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How To Get Over Rejection : 10 tips

 Rejection is the act of refusing to accept, use, or believe someone or something.
No matter your age, background, and skills you're never too old, too beautiful, or too smart to be rejected. The only way to guarantee you’ll never be rejected is to never try to do anything and never interact with anyone else, ever. That’s no way to live, though, so at some point, you will experience rejection in your life. Common situations for rejection include love, studies, work, sports, or business. You don’t have to let rejection destroy you, however! Overcoming rejection isn't about denying or pretending everything is fine––it's about learning to cope well and move on with living.

I have been rejected and honestly, it is one of the worst feelings ever. I had to learn to be strong for myself and the people around me. I had bad mood swings and wanted to always sleep and stay without talking to anyone.
Nevertheless, I took some great steps that help me get over rejection.

1. Understand that your pain is normal.
2.  Feeling hurt after a rejection is a normal human response with both emotional and physiological causes.
3. Allow yourself to feel upset.
4. Express your feelings but be very careful while doing that as many have committed suicide as a result of this.
5. Examine your feelings.
6. Stick to the facts. Be real with the situation.
7. Avoid lashing out at others.
8. Take some ibuprofen or acetaminophen if your headaches.
9. Stay healthy. 
10. Always pray.

Rejection can go deeper than we think and that is why there are platforms and health professionals that can help you out of depression. They are online Licensed counselors available to help you our and through the phase of life.
Speak out and get the necessary help that you need.

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