Saturday, April 29


Investing in quality products doesn't only save you money but helps you stand out. Watches are  important  timepiece which allows us to be updated with time.
Watches keep changing according to purpose, like sports watch, mechanical watches, diver, luxury, watches and lots more.
Nowadays, watches have now lost the tag of a time piece, They have become luxurious gadgets to complete a look. 

Watches are one of the unavoidable accessories required by a person. Though there are lot more accessories, watches are one of such accessory which is unavoidable. Watches serves very useful purpose for time keeping, which is the main reason it was made. 
When choosing a watch, think about what it will say about you. A watch can send a potent style message. The price of watches ranges from very low to very high. One can find many options to buy watch at their financial limit.

I am wearing the Oxford Lord wrist watch which is 40mm in size with an automatic movement Size of 40mm featuring a  Brown colored Leather Strap of width 24mm with a white colored dial.
The leather strap is adjustable which is what I love the most. 
Most of my watches required cutting and proper adjustment, but the is a perfect fit. This is also a water resistant type of wrist watch with 3ATM .

Wednesday, April 26


Red Floral Pattern 3/4 Sleeve A-line Mini Dress features an A-line silhouette 3/4 sleeve, Crew neck, Floral pattern, Zipper back closure, Jacquard weave, Mid waist and  Blended fabric.
Made with a  Stretchable material 60% polyester + 40% cotton and has a regular fit.

This dress is available in sizes small to xxl. Affordable Dresses in different sizes are available  for purchase.
Get this dress from Metisu. Mid season sales is on, when you purchase on item you get another for free and 50%.

Monday, April 24


Are you getting ready for summer? Build faster, for less with SkinnyMint Teatox.
Getting a good and presentable body doesn't only promote good health, it is also a great boost for self confidence,
SkinnyMint is done in 2 easy steps, natural ingredients and is designed to help you kickstart a healthy lifestyle. Pair it together with healthy diet and an active lifestyle for the best results!
Let me start by explaining how it works : teatox is to help you kickstart a healthy lifestyle. Most teatox systems come with both a morning tea which increases energy levels and metabolism, and an evening tea which is a colon cleanser.

For someone interested in trying out SkinnyMint, the 14 day starter pack will be perfect for you!

How It Works
Uniquely formulated, the Morning Boost and Night Cleanse teas are combined in a easy 2 step program.
The Morning Boost is designed to give you a boost throughout the day and start the morning right*. It contains Green Tea, Yerba Mate and Guarana with a naturally sweet fruity taste, and can replace your morning coffee/ black tea.
Night Cleanse is a laxative free blend and is the second step in the Tea Detox.


Sunday, April 23

Denim shoes to purchase now


  Click on the link to Purchase your favorite pair. Available in different in size.
                                                   WYSOKIE TENISÓWKI NA WIĄZANIE.

Saturday, April 22

MY NEW HAIR SECRET : NATURALISTAS HAIR SOLUTION : no shrinkage,no frizz, breakage or dry hair.

 The struggle is real, Most naturalistas, have staples of products they use, which  mostly includes black castor oil, sweet almond oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, and argan oil.
They are all good for your hair, but Quench Essential Q Oil, is one of the best hair product you can use right now.

Most people keep complaining about of the hard texture  and the shrinkage that takes time to comb out. Investing into good products saves you the stress of de-tangling your hair and also gives it a softer texture.

I started using the Andre walker hair q oil for the past months and I love the soft and smooth texture this oil gives my hair, it is very easy to comb and hereby preventing breakage.

This is simply what it does, it gives your dry hair the moisture drink it needs throughout the day. It is Made with the purest Moroccan Argan Oil, plus ultra-rich African Mongongo Oil.
Q-Oil nourishes, fights frizz, adds amazing shine and manageability to any area of your hair that needs smoothing any time between shampoos.

Comes with a convenient pump that dispenses just the right amount to your fingertips. Quench-Essential Oil is also perfect for hydrating dry skin.

Friday, April 21


Track pants are very comfortable and cool, : if you think that putting on a T-shirt and a pair of sneakers is all it takes to adopt the trend, you’re wrong. Heels, slippers and ankle boots: leather jackets, shoulder bags can also be added to make up this look. 

