Ultimately boyfriend blazers can literally go with lots of fashionable looks. I am still open to adding more oversized blazers to my wardrobe because of how stylish they look. I Prefer blazers that create statement looks, have a longer length, thick sleeves and shoulder pads. This makes the texture look more authentic.

One perfect wardrobe staple for fall is the boyfriend blazers. The fluctuating cold weather and transition period can be so demanding. Here are ways to style boyfriend blazers.

1. Make it an office affair.
 Boyfriend blazers with boyfriend pants.
Outfit details
Details Sunglasses: Giant Vintage Blazer: Gregory Arber, Pants: Top Man, Heels: Valentin
 Belt: Bershka.

A wristwatch is part of my daily accessory. Not everyone likes wearing wristwatches and so some might have more wristwatches than others. I own more than 10 pairs of wristwatches, so I will like to know how many wristwatches should a lady own?.

Gold wristwatches under budget.
You should always wear a wristwatch. There are wristwatches available at different prices. 
                          Get directly from Nicole Vienna. More shoppable options below. 

As an influencer, I come across different agents that represent various brands. People are developing new scamming techniques, and bloggers and influencers are not left out. The irony of it is that influencers can get scammed by fake agents. Popular online stores have a lot of agents and some scammers are aware of this. Recently, an agent claiming to represent Rosegal sent me an email, asking if I will like to be a part of the summer campaign. She offered me items of clothing but I suggested we do an article publishing post and gave her my cost. She replied to my email stating that she will like to start with a collaboration featuring Rosegal products on my social platforms, asking me to select the items I will like to feature and add them to my cart.  I did and sent her the order number. She demanded that I re-order using a link, which I did. She then replied to my email again, asking that I send her the email and login password to my Rosegal account. Mind you, this is not the 1st time I am working with brands that require you to select items on their online store.  I totally knew this was a fraud because if the company was aware that she is an agent reaching out to influencers she should automatically have access to another agent working with the same online store who handles orders and can access my profile without asking for my Rosegal password.

People are beginning to understand that influencers, bloggers, and marketers that know their way around the online (digital) and physical marketing industry stand to gain a lot in the long run and they are looking for new ways to scam them. Any agent working with a brand asking you to give out your email and login password to any website they claim to work with/for is totally fake. If you have used your card or have your card details on the website you are at risk. Be very smart as an influencer.

With that being said, summer is fast coming to an end and it feels bad. Winter isn't my season as you all know. I am happy with the way the sun shines bright on my window in the morning with its rays penetrating into the room. It is a fresh blessing directly from heaven filled with vitamin D.
Today, I am sharing a style post. I have worn this mustard yellow jumpsuit before but I decided to restyle it accessorizing with my vintage bag from Jessicabuurman and Birkenstocks from Czasnabuty.pl. Wristwatch Nicole Vienna.
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This dress was made with love. It is so beautiful and has the perfect waist and length for any modern vintage pattern midi dress. This dress reminds me of Paris. JessicaBuurman has lots of beautiful dresses that will give an unforgettable style memory. Dresses for girls outings, graduation dresses, dresses for special occasions, etc. Get summer ready, whichever way you like to feel when wearing a dress, this Monti dress will make you feel classy and fancy with a sassy vintage touch.

This dress pattern is busy and looks more unique when styled with plain shoes. This dress can pass for different occasions such as a wedding with a vintage theme, Sunday church dress, bridal shower guest, wedding guest, office dress and lots more.

Purchase this full look by clicking on the links below.
Dress: Moniti Midi dress.
Heels: Pointy Cover front chunky vintage heels.
Bag: Brown bucket bag.
Wristwatch by Nicolevienna.
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How to Mix blue prints and plaid.

The best work clothes for women,  Professional business attire, business formal, business casual, classy work outfits, what to wear to work, winter work outfits, summer work outfit, workwear inspiration, celebrity workwear style, the best work clothes for women, express work outfit, sexy work wears. These are what working class women are searching for on google and here is one example of a work style outfit, perfect for a beautiful monday morning.

Work outfits doesn't have to look too serious you can switch from time to time. In as much as work can be so tasking, one way to stay happy loving your job and feeling good about yourself is by wearing vibrant and smart attires to work. 
Spring is here and soon summer will fully announce her presence. What better way to transition from spring to summer proper than just removing your blazers and light coats and allowing that beautiful dress stand out.

Vintage work dresses are super fun, modest and cute to wear. Dresslily vintage dresses are very affordable and cheap but like they stated on the website the designs varies. The dress prints are same but the dress doesn't have a stand flare fluffy style as seen on the website, It lays on your body and it is very light.

