June 10, 2019

5 reasons to buy vintage bags

The must-have vintage mini handbag from Jessicabuurman.

Vintage bags are so cute and can be styled in different ways. They are very durable and most times you find very good vintage bags at the thrift store. Jessicabuurman's deep coffee Genna crocodile skin leather tote bag comes in handy each time I want to keep it simple, rich, and expensive. This bag can contain your phone, mini money purse, lipstick, and power bank. The leather quality is very good and the animal print being the crocodile-skin style is very unique.

Buying vintage pieces is a very wise fashion tip to follow. Here are 5 reasons I prefer to invest in vintage bags.
1. Vintage bags are timeless pieces: Wearing trendy fashion wears and accessories is very cool, but sometimes unique vintage pieces stand out more, they never go out of style.

2. Most times it's just for you: Most vintage pieces are limited due to longtime production, so you get to own a bag that won't be easily seen elsewhere.

3. They make you look rich and expensive even when you are on a style budget.

4. They are statement-makers: If you want to make a statement with your bag then buy mini vintage bags because they always stand out.

5. They are very unique and durable.

Get this bag by clicking on the red link below.

Vintage bag


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