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Sweatshirts are great fashion clothing that is not only stylish, comfy, and cool but also versatile pieces that can be styled in so many ways. The fall season is here and if you are wondering how to dress up your sweatshirt, then look no more. I have put together 5 stylish ways to dress up a sweatshirt to your office, formal events, etc.

Here are 5 stylish ways to dress up a sweatshirt.

 3d sweater print


There is a lot on my summer list, but from the look of things they will all be shifted to next year. I need more time to work, write articles and create product reviews.  On my sumer to buy list, t-shirts are included. I like t-shirts which stands out for everyday use.
 Finding t-shirts online is common but getting quality t-shirts is not so common. I have shopped t-shirts from different websites but Mrgugu.com offers good quality and different varieties of interesting prints. If you are looking to purchase new t-shirts Mrgugu.com has an absolute must have for everyone. Why? Because among the wide range of designs everyone can find something for themselves. Choose from hundreds of prints inspired by the space, animals, nature and art. This enables you to choose one that goes well and supplements the rest of your everyday wardrobe, wherever you’re going.
Talking about how to add style to a t-shirt while pairing it with jeans, what do you prefer? comfort or just style. Both go hand in hand sometimes, so you can always achieve both.
1. Add a coat or blazer.
2. Wear them with heels or very cool high sneakers
3. Tuck in your tee and add a pair of high heels.
4. Add a hat and Black sunnies. 
5. Wear them with proper pants or skirt.

A fresh fitness journey comes with a lot of obstacles and curveballs to overcome. One of those obstacles may come before you even step into the gym. Gym intimidation comes in a number of forms and is never pretty, but always normal. Whether you’re not sure where to begin or not where you want to be physically just yet, feeling nervous or uncomfortable in a gym setting is common.

If you’re stuck in the mindset that everyone will be watching you, judging your performance and knowledge, you’re not alone. But it definitely doesn't have to be that way. The gym can actually be home to a supportive community that may be beneficial to your health and fitness.

Whether it’s lack of knowledge or fear of being alone, read on to find out what might be causing your gym intimidation and how to overcome it. Then, check out our helpful infographic with quick tips for beating gym intimidation at the bottom.

I don’t know what to do.
More likely than not, when you joined your gym you got the grand tour of the place. You know the layout and what it has to offer, but get lost when it comes to what exactly you should do. From cardio to strength training, without a plan, the gym can feel more like stress or than stress relief.

Use Aaptiv to guide your workouts. With trainer-led classes for every cardio machine and the weight room, the app will help you exercise confidently as if you had a personal trainer by your side. You’re able to try out different workout styles and figure out what type of exercise you like best. Then you can start to better plan your gym visits. Before you step foot in the gym you should have an idea of what you want to do and how long you want to do it (and, of course, factor in a warm-up and cool-down). This way you know what you’re in for ahead of time and won’t get bored.

I don’t know how to use the machines or weights.
This is especially common for beginners. With all the different machines, weights, and areas of the gym, it’s hard to know exactly how everything works at first. First, if you’re already at the gym and find yourself unsure how to use something, ask an employee. They’re there to help you and keep you safe, which means they know the ins and outs of every machine in the place. Different gyms offer different versions of machines as well, so check with them to see how each specific one works.

Insecure about asking for help? Don’t be! Everybody had to start it somewhere. Who knows, you may even learn something someone too afraid to ask doesn’t know and be able to help them out.

You’ll be a pro in no time.
Want to go in with a good idea of how things work? We’ve got you covered. We’ve already gone into detail on each cardio machine. Here’s a quick rundown.
Treadmill: First, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with those buttons (starting with quick start and speed). Once that’s covered, and you’re ready to get on, place one leg on each side of the belt, on the rubber strips. Press the quick-start button, which will start the treadmill at its slowest speed (0.5 or one, in most cases). Step on the belt and begin walking at this speed, slowly increasing until you’re at a moderate pace. Feeling comfortable? Test higher speeds and put on a treadmill routine (like “Run, Recover, Run”).

