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I had lunch with my partner at the Howgait pub in Glasgow. The design is cool and it gives an old vibe which just relaxes you when you get in. Smiley waiters and it was a sunny day which made it a perfect day.

Well after much walking around we needed to eat and we ordered the chicken wings bucket and chips. What's food without a play of potato chips right? While waiting for our making order I took some photos and I think overall this place looks good.

They offer student and NHS discounts, 50 per cent off cocktails if you share and review their service on Google, Facebook and that tripadvisor. 

You can watch sports for free and also book events here. Quiz on Monday by 8pm, bingo on Thursday by 6:30 pm and live music 8-10 pm everyday. DJ and playing and karaoke.

Our meals were quick to arrive and delicious.

Howgait pub glasgow review

Tuesday, September 05, 2023

The plan for the day was for us to go for a stroll and check out the Glasgow Necropolis, and once we were done there, we wanted to stop for a cup of coffee and some light refreshments. We had a few questions about where we should go, but after we had walked around for a while, we decided to stop at Tinderbox Cafe, which had a pleasant ambiance and prompt service.

Tinderbox is a contemporary coffee shop serving coffee and baked goods, with large windows and a mezzanine. He had a chicken and egg sandwich. The chicken sandwich is more tasty than the egg sandwich. We also had hot chocolate and coffee. This place is a bit pricey, in my opinion, because everything we got was £18. 


Quick stop at the Tinderbox Cafe

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Wongs: Chinese Takeaway Foodcourt

I thought I'd recommend one more of my favourite eating places in Glasgow to you. I have eaten here more than five times, and the food is satisfactory and tasty, and you can select from a variety of combination meals depending on your preferences. Freshly prepared Chinese food with generous portions and reasonable prices!

 After church yesterday, which was Easter Sunday, we went to the St. Enoch shopping mall in Glasgow and ate at Wongs, which can be found alongside a number of other quick-service food courts within the St. Enoch shopping centre, which is situated in the centre of the city. There is a place to sit down and comfortably eat.

Foodcourt Saint, St. Enoch Shopping Centre, 55 St Enoch Sq, Glasgow G1 4BW

This is wongs menu

St Enoch shopping center  

Here is what we had

Wongs: Chinese Takeaway Foodcourt

Monday, April 10, 2023

I love to eat because the food is good. After a long day, I don't see anything wrong with winding down at a restaurant, whether it's for a meal or just to relax and people watch.
Let's get to the point quickly. What do I think of Glasgow's Bufalo Grill restaurant? This restaurant serves the tastiest steak in Glasgow. The steak is delicious, and I believe that everyone should try it. The steak is the best I've ever tasted in my adult life. I'm not making this up. Every word I write is true. I also had veggie rice, which I didn't like, but the steak was a 5/5.

The interior decor of this restaurant is just ok, not so much. If you like restaurants with luxury interiors, then this place is not for you. This place is for people who want to eat a good steak and be happy after a good meal. It's not a very big restaurant though, but it can accommodate quite a number of people.

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · No-contact delivery
Address: 515 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow G3 7PQ
Open ⋅ Closes 11PM
Confirmed by phone call 9 weeks ago

Bufalo Grill Restaurant Glasgow, Scotland

Wednesday, August 03, 2022

Namaste by Delhi Darbar

In my spare time, I enjoy going out to various restaurants, and that is one activity I look forward to during the week. So my partner and I decided to go to the Namaste by Delhi Darbar restaurant, which is located at

St. Enoch Centre is where you'll find it.

55 St Enoch Square, Glasgow, G1 4BW

Hours: Open until 10 p.m.

Phone: 0141 732 8963

Namaste by Delhi Darbar Restaurant Review.

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Ресторан честных цен | True Price

Good morning, lovely people. So, today, I'm going to discuss breakfast at a restaurant in Kharkiv that offers a vast menu. Though I am still unsure of their discount process because it is unclear to me, I will try to get a better understanding again the next time I visit
True Price restaurant in Kharkiv. The system of this restaurant is that you pay a fixed amount at the entrance. This is the profit of the restaurateur. It is said that the prices indicated on the menu are equal to the cost of each dish. According to them, it is much cheaper than in any other catering establishment. 

