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Enliven Extreme Blue Hair Gel 250 ml Review

Enliven Extreme Blue Hair Gel 250 ml

Well, I'll just get straight to the point about the Enliven 250 ml Extreme Blue Hair Gel. If you're looking for a hard hair gel that holds your hair too firmly, then this isn't the gel for you. However, if you're seeking a light hold that won't make your hair feel like it's coated in gel and still maintains a natural look as if you haven't used gel at all, then this is it. It offers a light hold that keeps your hair together and in place throughout the day.

I was returning from work and needed gel, so I just grabbed what the store had.

According to the instructions, the best way to use it is on wet hair, applied evenly throughout. 

I apply it before heading to work every day, and it serves as a protective barrier against dust and dirt. What's remarkable is that it doesn't weigh my hair down; unlike some gels that leave a heavy feeling, this one keeps my hair feeling light and natural even after prolonged wear. I absolutely love this hair gel; it provides excellent hold, doesn't leave any residue like some gel does, and washes out effortlessly.

I absolutely love this hair gel! Despite its extreme hold label, it doesn't stiffen my hair aggressively; instead, it maintains a comfortable hold without making my hair feel rigid. Even after applying, my hair remains soft and manageable. Using it daily hasn't caused any damage to my hair; in fact, it seems to have a conditioning effect. When I wash it off at the end of the day, my hair feels noticeably smoother.

 Product Benefits:
- Moisturizing
- Suitable for all hair types
- Unscented
- Liquid Volume: 250 Milliliters
- Item Form: Gel
- Brand: Enliven
- Proudly made in the UK
- Formulated with pro-vitamin B5 to keep hair moisturized and strong
- Not tested on animals
- Great value for money
- Item Display Volume: 250.0 milliliters
- Item Display Weight: 13.44 grams

You can find this gel at drugstores as well as on Amazon.

Enliven Extreme Blue Hair Gel 250 ml


  1. Thank you for the review of and introduction to this hair gel, Melody. It definitely sounds like a great product! xxx

  2. What a beautiful shade of blue :)

  3. I have never used hair gel

  4. Nice to hear. I wonder whether we have it here. I avoid gels just because of that heavy/sticky feeling.

  5. Also if I don't use gel for hair It seems a very interesting product. Thanks for sharing!

  6. It seems like a nice gel!

  7. Thanks for the review of the new brand product and introduction to this hair gel. Sounds really good. Greetings.

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