Elliptical: Start with a good grip on the handlebars and step in. The pedals may look huge, but that’s OK! The extra room provides comfort. Align your feet and get into proper form (you know the drill). From there, pick a set of handlebars to hold onto (stationary bars for stabilizing or moving bars for upper bodywork). Keep a light hold and a bend in the elbows, then get pedaling! Remember to bend your knees slightly as well. Start off at a moderate pace—no incline or resistance. Then pick your routine and work with a smooth pedaling motion.

Stair Climber: Lightly place your fingertips on the front or sidebars. You should actually be able to go without touching the bars at all, but using them for balance (especially as a beginner) is perfectly fine. Step on and check your form. Don’t stand completely straight—that’s overcorrecting. Instead, lean forward just a tad. Now begin at a comfortable, moderate pace (seeing a pattern, here?). Slow down if you find yourself clutching the bars to keep up. Avoid hop-like steps and keep your entire foot on each stair as you walk.
Indoor Bike: Begin with adjusting your seat height and handlebars. You want your leg to be almost (but not quite) straight when reaching for the pedal at the bottom. As for handlebars, you want to reach out to them at shoulder level comfortably. Next, strap your feet in. Then check your form. Chest up, shoulders down, and avoid hunching your back. Adjusted and strapped in? Time to get moving. Ride like you would a normal back, not just with your toes. Start with the ball of your foot and push through to your heel as you press down. Pull up using the top of your foot.

As for weights, we suggest you research how to use each type of weight beforehand. Start off light and stick with weights that are challenging, but not too challenging. Then pay close attention to your Aaptiv coach’s directions. Regardless of the weight routine, he or she will guide you on how to use the equipment correctly.

I feel lonely or singled out.
Walking into a gym by yourself can a strange experience. We definitely recommend enlisting a workout buddy to keep you motivated and accountable. But if no one’s free, try a class. In a class setting, almost everyone’s attention is on the instructor, so you don’t have to worry about being singled out. You also don’t have to worry about not knowing what to do. Unless the instructor performs the same class every week, everyone’s bound to be surprised by a few moves.

Classes can also make you feel more involved or a part of your gym. You may even find some like-minded friends in the mix.
Coachella 2018 is happening and that means copious festival goers wearing incredible outfits ,bright colors and unexpected accessories. The vibe during this period welcomes me into summer which is my best season. Coachella is mostly about the music and fun time everyone experiences but since I cant attend here's what I am doing instead. I am having a lovely alone time with my bed, no work, more food and TV shows.
Two Tone Patched Windbreaker Jacket - Blue And White M.
Lightweight windbreaker jacket featuring a two tone design with pockets, patched detailing and front zipper closure, elastic at the sleeve cuffs and waistband for an easy fit.
Clothes Type: Jackets 
Material: Polyester 
Type: Wide-waisted 
Shirt Length: Regular 
Sleeves Length: Full 
Collar: Stand-Up Collar 
Pattern Type: Patchwork 
Decoration: Patch Designs.
- 100% brand new and high quality
- Style: fashion & novelty, with FRIENDS pattern embroidery, easy to match with any of your casual pants and coats
- Suitable for spring, summer, autumn and winter
- Size: standard size, adjustable
Hat Type: Baseball Caps
Group: Adult
Gender: For Women
Style: Fashion
Pattern Type: Letter
Material: Polyester
Available in different Colors: BLACK, DEEP BLUE, GRAY, ORANGE, WINE RED
Despite the very light material, the shoes are durable and do very well while trekking in the mountains or crossing even the largest puddles. The print stays unchanged.