This is not my first time eating at this restaurant; if I am not mistaken, it should be my third time. The service is great and the food is also nice. They have different restaurants with different menus. I had breakfast at the seafood restaurant at St. Bakulina, 4A.

Бакулина 4а
Клочковская 109
Юбилейный 55/61
Культуры, 26
ул. Харьковский Дивизий 14

Breakfast at Ресторан честных цен | True Price

Monday, February 14, 2022

I wore a red satin dress to the Kharkiv Palace Sky Lounge Restaurant Halloween party. I had a good time sitting pretty and enjoying the music.


I've always wanted to go to a Halloween party, but I've always had reservations about the holiday. Well, after spending months indoors owing to the coronavirus, I determined to make the most of my time outside this year, because you never know what further restrictions might be imposed on us. Well, I had a few plans that didn't pan out, such as painting my face, but in the end, I wore a Red Satin Ruched Side Slip Mini Dress by Femmeluxe with simple makeup.

At the sky lounge, dressed in a red satin dress for Halloween.

Thursday, November 04, 2021

Oh my Goodness, I had the finest Sunday night ever. I have no words to describe how pleased I am and how vibrant this place is. I suppose my photographs will speak for themselves. This is the most vibrant beer bar I've ever visited. Here you find the happiest individuals on the planet. 

Night out at Starhorod (Старгород Харьков)

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Nemo restaurant and hotel located on the territory of Kharkiv in Shevchenko garden. I visited this place on a Sunday morning. I enjoyed spending time here. It was calm and neat. The terrace is always breathtaking and everything feels cool as the breeze hits your skin. This is one of the largest dolphinariums in the CIS which consists of two pools, which contain three million litres of water each, the main hall, designed for a thousand seats, and an aquarium. The dolphinarium is a must-visit, you get to swim with the dolphins. Such a breathtaking unforgettable experience.

I had much to eat and drink but I wanted seafood which was not available. So I went for pancakes below which I ended up not liking, I couldn't even eat this food. Salmon eggs, cheese and pancakes are a no for me. I felt like throwing up, so I had chicken instead.

 If you would like to visit  Nemo Kharkov click on the address for easy navigation
Address : Sumska vul. 35, Kharkiv, Kharkivska oblast, 61000.

More restaurants to visit.

Hotel & Spa Nemo Kharkov

Sunday, July 12, 2020

I like to just take photos of random restaurants I have visited. Well, this is not my first time visiting this restaurant and it is not one of my best in the city. I dislike the menu's that feature very restricted food types, not so interesting. The settings of this restaurant are very lovely and cool. It is located in the city centre of Kharkiv. If you are interested in trying out sushi and noodles then you can visit сушия харьков maybe you will end up liking it.

сушия харьков : Sushiya restaurant kharkov

Friday, June 19, 2020

Talking about the best cafe to enjoy waffles in Kharkiv Ukraine, then Belgian waffles cafe is a top pick for you. Everything is made fresh to taste so good. I had two waffles in one day. I love the traditional yet English settings of the restaurant.

I will totally recommend Belgian waffles cafe for not only waffles but also for having the good taste of the traditional Ukrainian drink kompot. Wondering what the price is like, it is about $2.60.

Belgian Waffles Cafe -Address:
  Vulitsya Girshmana, 14, Kharkiv, Kharkiv region, 61000.

Do you have a favourite restaurant for a particular type of snacks? let me know in the comment session below.


Wednesday, June 17, 2020


Happy Sunday beautiful people. How is 1st of September treating you all?
Abuja has always been one of the best cities in Nigeria. This is my opinion and I will pick Abuja over Lagos anytime. I like visiting restaurants with beautiful interior. Show some effort and keep your environment neat and clean, then you totally won yourself a new customer. I got back and meeting my friends felt super nice and we decided to hang out at Tulip bistro to catch up. 

Tulip bistro design is super cute and has different sections, but the section where we sat down which has the flowery design looks bigger on Instagram but in reality, it is a small room. The design is cute, snacks are ok taste-wise, to me nothing so special just cakes, drinks, tea and coffee. Well, I think that was the aim to get something sweet and fast.