Tuesday, April 18

How to Tell Someone They Have Body Odor.

Today, I’d like to address a pretty sensitive issue. It’s something that many people experience, but struggle to address. We’ve all smelt unflattering at one point or another, so let’s get off the high horse.

 But how many times have you found yourself standing next to someone and thought that your nose was going to run off your face because their odor was so torturous? This isn’t limited to bad odors either. Sometimes people overdue the ol’ “smell good sauce” which can have the opposite of its intended effect. In any situation, you wish you could tell the odorous offender, that the smell is just too much. 
Imagine you are on a morning bus, that person just ruined minutes of your morning. 

Today’s article is all about ‘how to tell a colleague/friend they smell’, and it’s a very tricky issue to tackle. You see, even if a colleague’s body odor is bad enough to make your eyes water and consider calling in sick, you care so much about offending anyone. 
If you’ve ever endured days, weeks, or even months cooped up in a cubicle next to somebody who perhaps has a poor personal hygiene standard, then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s a problem that can have a hugely negative impact on an entire team, department, or even workforce, and so today, I’ll be looking at how to ‘confront’ your colleague respectfully, while helping them to maintain a good degree of dignity.

1. Create a Comfortable Setting
This isn’t the kind of topic you should be discussing outside in front of people. The best way to prepare for your discussion is to create a comfortable setting – for example, you might want to invite your colleague/friend to the local café for lunch. Doing this reduces the risk of embarrassment that might arise if other colleagues are close by, and the friendly, casual setting also helps you to show your colleague that whatever you’re about to say is not a personal attack.

2. Assure Your Colleague You Like Them
Once you are both at the designated location, you’ll need to build a bit of rapport and create as relaxed an environment as possible. If you blurt everything out straight away, you risk offending your colleague – instead, you should start with a little bit of light chatter, and then slowly introduce the idea that you have something you would like to talk about. You should also tell them that the topic you’d like to discuss is very sensitive – perhaps even explaining that you were in two minds whether or not to even mention it – and explain that you’re telling them because you are their friend, and you have their own personal interests at heart.

3. Give Your Colleague a Choice
Once you have explained that you have a sensitive issue to discuss and that you are telling them as a friend, you should finally explain that what you are about to say might cause offense, and therefore it is up to them if they wish to hear it or not. It is very unlikely that they will say no, yet giving them this choice is a very powerful way of handing a bit of control in their direction while reminding them that this is not a personal attack.

4. Explain the Issue Respectfully
It’s time to take the plunge. Try to downplay the issue a little, to help them feel less embarrassed. For example, you might want to tell them that you’ve noticed, on one or two occasions during hot weather, that even though you’re sure they shower regularly, they give off body odor. Of course, it isn’t always body odor – some people might smell because they own a lot of animals and perhaps don’t realize the smell is sticking to their clothes, but this is just an example, and the important part is making sure you don’t embarrass them completely by telling them in no uncertain terms that they always stink!

5. Re-Confirm Your Relationship
Once you have finished what you have to say, it is important to remind your colleague that you are only telling them this because you are their friend and that you’d rather they heard it from you, right now, in case anybody in the office noticed in the future (this helps them to worry less that it’s been an on-going problem that everybody is talking about). You can end your conversation by asking if they are offended, and asking if they think you did the right thing – this will help them to believe that you really do have their best interests at heart, and will remind them that your working relationship is not at risk.

Finally, you can recommend a good Natural Deodorants like the charcoal + magnesium mineral-enriched deodorant, which Scent reminiscent of freshly fallen rain: vaporous, mild, and wispy
Enriched with mineral-derived ingredients: Magnesium and Sodium Bicarbonate. Plant-based powders help absorb wetness without the use of aluminum, Naturally and effectively neutralize odor.
Free of aluminum, propylene glycol, parabens & phthalates; no artificial fragrance
Non-greasy, non-sticky feel. Easily absorbed; application requires only a small amount
Certified Vegan, Cruelty-free, and Gluten-free.

I will be talking more about Natural Deodorants by Schmidts so subscribe to the newsletter so you do not miss out on anything.

https://www.peoplehr.com/blog/index.php/2015/08/21/office-problems-how-to-tell-a-colleague-they-smell/ :ref

Monday, April 17


Woven Straw bags are gonna be summer friendly in 2017. Just a little tip, get one now before the price goes up.

