it,
3. You don’t have to use it as a fanny pack. It works as a shoulder bag, cross-body bag and a fanny pack. Who doesn’t love a wardrobe multi-tasker? I do.

Reasons why fanny packs are the appropriate bags to carry during the winter period.

Wednesday, December 05, 2018

What makes travelling more fun is not just about the place we visit or what we carry long but also but how comfortable and easy for us to carry along our stuffs and be sure it is well protected.
CabinZero is a top brand to purchase the best durable and price friendly travel bags to any destination. They come in different variety of styles. They range from different sizes and have pockets and zippers for storing smaller items. Most importantly, purchase a bag that you find attractive – these are just as much statement pieces as they are practical items of luggage.

Top 5 most wanted travel bags :

Monday, November 19, 2018

Just before the weekend kicks off properly, here are the top 3 bags every IT man is crazy about at the moment, it is a must have and a perfect gift for any stylish man. The crossbody bag tops the game as one of the hottest bag trends in 2018 worn by men. 
Crossbags are perfect for everyday use and running errands, but the style craze didn't stop there, a stand out crossbag brand every fashionable man can't get over is the exclusive crossbody bag by from the Napoleone collection which has an outstanding design, very practical and stylish men's crossbody bag..
The Cocconero cross bags gives you confidence to express your individuality, as it introduces crossbags to the mens formal world, which is one reason Men are obsessed over this brand aside the quality and amount of stuff the bag can hold. The bags are also known for there versatile designs and neutral colors which can be combined with any look. This bag makes everything so much more convenient.
The design takes major trends, adding the freshest street style with a formal spin and easy switch from a day to night look. 
Beside, there re different names for the crossbag which is also known as slingbags (though they go by many other names, such as crossbody bags, shoulder bags, or waist bags), which are majorly trending in the street-wear world.

Exclusive crossbags every fashionable man is carrying at the moment

Thursday, September 13, 2018

 I like minimal fashion accessories that can stand out and uplift a look real quick. This bucket bag caught my attention at 1st sight. I wanted to add a mini bag to my collection of bags and I think this is a perfect add. This bag is a little on the high side price wise, but generally this is a very good bag. Nice leather with a beautiful inner check design material.

Affordable designer bags to purchase for fall 2018/2019

Friday, September 07, 2018

Laptop bags and briefcases have really evolved when it comes to colors, quality and zipper lock style. Back in the days you find more of black laptop bags and briefcases  with similar designs.
Recently the diverse designs and classy structures of brief cases is creeping into the fashion world. Who else is waiting to see laptop bags and briefcases on runways in 2019? 

Best leather briefcase for 2019 :

Monday, August 20, 2018

 Rejection is the act of refusing to accept, use, or believe someone or something.
No matter your age, background, and skills you're never too old, too beautiful, or too smart to be rejected. The only way to guarantee you’ll never be rejected is to never try to do anything and never interact with anyone else, ever. That’s no way to live, though, so at some point, you will experience rejection in your life. Common situations for rejection include love, studies, work, sports, or business. You don’t have to let rejection destroy you, however! Overcoming rejection isn't about denying or pretending everything is fine––it's about learning to cope well and move on with living.

How To Get Over Rejection : 10 tips

Sunday, July 22, 2018


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