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Types of Fanny Packs/ Belt Bags : Marmont velvet belt bag

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There are multiple types of fanny packs, made in different shapes and styles, each with its own use in mind. They are lightweight and zipped up for the most part, and so blessedly hands-free. Since we often need to carry things, in our daily lives or during special adventures we take, the waist bag is just what the doctor ordered; sometimes literally.

• The Travel Fanny: This belt bag has a wide strap and a travel document sized pouch to help you carry what’s needed right at your belt.
• The Lumbar Fanny: This fanny pack includes compression straps for increased comfort, as well as a larger pouch made to carry more items.

• The Hydration Fanny: If you need extra water spaces, particularly when hiking or climbing, this one has a great system to add two bottles on your belt.

• The Hunting Fanny: When out hunting, you will need the extra spaces and easily accessible pouches on this particle pack.

There are multiple other types of fanny packs as well, but it is the top designer styles that have upped the fanny craze over the past months. They can add to the chic or the sporty with equal loveliness these days, with many top celebrities sporting them, either in matching colors with their outfits or complementary looks.
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