So far, I have been doing really good with the weather, It's slowing me down but I have managed to keep moving and riding. I dress so warmly which is the number one tip to manage winter season. This is a kinda all denim sporty street look featuring one of my favourite denim brands with affordable quality jeans under $100. I have made a list of 4 pair of flared jeans and 1 straight jeans that you can purchase from Dr Denim.

As you all know, we graduated on June 30th, 2017 as doctors of medicine. Happiness can't be expressed here, but surely it is the Lord's doing, and it's marvellous in our eyes. Today post features a cerulean floral drawstring shirt dress. Floral has always been attached to summer and this sun dress is a beautiful one with good quality fabric. Zaful has become one of the most popular online clothing stores with affordable, trendy ad good quality clothings for females.
Gingham lightweight plain-woven cotton cloth, typically checked in white and a bold colour.
Gingham is a major come back this season SS17 trend, and I love every style and pattern made out of this bold print. This use to be a No no for me, but right now I am loving every piece made from this print.
It comes in shades of red, black, pink and blue, Incorporate the design into your wardrobe, it is available  off-the-shoulder designs, belted waists, ruffle skirts, bell bottom pants, translucent designs, miniskirts, wraparound shoes, mid-calf boots, open midriffs, lots of patterns, and some asymmetrical necklines.
I couldn't feel less wearing this dress, perfectly made for me. Skaters dresses are perfect for a younger look. A skater dress outfit can fit in for every occasion. This dress is so hot and will make his head spin as you walk by!" he said easy baby easy.
Whether you’re looking for a spectacular party dress or a casual mini dress for day time frolicking, all eyes will be on you in this Blue Starry Sky Pattern Skater Mini Dress.
 A collection of sexy mini dresses, cocktail party, evening dresses, Cocktail dresses, short prom dresses, homecoming dresses and holiday party dresses and more are available on more on Metisu.

One basic rule of fashion is always about having an elegant balance to your outfits, and this will only go perfectly with this mixing technique if you understand the balance between scales, colors, and themes of the patterns. When you’re mixing your own patterns, look for a connection. It could be a color, a shape, or a silhouette.

Theoretically, mixing textures and prints can be a daunting task, which often results in the wrong combinations that don’t look that good. This is why most people say they’d never do it. But seriously, with lots of practice and if done correctly, you can get out of your comfort zone and mount amazing looks using the technique of mix and Match.
The key is to stick with only two prints and pair your outfit with basic solid accessories, such as a bag, belt, jewelry, or heels. Or you may mix two similar-scaled prints—but not two super-big ones—as long as you break it up with something solid. Make sure your patterns and textures won’t compete with each other.
This technique is pretty easy to do if you’re willing to think outside the box and take style risks. Not to mention, it has the added bonus of extending the versatility of the wardrobe you already have.
So, here is a perfect way to mix patterns and textures.

Lauren Red Cross Over Crop Top With a nice detail in place—a crossed cutout, a visible zip, and well-sewn to fit by My Unique Look.

Purchase this Woven Crossbody in Black with Rivets Bag from Yoins.

FREE worldwide shipping on all orders with a purchase of $150 or more. Purchase these Chelsea Studded Rock and Roll Chunky Heel Sandals and get free shipping.

Flare Pant: Climber.
Floral Dress: Stradivarius.
Cardigan: Zara Men

Makeup by Chioma and Evg photos Find her on Instagram
Snap chat: Melody Jacobs Blog

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ref: http://www.gorgeautiful.com

This pastoral style crossbody features a box design, a grab handle, a detachable artificial leather strap, a secure closure, rivet embellishment, and beautiful floral lining. A  floral mini dress and a pair of platforms will be a perfect match.

- Woven-style outer
- Grab handle
- Detachable shoulder strap
- Rivet embellishment
- Secure closure
Floral lining
Note :  Do not wash
- H: 15.5cm W: 19.5cm D: 12cm
- Outer: 100% Straw
- Lining: 100% Polyester
- Package Content: 1* Bag
Purchase this Woven Crossbody in Black with Rivets Bag from Yoins.
The day is bright, its bright and fair, oh happy day, a day of rest. A lovely Friday, with a very lovely weather, picture perfect indeed. you can see it from the pictures. Weather is bright and beautiful, it felt like summer was coming back.
This simple long sleeve floral print from Yoins just brought out a more matured look of  Melody..lol.. I looked bigger and serious. Anyways i still love the flow, suits the season.
I decided to keep it very simple, and i also wanted to dress warm. Adding a black coat wasn't a bad idea. I was so happy on this day, i started dancing during the shoot.
I know that, not everyone likes floral prints, i do not have lots of floral prints in my wardrobe.
  Knee high boots are one of fall's hottest trend, did you notice?.
 I have about 2 photos i didn't post, i was wearing knee high boots.This style of  boots are versatile and a statement item. They are available in different forms, so getting your style is never difficult.
Details:Shirt ; Yoins, Skirt : Terranova, Boot:  Centro, Coat : Forced Gift
Dont forget to tell me what you think about wearing floral prints and also Visit Yoins.
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