Shot by Evg photos Find her on Instagram
Some must-have fashion trends for fall 2017 feature floral prints, plaid, and bright colors like poppy-red that bring heat to your wardrobe. But while you’re adding layers to your outfits to stay warm this autumn, be careful of layering your plate with too much comfort food. This can lead to unhealthy eating habits and weight gain.
The important thing is to strike a balance between eating healthy so you protect yourself against the elements and comforting food choices – without the weight gain, so you look your best and feel confident in your fall fashion choices. 

Dress Your Plate With Nutrients 
Having healthy foods on your plate in the fall and winter will help to keep colds and flu at bay, but you can make the foods really comforting without packing on the calories. For instance, a Ukrainian dish like sauerkraut and mashed potatoes give you energy and vitamins you need, and if you skip the sour cream in favor of fried onions, you get more veggies on your plate in a satisfying way. It’s all about making healthy ingredients your priority, then mixing them together to give you heart-warming meals. 

Another example of a healthy yet comforting meal is a Ukrainian borshch. You can make it with a large variety of vegetables, such as onions, carrots, beetroots, cabbage, potatoes – and more. This meal is packed with antioxidants that will give you glowing autumn skin and a healthier body. 

Sprinkle Warming Ingredients 
Foods that are flavored with spices make you feel full and warm up your body when the chill sets in, so reach for pepper, cayenne pepper, ginger, and cinnamon. The benefit? These spices are also good for your metabolism. Cayenne peppers, for example, make your body temperature rise, which means you’ll feel warmer and burn more calories. 
Try The Cruise Control Diet 
Sometimes extra calories in the colder months can cause you to put on a bit of weight. You don’t have to go on a strict diet to be able to fit in your beautiful fall outfits. Take the Cruise Control diet for example. As its name suggests, the Cruise Control diet is easy to follow. It’s based on simple guidelines: avoiding processed foods in favor of natural ones, allowing treat foods in moderation, and seeing any weight you wish to lose as a lifestyle plan – not a diet – which leads to a healthier approach.
The Cruise Control diet gives you a list of foods you’re allowed to eat (of which there are tons) and detailed grocery shopping lists. It also offers recipes for nutritious and delicious foods that you’ll love to cook and eat in autumn. All this guidance comes in very handy as it makes it much easier to stick to the plan and reap the benefits of being healthier.

Indulge In A Way That’s Good For You
You’re eyeing out the apple pie at a fabulous party where you’re dressed to kill, but you know that you’ll later regret eating it. Don’t worry – you can make smarter dessert choices in autumn without depriving yourself of something delicious. For instance, instead of eating apple pie, choose apple rice pudding. It’s got healthier ingredients and not a lot of sugar, so you get your kicks without the guilt. It’s these small choices that go a long way to keeping your eating plan on track. 
Eating during autumn is about focusing on nutrient-rich and satisfying meals that protect you against the cold while ensuring you don’t overindulge in comfort foods. When you make health a priority, you’re guaranteed to feel great and look fantastic!
Outfit details
I haven't shared much sports and fitness look for a while but here is one fabulous warm outdoor/outing wear by Mrgugu. The dreamer zip up hoodie and the dreamer sweater all my fav from the astrological collection.

The fit and fame leggings with LotusX leggings. The Mosaic leggings is artistic featuring FlexTech material that offers superior comfort whether you’re working out or hanging out. Get inspired by the new vibrant prints and show off your style at the gym or on the go.

Here is something for you. Add some fresh vibes to the fall season.Banana pattern placed on a blue background.This Blue Banana sweater is a good idea for a hyper friend.
Miss Gugu  got lots of stylish prints and can check it out to get the latest collection.
Yellow heels by Amiclubwear.
Adiors Short See-Through Bang Fluffy Wavy Bob Wig - Natural Black.
More Banana Print Inspiration Here.
Evg photos Find her on Instagram
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I guess the fishnet fashion trend is one of my favourite styles picks at the Moment. I can't even get over it, but really isn't this trend of stylish and beautiful. I always wanted a red fishnet something more than the normal. A Poka boo look which a classy touch, a perfect outfit for day to night look.

