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Зима модные тенденции: Must-Have Trendy Women Accessories For Winter

Winter is almost here and I am not happy about it, I hate the cold weather because it makes me feel lazy, and waking up in the morning seems harder. As you can see, I am so willing to fight the cold this season without letting down my fashion sense. Here are the winter wardrobe must-have essentials for 2018. Stylish women everywhere often have their favorite wardrobe staples that are classic and worn repeatedly. Accessories change the look of these wardrobe staples by adding color, a theme, or a new way to wear the staples.

If you want to get your hands on the perfect accessories, have a look at, a second-hand marketplace with great discounts! You can find coats, jackets, shoes, jewelry, hats, sunglasses, and more! 
Sophisticated fur coat 
These coats are show stoppers, they cover you from the cold and also gives you that money look. Fur coats are very fashionable and easy to style. A pair of ankle boots, nice berets, and sunnies will do the magic. 
Purchase the vogue fashion classics from Here.  Get more affordable coats from

For jeans, In my best opinion, I would prefer loosed jeans, just in case I want to layer. Skinny jeans can be so uncomfortable during the winter period on my skin. I think I need my skin to have a little space because after wearing the pantyhose, it's pretty much uncomfortable sometimes for me to wear skinny jeans on top.
Here are some mom jeans suggestions that are very comfortable to wear during the winter.

Cardigan and sweaters
There are a lot of fanciful and well-printed cardigans and sweaters with a lot of varieties to pick from. Here are some cute ideas that are also affordable, stylish, and also suit the season's trends. You can style them with a collared shirt protruding from underneath and goes with everything including midi skirts, jeans, printed trousers, and leather pants.

Berets are very cool when you want to achieve an English look, street style, or an uptown classical look. It is a great way to keep warm without sacrificing on style as this accessory can make any outfit look more put together. Purchase the black pearl decorated Beret by Art of polo.

I wear sunglasses during winter mornings, the snow looks really white and bright, it affects my vision. Sunglasses hide eye bags after struggling to wake up on a cold winter morning.
Grab cool pair of sunglasses from

Add a chic and comfortable boot to your winter must-haves.
Shoes from Public desire, the Mika flared heel ankle boots in mocha crushed velvet.

Honestly, I would prefer to wear thin leggings than wear pantyhose, I don't feel so comfortable in them, they hug the skin and gives me that consciousness that I am wearing them. I wear pantyhose when I have to show my legs for an event during the winter period.


  1. This coat is fabulous! Love the color. Amazingly chic look!

  2. Yeeees, you are working the red coat!! I love how you paired it with those boots. A lot of the pieces you mentioned I've never played with before. Like fur coats, I don't know if I can pull them off (faux fur)! I also never wore a beret either. It gets me thinking I should get out of my comfort zone. Great post!

    xx, Des |

    1. Yes dear, I never played with fur coat too, I decided to give it a try and I am loving the look.

  3. These are some lovely picks, thanks for sharing!

  4. This red coat is absolutely gorgeous! I love how you styled it with those amazing boots!

  5. Super stylish look with this coat and fantastic boots!

    Happy day xx

  6. Ohyes loving all these ideas - so many cute pieces!

    And the red fake fur looks just fabulous on you ♥


  7. Sempre arrasando show de imagens, obrigado pela visita.

  8. Love your coat! x

  9. I loved everything.
    The pictures is so amazing!

    It's Lizzie

  10. I really like your boots - they caught my attention :)

    1. Thank you, Public desire did a good job with the simple stylish design.

  11. I'm also not a fan of cold weather, but I love you coat! It's such a gorgeous color.

    Kathrin | Polar Bear Style

    1. LOL, yes coats make it fun. Have a nice weekend

  12. Yes dear, cold weather can be so aggressive and changes my mood.

  13. What a beautiful red coat! You look stunning.

  14. Everything is on-point! Really jealous with your long legs, beautiful you!

    1. Milka you are so cute, thanks for the compliment
      new post

  15. Love so so much this coat. Specially the boots!!

    1. Glad you do, thanks for stopping by.

  16. those coats are to die for. I love winters and I'm so excited for their arrival.


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