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Breakfast at Ресторан честных цен | True Price

Ресторан честных цен | True Price

Good morning, lovely people. So, today, I'm going to discuss breakfast at a restaurant in Kharkiv that offers a vast menu. Though I am still unsure of their discount process because it is unclear to me, I will try to get a better understanding again the next time I visit
True Price restaurant in Kharkiv. The system of this restaurant is that you pay a fixed amount at the entrance. This is the profit of the restaurateur. It is said that the prices indicated on the menu are equal to the cost of each dish. According to them, it is much cheaper than in any other catering establishment. 

This is not my first time eating at this restaurant; if I am not mistaken, it should be my third time. The service is great and the food is also nice. They have different restaurants with different menus. I had breakfast at the seafood restaurant at St. Bakulina, 4A.

Бакулина 4а
Клочковская 109
Юбилейный 55/61
Культуры, 26
ул. Харьковский Дивизий 14

So what did I have for breakfast?

Egg Benedict with tiger shrimp and Philadelphia cheese.
Philadelphia cheese bun, tiger shrimp, avocado, egg Benedict,
arugula, lemon, Hollandaise sauce.


Basil smash

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