The waistcoat or suit vest is ultra versatile and has a major role to play in menswear when done right: tucked under a dapper suit jacket as part of a three-piece suit, or flying solo with jeans and a button-up shirt. If you love the menswear trend, why not try rocking a head-to-toe three-piece suit? This isn't an easy look to pull off, but if you're going to do it keep this one thing in mind: fit is key. Just like with men's suiting, the better the suit fits your body, the better you will look. (If you're feeling too tomboyish, just add a red lip for a little glamorous edge.) You can also try an open vest over a button-down shirt, or lose the jacket altogether!
A cropped, fitted vest is a great way to show off a toned waist and arms. It also looks sophisticated and polished — a perfect option for business casual office environments. 

I published an article about the things you need to consider before planning a fall wedding, which also involves what to wear. If you are attending a fall wedding there are colors that suits Autumn and have a lot of tendency of fitting into the theme of the wedding. Neutrals and pastels are good options for fall weddings, because the bride is always on white most times, pastels colors few times and neutrals Less often.
Fall and Winter weddings are a great opportunity to incorporate jewel tones such as sapphire,emerald, ruby, topaz and amethyst to your attire. Festive colors like burgundy, sage, forest green, and navy are great colors to wear also. Fall is tricky. It could be gusty and cold, or sunny and warm, all depending on where you are and what the weather feels like that day. It’s more chilly in fall, but nothing’s better than a wedding in the open air with all those beautiful fall colours, tall yellow trees and leaves on the ground around you. 
The pastel light blue delicate buttons bodycon dress looks really beautiful and compliments my skin so well. This is a simple dress, made with good material and very comfortable. The style is unique and my red heels from czasnabuty.pl and bag by Jessica Buurman really compliments it.
Add a hint of gold accessories and you’ll be ready to go. I opted for a gold and silver mix, I wore a gold wrist watch and silver dangling earrings. What is your best color for fall and what would you prefer to wear to a fall wedding?.

Honestly, you will agree with me that fall really looks good on me. I added some weight and I am trying to go back to the gym but look how lovely I look. I am enjoying the process, summer was so much fun I couldn't help but eat as much as I wanted. I love eating, especially good food. 

Fall is a very beautiful season, in my opinion fall is a season that summarizes life. Nothing last forever, the green leaves that blossom's during the summer turns yellow, falls to the ground and we all step on it. This teaches us to appreciate every moment, never to look down on anyone and be thankful for every stage of life. 
I am actually sitting on my bed wondering what to write about, tho I already have some articles written down but they don't fit into this post. All I can think of at this point is my dress.

 Almost everyone that visits my website regularly can tell that I love midi dresses that fits really well just like this one. Shopping for dresses online can be a bit stressful and disappointing due to size difference. For me it's much more easier because I found an online shop that has accurate sizes. What's the point of shopping online in your comfort if at the end, the dress isn't your size? that can be really annoying.

One thing that gives me joy is seeing your beautiful comments how you all like my dresses and will love to purchase same or similar. Now let's solve the issue, Metisu boutique is the way out, sizes are always accurate, high quality fabrics and great customer service. What more do you need?  discounts are available. Right now the prices are so enticing, what even makes it more fun is that dresses are available for every body size.
To purchase my embroidered vintage midi dress visit https://www.metisuboutique.com/. This Floral embroidery dress has vivid color and delicate details that brings about visual shock. Stand collar, flared sleeves, tops a fitted bodice with cinched waist. The midi dress displays the feminine beauty.

Are you wondering how lots of bloggers including myself collaborate with different brands and maintain a long-lasting relationship with them?.
Keep reading to get the key facts of having a long-lasting relationship with brands and positive collaboration.

1. Early reply.
Most bloggers fail to reply to emails really fast, some take more than a week to reply to emails, this makes the brand agent lose interest and this can harm your collaboration with the brand causing it to be brief or canceled. Remember there are lots of influencers out there.

2. Spell check.
Spell check can be a complete turn off to a brand agent, this is because most brands re-share articles written about their products and this is something you should look out for when collaborating and replying a brand about a collaboration. Read-through before sending your emails or replies.

5. Flexibility.
As a blogger or lifestyle influencer, flexibility is needed. Every action counts. Everyone likes to be treated in a special way and this also includes the brand we collaborate with. Gives ideas that will thrill the brand and make them even more engaged. Let them know how far you can go to make sure the collaboration is successful and reaches the right audience.
Be open to changing your posting style, let the articles be delightful to read and engaging.

6. Photography and content.
For instance, you are collaborating with a clothing brand, it is your duty to ensure that the photos are well taken, in a good location and every detail is clear. Photography is one tool that plays a great role in every collaboration. Let your content be original and well out together. Written to promote the brand, increase traffic, and generate clicks.

