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Some must-have fashion trends for fall 2017 feature floral prints, plaid, and bright colors like poppy-red that bring heat to your wardrobe. But while you’re adding layers to your outfits to stay warm this autumn, be careful of layering your plate with too much comfort food. This can lead to unhealthy eating habits and weight gain.
The important thing is to strike a balance between eating healthy so you protect yourself against the elements and comforting food choices – without the weight gain, so you look your best and feel confident in your fall fashion choices. 

Dress Your Plate With Nutrients 
Having healthy foods on your plate in the fall and winter will help to keep colds and flu at bay, but you can make the foods really comforting without packing on the calories. For instance, a Ukrainian dish like sauerkraut and mashed potatoes give you energy and vitamins you need, and if you skip the sour cream in favor of fried onions, you get more veggies on your plate in a satisfying way. It’s all about making healthy ingredients your priority, then mixing them together to give you heart-warming meals. 

Another example of a healthy yet comforting meal is a Ukrainian borshch. You can make it with a large variety of vegetables, such as onions, carrots, beetroots, cabbage, potatoes – and more. This meal is packed with antioxidants that will give you glowing autumn skin and a healthier body. 

Sprinkle Warming Ingredients 
Foods that are flavored with spices make you feel full and warm up your body when the chill sets in, so reach for pepper, cayenne pepper, ginger, and cinnamon. The benefit? These spices are also good for your metabolism. Cayenne peppers, for example, make your body temperature rise, which means you’ll feel warmer and burn more calories. 
Try The Cruise Control Diet 
Sometimes extra calories in the colder months can cause you to put on a bit of weight. You don’t have to go on a strict diet to be able to fit in your beautiful fall outfits. Take the Cruise Control diet for example. As its name suggests, the Cruise Control diet is easy to follow. It’s based on simple guidelines: avoiding processed foods in favor of natural ones, allowing treat foods in moderation, and seeing any weight you wish to lose as a lifestyle plan – not a diet – which leads to a healthier approach.
The Cruise Control diet gives you a list of foods you’re allowed to eat (of which there are tons) and detailed grocery shopping lists. It also offers recipes for nutritious and delicious foods that you’ll love to cook and eat in autumn. All this guidance comes in very handy as it makes it much easier to stick to the plan and reap the benefits of being healthier.

Indulge In A Way That’s Good For You
You’re eyeing out the apple pie at a fabulous party where you’re dressed to kill, but you know that you’ll later regret eating it. Don’t worry – you can make smarter dessert choices in autumn without depriving yourself of something delicious. For instance, instead of eating apple pie, choose apple rice pudding. It’s got healthier ingredients and not a lot of sugar, so you get your kicks without the guilt. It’s these small choices that go a long way to keeping your eating plan on track. 
Eating during autumn is about focusing on nutrient-rich and satisfying meals that protect you against the cold while ensuring you don’t overindulge in comfort foods. When you make health a priority, you’re guaranteed to feel great and look fantastic!
Outfit details
I haven't shared much sports and fitness look for a while but here is one fabulous warm outdoor/outing wear by Mrgugu. The dreamer zip up hoodie and the dreamer sweater all my fav from the astrological collection.

The fit and fame leggings with LotusX leggings. The Mosaic leggings is artistic featuring FlexTech material that offers superior comfort whether you’re working out or hanging out. Get inspired by the new vibrant prints and show off your style at the gym or on the go.
Being black is never a crime, I can go over and over again about how this affects my career as a black girl. Trying to be on top, I work twice harder so I can fit in. I am done trying to fit in, I changed this 2yrs ago. I give my terms and conditions for working with any brand.

In the fashion industry racism has eaten into the system, its trying to change now but watch runway shows how many black girls photos are reposted on the Instagram pages by the top brands they work with. Now you might be wondering what I mean by black skin, I mean black people with the Dark colored skin. The light skinned ones get to work since they look a little like the white people.