The fishnet trend is gonna rock summer so hard, are you in or out? I guess I have not been so Addicted to any trend in a while. Are you looking for ways to wear the fishnet trend, making it more outstanding and classy? Note that this trend can be a little too sexy if much skin is shown.

Wear it with dressed denim, adding more style to your casual look. My Favorite which is the Oversized T-shirt, I styled it wearing a pink pantyhose topping the fishnet on the hose to give a different look to it. The classy look wearing a skirt and blazers I guess you just wanted to be that funky classy chic.

Outfit Details
Jessica Buurman Leather shoulder Bag in size large.
Pink Floyd sweater by Mr Gugu.
Black Tulle Mesh Skirt.
White Long Sleeve T-shirt: Selected.
Wristwatch: Nicole Vienna.
Red Heels: Czanabuty.



MIX AND MATCH: mixing textures and prints.


The shoes of the GUGU Style mean light sports shoes and immortal flip-flops. We put full print on them with a few very interesting themes that are perfectly visible and clearly communicate what you expect from each other and from the environment. Are you in? We hope yes, so put shoes on your feet and travel the world.
Are you starting to get bored with classic prints and patterns and you’re looking for something unique to spice up your look, novelty prints are perfect for you. These prints are more interesting than regular run-of-the-mill prints and patterns that you usually see every day and a quick fix to bringing some quirky, funky, and personalized touch to your street looks.

There are lots of Novelty prints to try, such as the pop art print, food print, Geometric print, fruit print, lip print and the popular animal print.

Novelty print trend is a great way to express your love for your favorite things like anchors, cars, teddy bears, keys, telephones, and even flowers. Better opt for a novelty print dress, shoe or maxi skirt as it is meant to be noticed in a creative and quirky way. Novelty prints are great means for expressing your uniqueness, quirky nature, and friendly personality. So, be artistic and creative with your street style and be bold showing it off on the streets.

Show your love for novelty prints, visit Mr Gugu to purchase the Humburger sweater which is One of its kind, unique fully printed sweater, Stylish, warm and comfy - no matter how often you wash it, it won't fade away or loose it's shape. Get my Butcher shoes to complete your look.
Jeans : Loose Frayed Destroy Wash Harem Jeans by hit.

Winter denies us that free styling mood, but there are still cute, warm ways to style your outfit. The main reason is to look warm but still stylish.

This is my idea for a cute winter style featuring a cute dress, which I restyled as a skirt by Trendsgal (embroidered organza dress). You can view the full post here.

Long sleeves are best worn during the cold period, and this full-print 3D sweater is by Mr. Gugu.
Cool stuff, right? Full of powerful colors, thanks to the technology of full print. The print shows excellent quality and gives the impression that it is an element of the material. An ideal choice for those seeking the highest quality, distinctive Gugu style and who are desperately in need of a daily dose of color.

Of course, a long thigh-high boot in black is a must-have for cold weather, especially here in Ukraine. Black is a versatile color, so it should be your first choice when purchasing a winter boot. You can purchase these suede tassel boots by My Unique Look for just €29. They are available in different sizes, ranging from size 3 to 8. Wrist watch by Nicole Vienna.

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There is one more important element that makes for a good pair of  shoes: versatility.
If the same kicks can take you effortlessly from shopping to a 6-hour walking tour to dinner, sans blisters, you’re set. We know it’s a ludicrous task, but planning to wear only the pair on your feet makes it much easier to pack everything else to match. Plus, those five just-in-case pairs of shoes are often what add the most weight to your luggage. Wouldn’t you rather have the extra suitcase space to pick up a few souvenir pairs?
This is a very light shoes, so cool to wear. To purchase the Step into the flower bed lightweight Sneakers by Mrgugu.com. You can also find other designs featuring the flower bed print.
High quality walking/running sneakers available in all sizes for both male and females.

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