Monday, November 5

Breakfast at Park Avenue restaurant Kharkov city Ukraine

 I had an early appointment today, woke up so early by 8:45 am this morning. After my appointment I decided to go  have breakfast at Park avenue. Just in case you visit Kharkov and you want to have nice breakfast in a calm modern interior decorated restaurant then park avenue is a very cool choice. The bar area is pretty cool with cool decors also. I like to sit out in a cozy restaurant with modern interior, it gives me a good vibe and feeling. I can't really explain in words how much this makes my day but if you are into interiors and decor then you can relate properly. There are alot of restaurants in my city and they all have different services that attracts me to them. Some the services, interior, cost and food but with park avenue I tend to find almost all of this in this restaurant. I will visit this restaurant again with friends but I enjoyed my alone breakfast time. It was a time to reflect and enjoy my meal, of course a cup of coffee was involved.
Address: вулиця Гоголя, 2А, Харків, Харківська область, 61000

What did I have for breakfast?
I wasn't so hungry and of course breakfast should be light and my fitness routine won't permit some sweet pancakes so I had vegetable salad and ginger tea made with natural ginger and it taste so good.
This is all for my morning today. what's going on in your morning today?

I love restaurants with glass street view surrounded by tall trees. Fall makes this view even more relaxing and calm. My morning is beautiful.

 I sat here until 12:36pm, got hungry again and had french toast and coffee.

The toilet area is very neat, I had to do my check as usual.



  1. Seems like you had a lovely breakfast at Park Avenue restaurant.
    Great photos...the food looks yummy...and you always look beautiful.


    1. Awww my dearest, thank you so much.

  2. Beautiful place, the photos are awesome!

    Freak Muffin Blog

  3. very beautiful place..awesome pics!*_*

  4. I’m all about the ambiance in restaurants too. No wonder you stayed there so long because the decor and vibe looked amazing. And the food of course! Most important part, lol. Thanks for sharing.



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