Saturday, April 15

How to style Track-pants and Fascinator as street-wears.

Recently on Vogue, I saw Gigi Hadid wearing a lovely sweat-suit well embellished, perfect for a party look. Casuals have advanced and designers are impacting and inputting comfort into our wardrobes. Tracksuits/track pants have been seen on runways, generally casuals are taking over our formal wardrobe.

Thursday, April 13

10 Shoes For Women Who Hate Wearing High Heels

And who said beauty cant be sweet? I bet you, everything can be under your control. Fashion has advanced so gracefully and everyone can wear what suits them perfectly and more comfortably.
Not every lady is comfortable wearing very high heels, some it is the fear of falling, some for medical reasons and the others dislike the idea of wearing shoes that are just too high. What ever the reason maybe there are still some fashionable trendy mid heels that can enable you work well and still look stylish.
The important thing is not the style or thickness of the heel, it’s the position of the heels. It needs to be right under the heel bone, not at the back of the foot, as is the case with some shoes. If the stiletto is positioned too far back, you are going to be thrown off balance and everything will hurt.

Here are 10 mid heels that are well balanced for women who hate wearing high heels and people who want to start wearing high heels.
My best pick is the DEMAN Studs And Spikes Kitten Gold Heel Pumps by Jessicabuurman, it is so comfortable and fits perfectly.  Scroll down for more.
Dedicated to Chioma Amadi.
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                                                                                                 9 10 11.

Wednesday, April 12


Everyone deserves a right to Clean water. Have you ever taken time out to think about what life will be without Water. Over 663 million people in the world do not have access to safe water. This is roughly one in nine of the world's population.
*1.5 million children die every year due to water related diseases
*Half of the world’s hospital beds are filled with people suffering from water related diseases (UN) *The water and sanitation crisis claims more lives through disease than any war claims through guns (UN)
* 443 million school days are lost each year due to water related illness (WHO/UNICEF)
*Women and children collectively walk 200 million miles a day to collect, often dirty and unsafe, water
Water is a transparent and nearly colorless chemical substance that is the main constituent of Earth's streams, lakes, and oceans, and the fluids of most living organisms.
It is very important to drink clean water. Lets come together to give a helping hand to someone today, hereby saving a life today.
The Drop4drop has been set for you and me to be a part of this great work. 
For every $1 invested in water and sanitation, there is an economic return of between $3 - $34 (WHO).
The introduction of a clean water source to a community saves thousands of hours every week previously lost to water collection.
Remember not everyone is as opportuned as you are, Clean water lays the foundations to a brighter future and creates a happier world.

To be a part of this Great Project you can Donate $3 here.
Follow  Drop4Drop on Instagram.
Share This Post, Inform Everyone around you. Help in anyway that you can.

Tuesday, April 11

10 reasons why your blog/website have little or no views

Have you ever wondered why your blog/websites get little or no view? It's annoying right, oh wait so frustrating and makes you depressed to the extent that you wonder if social influencing is for you?

Now get a paper and pen, as you read, answer every question in this post with a question mark (?) on your paper or below the comment field.

There is a solution to this, but first, let's recall, before you started your blog/website, what was your aim? There are so many things to put into consideration before starting a blog but many people are just triggered by the name of having a website/blog, it was love at the 1st sight that died with time, some lack focus and the patience to keep it going, whichever is yours let's fix it.

Building a good audience may take more time than you expect but you can make it faster by correcting your mistakes. The starter pack is seeing positivity in everything, this is a kick start to everything we do in life.

1. You have to love something to put more interest and devote your time to doing it. Why do you blog? What do you blog about? How do you blog? When you can answer these questions your 40% ahead to building good traffic.

2. If you are just starting, you have to learn how to build your audience, analyze what, which words and contents bring the most views. This is where patience and persistence come in. You will not have thousands of people turning up the next day to read your blog if you have only just started blogging. It is a journey of many steps and this is where your consistency will be tested as you build traffic one step at a time.