3. Be engaging, act professional, and qualified.
This plays a very important role as to how a brand responds after accepting to collaborate with you. How you reply to brand matters, constructive replies, and using the right words. Acting professional in any business you are into is very important, this brings about that trust and relationship that you are capable of handling the project.

4. Ask a question and clarify every information.
Communication is very important. Be specific about how you are going to carry out the collaboration and posting dates. Make sure you read the instructions sent to you before accepting or signing any document. If you are not clear about any word or instruction ask questions.

5. Flexibility.
As a blogger or lifestyle influencer, flexibility is needed. Every action counts. Everyone likes to be treated in a special way and this also includes the brand we collaborate with. Implement ideas that will thrill the brand and make them even more engaged. Let them know how far you can go to make sure the collaboration is successful and reaches the right audience.
Always try to be flexible with your posting style, let the articles be delightful to read and engaging.

Photography and content.
Let's take for instance you are collaborating with a clothing brand, it is your duty to ensure that the photos are well taken, in a good location and every detail is clearly seen. Photography is one tool that plays a great role in every collaboration. Let your content be original and well put together. written to promote the brand, increase traffic, and generate clicks.

Do you enjoy wearing blazers? I have read a lot of blogs and articles written by bloggers saying they are addicted to purchasing blazers. The good part of it is that blazers never goes out of style, they will always remain very functional and stylish.
Have you ever wondered why some women always look so presentable and stylish? Would you like to be counted as one of us? Then keep reading to find out about the secret of looking stylish everyday. This depends on what you buy, how you prepare and how you style.

1. Pick out your outfit a day before
If you believe that it is difficult to be fashionable, then you are wrong. Putting together a look in a relatively less amount of time and thought will be quite evident. The best way to avoid this or a possibly embarrassing situation would be to be prepared. Invest in some time every night and pick out an outfit. In this way, you won’t have to hurry in the morning or worry about how you are going to look.
2. Look for Inspiration
Know this, half your battle is won if you look for inspiration. Instagram, Pinterest, and fashion blogs can be an excellent source of information. This way you will get to know what is hot and what is not. In case, you aren't very confident about what to wear or style yourself, this can be the perfect option for you. It will steer you in the right and definitely stylish direction.

3. Dress According to the Weather
As far as possible, look at the weather report before you leave your home. It will help you stay prepared and dress according to it. On a rainy day, avoid wearing white and material that would take a lot of time to dry, in case you get wet and don’t forget your umbrella. Plan on wearing comfortable shoes that will help you walk quickly or even run instead of heels.

4. Looks Good on You
Well, we all know what we look good in! In that respect, never compromise by wearing something that you are not completely comfortable in. It’s not just about the clothes but your confidence as well. So, always aim at wearing what looks good on you and don’t be afraid of experimenting.
5. Aim to Look Chic
Being stylish doesn't necessarily mean wearing designer clothes alone. There is so much more to it. Even if you wear a t-shirt with a pair of jeans, you can look chic, right? Yes, it’s because you can
create a chic look by using the right accessories that can add more polish to your look.
Purchase the Sneak head colour block bag by Jessicabuurman. and Nicolevienna wristwatch.

6. Select the Perfect Accessories
When it comes to accessories, sometimes we all get a little overboard because we love to show off what we have. Coco Chanel once said, “when accessorizing, always take off the last thing you put on.” This piece of advice goes to prove that too much is not always too good. Always keep in mind that the accessories should complement your outfit.
Purchase the Oversize round aviator sunglass: Denora Crystal light blue and light blue, from http://www.spektresunglasses.com

7. Keep Occasion in Mind
If you really observe the most stylish women around, then you will realize that they are dressed according to the occasion. Their look is appropriate and polished keeping in mind the dress code of a company or an organization. In case, you are in doubt, ask someone about the dress code so that you dress accordingly. Always keep in mind the occasion and you’ll never go wrong.
8. Appropriate Inner-wear
One of the most important things to remember to be stylish everyday is to wear the appropriate inner-wear. It is because it has a big impact on the final look. For instance, using light colour inner-wear for light tops is a thumb rule that must be followed. In case, you want to tuck your tummy in, you can wear shapewear in an appropriate manner; else the result won’t be very ladylike!

9. Shop Around
There are a few styles that we just love or ones that we are very comfortable with. Think of it this way, by going in for the same old thing you are limiting your options. The best way to break out of the mould is to shop around and try out new things. In this way, you might come across a new favourite and this needn’t be a very expensive experiment as you can shop from chain stores, vintage stores, or even at discount retailers. This way you will be high on style without burning a hole in your purse.

