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Best Summer Cocktails :

If you want to have the hottest drink trends this season, these are the summer cocktails you should be drinking during summer 2018.
Honestly, I wish you all can taste the 24ice frozen cocktails, it is everything. On Sunday evening, I was preparing to take a walk with my friends, but before then I had some frozen cocktails with my brother.  He liked all the flavors and spoke highly of it. 
Nice and fresh, sweet cocktails with delicious refreshing ice taste with 5% alcohol. This is a perfect summer throat cooler.
This Cuban classic is one of the most famous cocktails out there. This rum-based cocktail is very popular because of the refreshing combination of lime and mint. The cocktail, like most Cuban cocktails, is based on rum and is traditionally made with lime juice, cane sugar, spray water and fresh mint. Of course, the whole is finished with a large amount of ice. This world-famous mix can not be missed in the 24 ICE frozen cocktails range!
This red variation on the classic Daiquiri, made with rum, water, lime juice and sugar. Naturally strawberries are added to Strawberry Daiquiri. This cocktail is usually drunk as an aperitif and can also be served in a frozen version. In that case a large amount of crushed ice is added to the drink. 24 ICE has now made the Strawberry Daiquiri a real frozen cocktail! The Strawberry Daiquiri ICE cocktail has a delicious full strawberry flavor and is both sweet and refreshing.
The fresh sweet taste of la bella Italia , that is Limoncello! The Sorrento lemon forms the basis of this real Italian drink, which is often mixed with, for example, prosecco or tonic. However, it is customary to drink the liqueur purely, according to Italian tradition after the meal as a digestive.
The taste is best appreciated when Limoncello is drunk at about 4 to 5 ° C. Very cold! The Limoncello ICE cocktail of 24 ICE is sweet with a delicious lemon flavor and of course ice cold.
This delicious creamy rum cocktail is one of the most drunk cocktails in the world. Pina Colada literally means 'sifted pineapple', which refers to one of the main ingredients of the cocktail; pineapple juice. Furthermore, this sweet mix consists of white rum, coconut milk and ice cream. The Pina Colada is the most exotic frozen cocktail in the 24 ICE range and is loved by the ice-lovers who love sweet and a touch of tropical.
This well-known combination of caffeinated soft drinks and vodka is immensely popular in nightlife and can not be ignored from the hospitality industry. There are of course a lot of famous brands that produce energy drinks and there are many different types of vodka, yet the taste of the cocktail is unmistakable. Vodka Energy ICE is a very popular frozen cocktail from the assortment of 24 ICE and not to be missed by the striking blue color.
What would you be drinking this summer? Let me know in the comment below.

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