Tuesday, November 29


Winter denies us that free styling mood, but there are still cute, warm ways to style your outfit. The main reason is to look warm but still stylish.

This is my idea for a cute winter style featuring a cute dress, which I restyled as a skirt by Trendsgal (embroidered organza dress). You can view the full post here.

Long sleeves are best worn during the cold period, and this full-print 3D sweater is by Mr. Gugu.
Cool stuff, right? Full of powerful colors, thanks to the technology of full print. The print shows excellent quality and gives the impression that it is an element of the material. An ideal choice for those seeking the highest quality, distinctive Gugu style and who are desperately in need of a daily dose of color.

Of course, a long thigh-high boot in black is a must-have for cold weather, especially here in Ukraine. Black is a versatile color, so it should be your first choice when purchasing a winter boot. You can purchase these suede tassel boots by My Unique Look for just €29. They are available in different sizes, ranging from size 3 to 8. Wrist watch by Nicole Vienna.

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