3. Headlines are very important factors when trying to drive more traffic to your blog, you can imagine being given a book with an unattractive title, 30% of your interest is dropped. When titling your post, be strategic, make your audience inquisitive and let the words be calling. This helps your post get reshared and your article get more clicks.

4. I get lots of emails asking how do I get more views/traffic? Hey, you little social butterfly, are you posting frequently enough? how can we know you, get acquainted with your articles, when we can not remember the last time you posted an article. Do you just write an article when the mood suits you? some say I have to be in the mood, then you just have to wait for the world to also be in the mood to read your article. If you want people to become regular readers of your blog then you need to be consistent. Have you noticed that Magazines comes out every week and some every month? Newspapers come out every day, hail, snow or shine. Post regularly and be consistent by so doing you will build a loyal readership. 

Note: Updating your articles more frequently doesn't only help you build a good audience but helps those who want to write more professionally and attracts more branding favour to you.

5. Get focused, know your market area, if you want to be versatile build one after the other, do not rush into everything, let's know you for one thing 1st before you rush into another area of social influence. 

6. Have you ever sat down to read your articles/post or contents, sincerely what do you think? Bad, Good and Excellent? If you are writing articles that people find boring or irrelevant, then you have missed the line. It is not hard to change. There are several ways to put life into your content. Example, by listening to your audience and helping solve their problems and maybe even entertaining them by asking questions, telling stories and making videos.

7. One of the strengths of social media is its power and leverage to get your content out to other platforms and channels where your audience is hanging out. So put your videos on YouTube, post your articles to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and don’t forget others like Technorati and Digg. Use your blog as a home base, distribute and leverage your content to your social media outposts. Go to where your potential audience is Facebook has over 600 million users, now that is an audience.
Try to build at least three online platforms that can help drive significant traffic to your blog/website.


8. Hey big boss, how far have you gone? Too big to engage with others, ok let's see how that goes. A quick tool to getting into the community if you are new to blogging is by commenting on other blogs, giving interviews to top bloggers or successful people either online or in person. Ask to be a guest blogger. Take advantage of other people’s network. 

9 A Reader is a leader, no matter how smart you are, read about the success of others already ahead of you, this gives you more information on the best way you can possibly be.

10. It's better when you are recognized as a brand and not just a person. When you think of Melody Jacobs, what comes to your mind? She is a fashion and lifestyle blogger.

Sunday, April 9


Gingham is a lightweight plain-woven cotton cloth, typically checked in white and a bold colour.
There is no doubt that the timeless gingham pieces will be more in trend this season for spring/summer 2017.
A lot of fashion designers have created unique styles with Gingham, it has been seen on runways by Peter Jensen, house of Holland and even peter Pilotto.
Sincerely this trend gives me a school uniform vibe. So much memories about my secondary school days,We actually wore gingham as our hostel wear.



Just before the Pageant (MISS KHARKIV INTERNATIONAL 2017we wanted a little change, so went for the Princess Pinky Pixie Grey lens by Pinky Paradise.It is such a beauty enhancer.
The Grey pinky pixie lens is
14.5mm in Diameter:
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.9mm
Life Span: 1 year disposal.

Saturday, April 8


If you are looking for a versatile type of clothing for warm days, then be sure to check this cool street style collection of women’s white shorts. White color is the best color for wearing in hot summer days/ and also perfect when transforming into spring. Why? It’s the most convenient and versatile hue. White shorts are definitely the most essential Summer wardrobe piece. There are lots of stylish shorts to choose from, including structured white bottoms, loose-cut styles, tapered Bermudas, white denims, chinos, lace shorts, etc. If you are dark skinned or tanned girl, I definitely recommend to try on white shorts. Plus, they gonna look elegant with almost any top. Anyway, here is another way to style a short.

White Turened Edge Mid Waist Denim Shorts ,Worn-out, Button fly, Mid waist, Cotton fabric comfortable fabric,95% cotton + 5% polyester, Non-stretchable material and has Casual fit.
More fashionable shorts from Metisu.

DIESEL Logo Elasticated Waistband
Stretch cotton fabric designed for a comfortable fit
This DIESEL Womens underwear is made from 95% Cotton / 5% Elastane.

Fishnet by Katherina (Rete).
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