I am a fashion model and lifestyle blogger I collaborate with brands, keep to the terms and conditions and still yet some brands still find it difficult to feature black bloggers on their website and Social Medias. Quality work, well written post, much sales gained and It all stops at the blog.
Most magazines and photoshoots featuring black models and white models together give room to the white skinned person to stay in front. This is so wicked, I can not remember how my skin color offended anyone. The fashion world is full of white-washed runways and black is all an addition.
You keep hearing words like “We’ve already got a black girl,” “It’s not our creative vision,” “Our customer isn’t ready yet.” These are the excuses you get to hear time and time.

Do you know that there are white brands who only work with light and white skinned individuals? Yes. But the sad story is that even when the black brands come up they still go for white skinned individuals. This has been on my mind and If sharing will help how pained I am then so be it.

I wrote an email to an online clothing website, I use to work for and I asked why their Instagram page is white washed and I was replied that It is their management to decide.
It has been a long time view in the fashion industry. Everyone at one point have asked his/herself what the problem is? The black nation need to step up in everything, not just in the fashion industry.

In life, there are constants and there are variables. One of my constants is that I am Black; another is that I will be proud of that regardless of how those around me feel, but that doesn't mean I don't wish for a little warmer welcome in the fashion industry. And that speaks to the variables: I can’t control how people feel about people of color or how blackness is perceived. Fashion’s way of whitewashing cultures will hold us back until it begins to understand the subliminal messages it conveys every time women of color are left out of a runway line-up, and aren't represented in the pages of magazines or catered to appropriately in the beauty aisle. #lynettenylander

No matter where and how Far I go with my journey, after being born into a Christian home, being black is another  thing I will always love, be grateful and die with.
Style: Casual
Material: Cotton,Linen
Silhouette: A-Line
Dresses Length: Knee-Length
Collar-line: Stand
Sleeves Length: Long Sleeves
Pattern Type: Geometric
Purchase from Zaful.
White Boots :Casnaboty is the best online shoe retailer to visit.
Product code: 56260W
Colour: White
Kind of heel: BLOCK
Kind tip: full
Type of fastening: zip
Material: eco leather
Heel: 15 cm
Platform: 5.5 cm
Entry: eco leather
Opportunity: daily
Pattern: ažurovaný
Style: casual , rocker
Jeans :Sexy Hip Ripped Holes Denim Jeans by Chicme.
New Round Circle Fashion Designer Celebrity Womans Sunglasses by Emblemeyewear.
I am wearing the Oxford Lord wrist watch which is 40mm in size with an automatic movement Size of 40mm featuring a Brown colored Leather Strap of width 24mm with a white colored dial.
To get 10% off your Purchase use the code jacob10.

Air dresses are a girl's best friend in the summer. The heat is already on; the transition is kind of scary, but I am loving the weather. I am still trying to adjust to the sudden change of weather.

Here is a perfect navy maxi cold shoulder dress made by Zaful featuring a well-patterned floral lace design, the Spaghetti Strap Collar-Line.
Style: Bohemian
Material: Cotton,Polyester,Rayon,Viscose
Silhouette: A-Line
Dresses Length: Ankle-Length
Sleeves Length: 3/4 Length Sleeves
Pattern Type: Floral
With Belt: No
Season: Fall,Spring.

Get this weave bag with leather mix from and tassel from szaleo.pl. Camel Wrap Around Open Toe Strappy High Heels by Amiclubwear.
Ginger camouflage knit cardigan with pocket worn Yoyo Melody.

New Round Circle Fashion Designer Celebrity Womans Sunglasses by Emblemeyewear.

Compliments of the season, Wishing you all a Prosperous New Year. I took a short break to celebrate and enjoy the holidays and right now I am back. I feel really far from you all but the rest was so needed. Thanks for all the wishes I really appreciate. God Bless You.

To get some tips on how to step up your look in your photos but before we dive into that let me share my outfit details with you. Get my lookLayla Denim Jacket by Fearless: Discount Code - 15% Discount. Your code will be MELODY15. Jump on the badge trend in this super gorgeous denim jacket. With three quarter length sleeves, an oversized fit, and gorgeous badge details to the front. Style with or Joy Ride Pumps to get the look. The length is 74cm. 100% Cotton. 

