November 3, 2018

How to control aquaphobia : Home remedies

As a child I liked wearing rain boots and raincoat, it made me feel really cool. At the end of the dry season my mum buys raincoats, boots and umbrellas for me and my little sister. Sometimes it might take a long time before it rains, and I just keep wishing and waiting for the rain to fall. Any opportunity to wear my raincoat or use my new umbrella felt so good. I always wished my mum would send me on errands on a rainy day.

A lot has changed growing up and it is totally different right now. I hate to touch wet items or surfaces. I cant even sit close to wet areas for a long time, it irritates me. I hate raining season because of how wet and messy the ground gets. Do You feel same way about staying around wet areas?
Here's the feeling:
Medically these are the symptoms of aquaphobia
You hate waterlogged areas.
Damp clothes.
Smell of wetness.
You feel more comfortable in a room that feels dry.
Water mess changes your mood.

*Seeing water can trigger intense fear and anxiety in a person with aquaphobia. This could be a very small amount of water, like what’s found in the bathroom sink, or a large body of water, such as an ocean. The amount of water isn’t what causes the phobia. It’s the water itself that creates the fear and resulting anxiety. (Ref (healthline).

At first it felt like the only remedy to this feelings was just keeping the house really dry and clean, but no sometimes when the weather is cold is brings along the feeling of wetness.
Here is what I do and recommend to control your emotions and get rid of this uncomfortable thought or feeling.
Note: During the rainy season, stay ready, carry along your umbrella and raincoat. One of the most uncomfortable feeling I can recall, was when it rained and I had to take a bus home. 

1. Leave alone
This is practically one reason why I stay alone. Not everyone feels this same way and not everyone will understand this feeling, so in other not to offend anyone or be seen as doing too much, I decided to stay alone so I can control everything that happens in my house, mostly especially this water part. As little as a drop of water on the floor can change my mood.

2. Air your bathroom. 
The ventilator is available for a reason. Always put it on after and during your bath time to cross ventilate. Always leave your window open when you can.

3 Burning woods, clay and charcoal.
If you have a fireplace in your house you can burn woods, heat charcoal and clay. They have very dry smell that helps keeps the house warms and dry.

4. Cigarette.
3. I do not advice smoking generally, but one thing I found was that cigarettes can play a good role when to comes to this. Just like you burn woods when it gets cold inside the house, if you don't have a fireplace you can burn paper or cigarettes. Note that this is not so good health wise.
Burn up the cigarettes or paper inside a metal plate or tin and leave it on the floor of the room. Stay outside the house until it finish burning so you do not inhale the smoke. Leave your window open so the smell and smoke can leave the room. Spray air freshener and enjoy the dry feeling.

5. Avoid pouring water on the floor.
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