10. Classics Always in Vogue
No matter what anyone says, classics are always going to be classics. So, you can be confident about them. Let the naysayers say anything but don’t pay too much heed to them. In this way, you will have a killer wardrobe that you can be proud of. At the same time, you needn't worry about getting a new outfit every time an event comes up out of the blue.
Purchase the https://shop.pocaandpoca.com/en/ ruffle structured blouse.
11. Right Pair of Shoes
Style is not just about clothes, it is as much about your accessories and yes shoes of course. Always think about the occasion, the look you want to create, and whether you are comfortable or not. When you are planning to out for a part then you can consider slipping on stilettos. But you are planning to dance through the night consider a pair of polished flats or wedges are they are comfier. Purchase the Puma trace in beige from Czasnabuuty.pl.

12. Invest in Essentials like…
Blazers, good shoes, a little black dress, jeans, a trendy salwar suit, and accessories. These are really important investments, which you can bank on when you are planning to attend a function or a party. And if you want to look like a million bucks, you need to pay your dues as well, which would be worth it!
A look into what Brits are searching for this summer 2018.
The weather is heating up outside, which means we're thinking about this summer's hot trends. So, we've dived into Google search data to understand what's on the minds of UK residents this summer.
Did you know that many Google users type complete questions into the search bar? Here's some insight into what information Brits are after this summer. First, many people are thinking about going on holiday! So, it's not surprising that they turn to Google to start researching their holiday plans. Brits are also thinking about summer activities such as swimming. One endearing insight is that new parents look to Google to understand when their baby is old enough to go in the water.
1,2, 3. 4.
           5. SATYNOWE SZPILKI.
Shop czasnabuty.pl   

I guess the fishnet fashion trend is one of my favourite styles picks at the Moment. I can't even get over it, but really isn't this trend of stylish and beautiful. I always wanted a red fishnet something more than the normal. A Poka boo look which a classy touch, a perfect outfit for day to night look.

The fishnet trend is gonna rock summer so hard, are you in or out? I guess I have not been so Addicted to any trend in a while. Are you looking for ways to wear the fishnet trend, making it more outstanding and classy? Note that this trend can be a little too sexy if much skin is shown.

Wear it with dressed denim, adding more style to your casual look. My Favorite which is the Oversized T-shirt, I styled it wearing a pink pantyhose topping the fishnet on the hose to give a different look to it. The classy look wearing a skirt and blazers I guess you just wanted to be that funky classy chic.

Outfit Details
Jessica Buurman Leather shoulder Bag in size large.
Pink Floyd sweater by Mr Gugu.
Black Tulle Mesh Skirt.
White Long Sleeve T-shirt: Selected.
Wristwatch: Nicole Vienna.
Red Heels: Czanabuty.



MIX AND MATCH: mixing textures and prints.


Orange is such a lively and vibrant color. Orange is a flattering color for most of the skin tones as it instantly adds a natural glow to your skin. It could be the best ornament for your outfits. This post describes how to light up your over all look with orange color.
This beautifully patterned blushy pink dress is a perfect pick for a ball dance party. It can also be worn as a wedding guest outfit, birthday, bridal shower,baby shower and even as a bride's maid dress.
Accessorizing with colors like this can be very tricky. You should pay attention to details, when in doubt, go with neutral accessories like pearls.
Lace suggests a mixture of sophistication and purity, it is very versatile, and can be dressed up or down.

When going bold, a flower crown will not be a bad idea, most especially when trying to achieve a princess like look just like the way I did. Depending on the style of the dress, lace flare dress, makes you look a decade younger, giving you a more youthful and exuberant look.
Lace has been seen on the runway, fashion shows, street styles and typically everywhere. When playing with textures, wearing neutral colors is a great option to go with.

Winter denies us that free styling mood, but there are still cute, warm ways to style your outfit. The main reason is to look warm but still stylish.

This is my idea for a cute winter style featuring a cute dress, which I restyled as a skirt by Trendsgal (embroidered organza dress). You can view the full post here.

Long sleeves are best worn during the cold period, and this full-print 3D sweater is by Mr. Gugu.
Cool stuff, right? Full of powerful colors, thanks to the technology of full print. The print shows excellent quality and gives the impression that it is an element of the material. An ideal choice for those seeking the highest quality, distinctive Gugu style and who are desperately in need of a daily dose of color.

Of course, a long thigh-high boot in black is a must-have for cold weather, especially here in Ukraine. Black is a versatile color, so it should be your first choice when purchasing a winter boot. You can purchase these suede tassel boots by My Unique Look for just €29. They are available in different sizes, ranging from size 3 to 8. Wrist watch by Nicole Vienna.

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