Bag: Purchase this Jarva Snakehead color black tote bag by Jessica Buurman and enjoy the classy details of this bag. Round circle sunglasses from Emblem eyewear
Magnum Sweatshirt. Embroidered flower RADEL Flower Embroidery Lace Up Ankle Boots By Jessica Buurman. Broken Hole Loose-Fitting Harem Jeans from Sammydress. of course I always double during the winter by wearing a pair of jeans. BB SUE FULL ZIP HOODIE GREY MELANGE: Slip into this comfortable women's hoodie.

1. Use natural lighting The first and last hour of sunlight during the day, aka the “golden hours” are deemed the best time to shoot. The soft and diffused light makes for a more flattering photo. If your shooting indoors, aim for a room with plenty of windows and natural light.

2. Get focused Use a manual focus on a mark, or place an object where you’ll be standing (i.e. a rock, tree, or purse), before setting the timer and stepping into the frame. You can also try to autofocus on the object before switching to manual. If you want to blur the background in order to bring out the outfit, you can use a wider lens or higher aperture to do that (ideally f1.8, but f2.5 can work if your zoom lens does not go that wide). 

3. Take lots of test shots Most experienced photographers only use 1 out of every 7 photos they take, so patience is key! Get to know your camera and try a variety of poses, movements, shots, and angles to discover what is most flattering for you and your look. You can also set the self-timer to take multiple shots if that setting is available on your camera. 

One pose to practice is to center yourself and cover about 2/3 of the frame. It can take a little bit of time and effort to get just the right photo but no mastery happens in a single day’s work. It’s all about practice, practice, practice! 

Off-shoulder long-sleeved striped shirt in light blue by Sammydress.
Details :
Size: S, M, L, XL
Material: Polyester
Clothing Length: Regular
Sleeve Length: Full
Collar: Off The Shoulder
Pattern Type: Striped
Style: Fashion
Season: Spring,Summer
Weight: 0.230kg.
Shipping time is 10-15days.
Sequins are disk-shaped beads used for decorative purposes. In earlier centuries, they were made from shiny metals. Today, sequins are most often made from plastic. They are available in a wide variety of colors and geometrical shapes. Sequins are commonly used on clothing, jewelry, bags, shoes and many other accessories.
Sequins are sometimes also referred to as spangles, paillettes, or diamantes, but technically differ. In costuming, sequins have a center hole, while spangles have the hole located at the top. Paillettes themselves are commonly very large and flat. Sequins may be stitched flat to the fabric, so that they do not move, and are less likely to fall off; or they may be stitched at only one point, so that they dangle and move easily, to catch more light. Some sequins are made with multiple facets, to increase their reflective ability. (wiki).
If you check out the runway shows for 2016 you will see designers that designed the sequin trend with much glamour and elegance. Are you Sequin lover?
I have never been a sequin lover, In shot when I was much younger, and my mum got me a sequin detailed dress, I never liked it or even wore it more than one time. I guess mixing sequin is more stylish and classy to me. I saw recently on Vogue a picture of Kim and her daughter North wearing a full detailed silver sequin dress, No hate but I didn't like the look. 
Anyways, I fell in love with this Dog Print Sequins Splicing Sweatshirt with just one look. I couldn't wait to style it and I guess no more floral dresses for now, Dope sweat shirts like this are best for this cold weather. The sweatshirt features blue sequins on both sleeves. The bold Dog print is a statement.  Get more sweatshirts On Zaful.
Grey coat is just another version of the immortal classic. The gray coat looks beautiful and at the same time very practical. The gray coat has many shades: silver, color pigeon, color mouse, color of wet asphalt and other colors. Each woman will be able to choose a model of gray coat, which is perfect for her. Traditionally gray coat is linked to business style of dress. The gray coat is very practical and modern can be worn for a walk and travel. Modern styles of gray coat are different. The length can be short or to floor. The form of the gray coat is also different from the narrow to wide, what you choose depends on you and your figure. The gray coat is very suitable basis for strong shades supplements red to purple. Under gray coat, most common combinations of shoes are brown, black or red. Classical gray coat may be combined with the completely inadequate at first sight accessories, such unusual belt and shoes. With gray coat nicely combine things in white, they will brighten up your look and can visually lose a few years and become younger. Add a voluminous scarf to that look.

