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How to Style a T-Shirt and Jeans in 2018 :

There is a lot on my summer list, but from the look of things they will all be shifted to next year. I need more time to work, write articles and create product reviews.  On my sumer to buy list, t-shirts are included. I like t-shirts which stands out for everyday use.
 Finding t-shirts online is common but getting quality t-shirts is not so common. I have shopped t-shirts from different websites but offers good quality and different varieties of interesting prints. If you are looking to purchase new t-shirts has an absolute must have for everyone. Why? Because among the wide range of designs everyone can find something for themselves. Choose from hundreds of prints inspired by the space, animals, nature and art. This enables you to choose one that goes well and supplements the rest of your everyday wardrobe, wherever you’re going.
Talking about how to add style to a t-shirt while pairing it with jeans, what do you prefer? comfort or just style. Both go hand in hand sometimes, so you can always achieve both.
1. Add a coat or blazer.
2. Wear them with heels or very cool high sneakers
3. Tuck in your tee and add a pair of high heels.
4. Add a hat and Black sunnies. 
5. Wear them with proper pants or skirt.
Here are my top picks from
The virgin and child sweater is my best from the art collection. Jean (or Jehan) Fouquet (1420–1481) was a preeminent French painter of the 15th century, a master of both panel painting and manuscript illumination, and the apparent inventor of the portrait miniature. He was the first French artist to travel to Italy and experience first-hand the early Italian Renaissance.
More from the Virgin and child

 Virgin and child
Lord Snoop T-shirt inspired by the legendSnoop dogg. It is a very bold street style print. unique fully printed t-shirt.Stylish, warm and comfy - no matter how often you wash it, it won't fade away or lose it's shape. More from the lord snopp collection.lord snoop
 snoop dogg
Pattern T-shirts are best worn in summer, in my opinion because you can show them off more. 
Do you know what the term means? Loosely translated, it means “the people’s knowledge”. Folklore is gaining popularity again as one of the most interesting trends in fashion and broadly-defined style. The folklore motifs are particularly interesting as its been combined together to create a striking quilt effect. The Folk-lore design will certainly draw attention to you. Its big advantage is appealing aesthetics and great attention to detail, which look even better when seen close up. The fullprint technique guarantees that the piece will look great wash after wash.
 Pattern prints
You can choose from the 100's of different prints which includes game prints and freestyles. Why you should purchase t-shirts from

The special fit of the T-shirts makes them look great on both men and women.

The right seams and fabric make our T-shirts comfortable to wear, without obstructing your movements. Full comfort is the basic characteristic of all of our products.

What makes our T-shirts so unique is the double sided print. Isn’t it amazing that the print is identical at the front and at the back?

Intense, strong colours are something we’re famous for and there are no exceptions. Print quality is very important, which is why we guarantee that irrespective of how often you wear our T-shirts, the colours do not fade
A T-shirt needs to be fully comfortable, even on hot days. Our light and fully breathable fabric guarantees complete comfort.

Light and breathable
Sizes XS to 4XL
The product is sewn according to an individual order
Unisex cut
Fabric: Soft synthetic knit
Wash inside out at 30 degrees
Produced in Poland (Bielsko-Biała).

I really cant remember the particular store where my jeans was gotten but the label says, Blue age denim collection. My white sandals by CzasNabuty
The sunglasses are all from
What is on your to do list this summer? and what is your best print in this collection I am wearing?

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