Its official, off shoulder  (Zaful) is my favorite trend this summer, it is everywhere and doesn't seem to look cheap. I haven't seen an off shoulder piece that doesn't look appealing.You can find minimalist pieces, and some dramatic styles featuring this trend. It also took over the runway and has been said to be the most worn summer style 2016. This shrugged off sleeves gives an ease for the summer heat and humid weather. Sure lazy days will come but with this effortless piece you can still make a statement.
This outfit is also featuring stripes on stripes, something I always admire from afar.
Here is an easy combination of striped on striped featuring the culotte style from Zaful. The lace up block heels from casnaboty which suits my outfit. Style it with sneakers and watch the street style play. Sunglasses emblem eye-wear.  Laura Maryland Silver Gold With Germs Wrist watch. ( coupon code MELODYJ Using the code can enjoy $20 off for each purchase).

Questions about my hair, no softening chemicals added, just the blow dry style and 2 inches trim. 
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