Tuesday, April 16

Great lunch experience at Joel's Restaurant in Dublin

Melody Jacob eating at joels restaurant in Dublin

I had a fun time at a cozy restaurant with my friend. Dublin is such a cool place to visit, and what I really liked about it is how tidy everything is. Let me tell you about this restaurant called Joel's that we went to for a big lunch. It's close to our hotel, so we freshened up and headed there.

I made sure to dress nicely, but my friend had a little mishap with her outfit. When we walked in, everyone seemed dressed up, and my friend joked that she should've dressed better. We couldn't help but laugh because we could feel everyone's eyes on us, especially with my attention-grabbing Afro hair.

But the best part is that the restaurant didn't let us down. The food took a bit to arrive, but it was worth it. They had yummy sweet potato fries and regular fries. We both went for the sweet potato fries, and my friend tried their amazing pasta carbonara, which had the most delicious cheese ever! We started with salads, and I went for the classic dish of the restaurant. It was good, though not the best I've had. Overall, it was a nice place with friendly staff.

I remember one waiter being really nice and playing with my friend's brother, who joined us later. I usually avoid drinking soda, but it had been a while, so I had a coke with my meal.

I really enjoyed my time at Joel's restaurant in Dublin. It's a great family spot located conveniently on Naas Road with lots of parking. It can seat over 300 people, and they have stuff for kids to enjoy too, like coloring pencils and puzzles. The restaurant was originally built in 1991, but in 1997, they completely rebuilt it to make it even better for guests.

Location: Naas Road, Newland Cross, Dublin 22

Have you ever been to this restaurant?

Joels Restaurant



  1. I've been to Dublin twice -- loved it -- but never to Joel's. The sweet potato fries are a draw.

    1. You already know how fun and beautiful Dublin is. I enjoyed my little big trip.

  2. You look satisfied ;) And happy.
    The meal looks very good. I got hungry!

  3. Great time spento in good Company, plus food serms delicious!!!

  4. Parece un buen restaurante. Te mando un beso.

  5. Your pictures are so so beautiful! It looks like a great place to grab a meal. I'm glad you had a positive experience there!

  6. First off just want to say you look AMAZING and love these photos! Joels looks incredible so hungry now because of the food porn!

    Allie of

  7. Bardzo ładnie wyglądasz :)
    Z chęcią wybrałabym się do takiej restauracji. Frytki z batatów, sałatka i carbonara wyglądają bosko :)

  8. Hi, beautiful girls! :) This post came as a big surprise for me as I didn't know you were planning a trip to Ireland! How did you find this country? Was it your first visit?
    Thanks for the recommendation, who knows - maybe one day I will go there, although, to be completely honest, I'm not a fan of Dublin. Also, I was quite surprised that you consider it a cool (and clean!) place to visit.
    Now, I'm going to read your new post about your accomodation :) I hope you will post more Irish posts, they are the best ;-)

  9. Great place! And the food looks really yummy.


  10. We're planning on visiting Dublin in the fall. I'll remember this!

  11. You look so beautiful in that first shot!
    You and your friend look so happy!

  12. That food looks so delicious!!

  13. I don't get to travel due to chronic illnesses. So I love hearing about everyone else's travels. That lunch looks fantastic! And your hair is stunning!
    Visiting today from Talking About It Tuesday 17 #16&17


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