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5 Tips to Create Stellar Content : shopjessicabuurman.com

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Congratulations! You’ve established a collaboration with a brand you’re really excited to work with, and you’re looking forward to telling your followers all about their product. Knowing what the next step is can be difficult, especially if the guidelines are just to “be yourself.” 

 5 tips you can use to nail your product collaborations: 
1. Tell a story 
Brands are eager to work with creators who are expert storytellers. Creators who work with a product they are passionate about can easily construct authentic stories around it. This can help increase the credibility of your sponsored posts, as your followers will understand you only work with brands you love. Sharing a personal story or experience is not only a great way to nail your collaboration, but it is also the perfect perfect opportunity to develop a deeper relationship with your followers. 
Pro tip: When you share a personal experience with a product, you can ask your followers to share theirs too. This will help get a conversation started and improve engagement. 

2. Your followers are invested in you 
Your audience follows you because they love the content you create and enjoy keeping up with what you’re up to. This is why some of your most popular photos might be the ones you’re in. Brands enjoy working with creators who use their products and have selected you because they can entrust you to capture an authentic moment with their product. 
Pro tip: When working with a product, break it out of its packaging and use it! This shows your followers you genuinely love the product you’re promoting. This will typically have better results than a selfie or flat-lay. 
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3. Your followers can clearly see the product 
Brands choose to partner with creators because of their creativity and ability to showcase a product in an eye-catching way. When you begin crafting content for a collaboration, consider how the product will be viewed in the photo or video. If the product has a label, try to visualize how the label will be viewed by your followers, or whether the label can be seen at all. Brands have chosen you to promote a product, so the product should be clearly shown in your photo or video. 
Pro tip: If you’re trying to capture yourself holding the product, try not to cover the label with your hand! 

4. The product and setting should work together 
Brands are eager to work with creators because you are able to take their products to new settings through your videos and photo. This affects how the product is seen and is why the setting of your content is important. Some of the best collaborations we’ve seen on inzpire.me have been ones where the setting complements the product and the creator engages with the item. Often, this occurs because the creator considers what type of background will work naturally with the product. 
Pro tip: Use the colors of the setting to make the product really pop! Pick an accent color and try to compliment it with a clothing item, household items, or outside scenery.

5. The content has high-quality resolution 
When brands search for creators to collaborate with, they take into account your content quality on social media. Brands want to work with creators who take clear, high quality photos and videos. It shows them that you’re capable of representing them well. 
Pro tip: Boosting the color is a great way to highlight different aspects in a photo, but some filters may alter the composition. To avoid this, try viewing your content on a tablet or laptop before posting on social media. 
Creating stellar content for brands will show them your value and incentivize them to work with you again. This can open the door for future long-term partnerships! 



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  2. These are great tips to keep in mind when working on a collaboration. Love these sandals!


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    1. Muy buenos consejos!!! Y tus sandalias y el vestido, son preciosos

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