Stylish Turn-Collar Long Sleeve Cartoon Print Spliced Women's Coat
Material: Polyester
Type: Wide-waisted
Clothing Length: Long
Sleeve Length: Full
Pattern Type: Character
Embellishment: Spliced
Style: Fashion
Weight: 0.870KG
Package Contents: 1 x Coat
Pockets Stripes Harem Pant from : Zaful
Product Description
Style: Fashion
Length: Normal
Material: Cotton,Polyester
Fit Type: Loose
Waist Type: Mid
Closure Type: Elastic Waist
Pattern Type: Striped
Pant Style: Harem Pants
Weight: 0.300kg
Package: 1 x Pants

Top : Etibo
Earring : Tinysand
Wrist watch Mockberg : Nora Petite.
Round circle sunglasses from Emblem eye wear.
Happy weekend Beautiful people.
Matching separates are so cool and stylish. This beautiful twin set sun flower design pant and off shoulder top from Zaful is so lovely.
You can get nice matching pairs from Zaful for very affordable prices by clicking on the link.
The quality is nice and the items arrives very fast.
Size chart is available to prevent you from making mistakes you can use the centimeter or the inches chart which ever one suits you. The sizes are a perfect fit.
The online store rates one of my best this summer, with trendy items, follow the link to purchase, to get additional coupons and bonus you, sign up to the store get 10% off, invite and friend and get $20% off , join the email feed subscription get limited offers and campaigns hosted by Zaful.
Follow Zaful on Facebook and Instagram.
Love this classy striped over sized dress, multicolored design. Paired with my fuchsia strappy heels. Bright colors are perceived to be worn best in summer. Wearing a bright colored outfit can be so much fun, now imagine wearing just more than one bright color all in one dress, lethal dose of fun right?!
Off the shoulder dresses are in style now. I styled my dress in three different exciting ways.The first outfit is a little off the shoulder, while the Second way was completely off the shoulder. This way, an up hair do and dangling earrings will add more glam to the outfit, although you can go easy with the outfit like I did with simple earrings. The third style is slanting half way, and partly off the shoulder. Its up to you, which ever way you prefer is perfect.
Its official, off shoulder  (Zaful) is my favorite trend this summer, it is everywhere and doesn't seem to look cheap. I haven't seen an off shoulder piece that doesn't look appealing.You can find minimalist pieces, and some dramatic styles featuring this trend. It also took over the runway and has been said to be the most worn summer style 2016. This shrugged off sleeves gives an ease for the summer heat and humid weather. Sure lazy days will come but with this effortless piece you can still make a statement.
This outfit is also featuring stripes on stripes, something I always admire from afar.
 Blue bomber jacket

Happy new month!
The embroidered bomber jacket is one of the hottest street style trends. This trend took over the fashion world with a new twist in unusual colors, styles, and fresh silhouettes, wear the over-sized or embroidered style, this year is all about the details.
 Perfect for cold summer nights and a travel essential. I couldn't get my head off this trend, 1st time I am getting so in love with an item. 

I have seen a lot of off shoulder tops and dresses this summer. It is basically summer fashion madness at the moment, the most worn summer trend. Very hard to go wrong wearing the off the shoulder style because it pretty much fits almost every body type, perfect For a day to evening look, very easy to pull off.
Dress : Sammydress
Shoes : Ami Club wear
Glasses : Emblem Eyewear.
Lovely dress , perfect for summer, love everything about the dress.
Wondering where to get your dresses for summer, visit Na-kd, I am wearing the Lacing maxi dress in Dusty green.  100%  viscose lace and 100% nylon.
Get the best UV sunglasses to protect your eyes from Emblem, I am wearing the  fashion round metal vintage circle Sunglasses,You might also love this.
Shoes : Bershka
Knitted Bag :  Cndirect 
Double layered choker and lace bar choker Thank you so much for reading, for more follow on Snapchat : MJBLOG
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