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How To Diet So You Look Fabulous In Fall Fashions

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Some must-have fashion trends for fall 2017 feature floral prints, plaid, and bright colors like poppy-red that bring heat to your wardrobe. But while you’re adding layers to your outfits to stay warm this autumn, be careful of layering your plate with too much comfort food. This can lead to unhealthy eating habits and weight gain.
The important thing is to strike a balance between eating healthy so you protect yourself against the elements and comforting food choices – without the weight gain, so you look your best and feel confident in your fall fashion choices. 

Dress Your Plate With Nutrients 
Having healthy foods on your plate in the fall and winter will help to keep colds and flu at bay, but you can make the foods really comforting without packing on the calories. For instance, a Ukrainian dish like sauerkraut and mashed potatoes give you energy and vitamins you need, and if you skip the sour cream in favor of fried onions, you get more veggies on your plate in a satisfying way. It’s all about making healthy ingredients your priority, then mixing them together to give you heart-warming meals. 

Another example of a healthy yet comforting meal is a Ukrainian borshch. You can make it with a large variety of vegetables, such as onions, carrots, beetroots, cabbage, potatoes – and more. This meal is packed with antioxidants that will give you glowing autumn skin and a healthier body. 

Sprinkle Warming Ingredients 
Foods that are flavored with spices make you feel full and warm up your body when the chill sets in, so reach for pepper, cayenne pepper, ginger, and cinnamon. The benefit? These spices are also good for your metabolism. Cayenne peppers, for example, make your body temperature rise, which means you’ll feel warmer and burn more calories. 
Try The Cruise Control Diet 
Sometimes extra calories in the colder months can cause you to put on a bit of weight. You don’t have to go on a strict diet to be able to fit in your beautiful fall outfits. Take the Cruise Control diet for example. As its name suggests, the Cruise Control diet is easy to follow. It’s based on simple guidelines: avoiding processed foods in favor of natural ones, allowing treat foods in moderation, and seeing any weight you wish to lose as a lifestyle plan – not a diet – which leads to a healthier approach.
The Cruise Control diet gives you a list of foods you’re allowed to eat (of which there are tons) and detailed grocery shopping lists. It also offers recipes for nutritious and delicious foods that you’ll love to cook and eat in autumn. All this guidance comes in very handy as it makes it much easier to stick to the plan and reap the benefits of being healthier.

Indulge In A Way That’s Good For You
You’re eyeing out the apple pie at a fabulous party where you’re dressed to kill, but you know that you’ll later regret eating it. Don’t worry – you can make smarter dessert choices in autumn without depriving yourself of something delicious. For instance, instead of eating apple pie, choose apple rice pudding. It’s got healthier ingredients and not a lot of sugar, so you get your kicks without the guilt. It’s these small choices that go a long way to keeping your eating plan on track. 
Eating during autumn is about focusing on nutrient-rich and satisfying meals that protect you against the cold while ensuring you don’t overindulge in comfort foods. When you make health a priority, you’re guaranteed to feel great and look fantastic!
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