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The meaning behind your charm bracelet

Charm bracelets are popular pieces of jewelery. If you own one, there’s no doubt you love to add charms to it, whether you treat yourself or you’re gifted them by friends and family.

In the recent infographic ‘What does your charm bracelet really mean?’ from the experts at, a variety of different charm shapes were looked at, revealing the interesting truth behind each one.

For the lowdown on what your charms mean, keep reading...
There’s no denying that heart shaped charms are among the most popular designs in modern day jewellery. This shape is often associated with feelings of love, romance, passion and affection, and some people believe it represents life and power. 
Heart shaped charms are also believed to represent truth - which is where the saying “listen to your heart” comes from. It’s also said that a heart with an arrow crossing through it stands for a captured heart, making it the perfect gift for a loved one.
Traditionally speaking, locket style charms are usually heirlooms that are passed down through generations. Lockets offer the perfect opportunity to treasure your favorite memories. Many of these charms allow you to keep small items within them, such as photos, making them a sweet, sentimental touch for yourself or to gift to someone else.
Angel wing
To many people, angel wing charms are linked to protection, love and spirituality. These designs could be a thoughtful gift, reminding the recipient that they have a guardian angel watching over them. It’s often thought that this shape can help relieve feelings of uncertainty, stress and loneliness.

The butterfly represents transformation. These creatures change from being a caterpillar to turning into a chrysalis and then eventually emerging as a butterfly, so this shape encompasses the idea of change and evolution, making it the perfect design for someone going through personal changes in their life.
It’s also said that this shape symbolises joy and colour. Butterflies are beautiful, mesmerising creatures, and the sight of one can often bring a person feelings of happiness.

Feather shaped charms have a variety of different interpretations. To some, this shape stands for light, truth and freedom, while some believe it represents a sense of protection.
In some religions, the feather shape is associated with the presence of angels, as well as faith and prayer. Some cultures connect this shape with good luck.

Tree of Life
The Tree of Life charm has increased in popularity over the years. It’s thought this shape suggests all things on Earth are connected. It’s also closely associated with family - specifically the idea of the family tree. This charm is said to represent harmony, healing and wisdom too.
To find out more about these charms, why not check out the infographic for yourself?

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