 Generally, this place is neat and relaxing. On like some places or restaurants in Abuja. Some places in Abuja you see water traces on the wall and that irritates me so badly, Tulip bistro is super neat and the interiors are also very clean using an eye to judge.

We had cakes which were nice I also I had muffins, which I think is a little on the high side for third-class citizens but I guess the aim of this place is to reach out to the middle class and upper. One muffin cost #1000, a thousand naira in Nigerian currency which is very ok in USD  (2.78) but in my currency it looks kinda a bit high.

We actually wanted to take some photos but they declined and stated that mornings are better for photos to prevent inconveniencing other customers with flashlights. Pretty fair, lol, anyway, I enjoyed sitting out with my friends. I had a good time.

Tulip Bistro in Abuja, Nigeria. Cakes, Drinks, Tea, and Coffee.

Sunday, September 01, 2019

 I had an early appointment today, woke up so early by 8:45 am this morning. After my appointment I decided to go  have breakfast at Park avenue. Just in case you visit Kharkov and you want to have nice breakfast in a calm modern interior decorated restaurant then park avenue is a very cool choice. The bar area is pretty cool with cool decors also. I like to sit out in a cozy restaurant with modern interior, it gives me a good vibe and feeling. I can't really explain in words how much this makes my day but if you are into interiors and decor then you can relate properly. There are alot of restaurants in my city and they all have different services that attracts me to them. Some the services, interior, cost and food but with park avenue I tend to find almost all of this in this restaurant. I will visit this restaurant again with friends but I enjoyed my alone breakfast time. It was a time to reflect and enjoy my meal, of course a cup of coffee was involved.
Address: вулиця Гоголя, 2А, Харків, Харківська область, 61000

What did I have for breakfast?
I wasn't so hungry and of course breakfast should be light and my fitness routine won't permit some sweet pancakes so I had vegetable salad and ginger tea made with natural ginger and it taste so good.
This is all for my morning today. what's going on in your morning today?

I love restaurants with glass street view surrounded by tall trees. Fall makes this view even more relaxing and calm. My morning is beautiful.

Breakfast at Park Avenue restaurant Kharkov city Ukraine

Monday, November 05, 2018

Floral Dress : Long Sleeve Maxi Floral Dress - Pink.
Beret : Stradivarius.
Bag : weave bag with leather mix from and tassel from
Puddy tat tobacco by Giant Vintage.
Hair :
Shot by : Evgphotos.
Location: Адреса: вулиця Дарвіна, 12, Харків, Харківська область, 61000.

Floral Passion : Tea time in Tesla Cyber Pub

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Welcome everyone to the wedding and prom season, I am a lover of lace dresses and this one from DRESSLINK really caught my eyes. This shoot is an inspirational shoot, hope this inspires someone. It's a bridal shoot which brings about lots of memories. How beautiful will i look on my wedding day, don't imagine because you can not get a perfect picture of that day? The length of this dress is so perfect and has the mermaid tail end, the rose flower just gave it a complete wedding look. We had a day out in the terrace lounge grill restaurant at the premiere palace hotel Kharkiv it was all fun. My dress made a statement as I walk past the reception to the lift area. Dresslink has lots of dresses shop now an getting huge discounts. My bridal makeup was done by Mercy Makeup, i love everything, it was light and suits me. 

DRESS: Dresslink get here or here         
    SHOE: Valentine Yudashkin Collections  
Makeup: By Mercy Makeup Here    

SHIRT: Cedarwood         

LIVE + LOVE + LAUGH : Terrace lounge grill restaurant at the premiere palace hotel Kharkiv

Saturday, April 11, 2015


My name is Melody. I am tall and, according to almost everyone I meet, beautiful. Little things make me happy. I like the simple things in life. I am currently exploring Scotland, and I must say it's beautiful. I used to live in Ukraine, but I now reside in Glasgow due to leaving because of the war. I am discovering myself in this new country, working, wearing beautiful dresses, and making the most of life. Did I mention that I speak English, Igbo, and Russian? How are you doing today?

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