Watches make great gifts for any occasion, particularly when you’re looking for a last-minute present. Not only are watches practical, but they’re also stylish and timeless. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a family member, a friend, or a colleague, watches offer the perfect solution.

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Benefits of Watches as Gifts

Watches make great gifts for many reasons. For one, they’re both functional and stylish. They’re perfect for making a statement, and they’ll never go out of style. They can be dressy or casual, depending on the occasion.

Another great benefit of watches is that they’re versatile and can be worn with many different types of outfits. You can find a watch to fit any personality or style, from classic and traditional to modern and edgy.

Additionally, watches can be a great investment. Many high-end watches are made from precious metals and stones, and some even come with warranties.

Finally, watches are a timeless gift. They’re often seen as a symbol of status and prestige, and they make a great impression. Plus, they’re practical and can be used for years to come.

Different Types of Watches

When it comes to watches, there are many different types to choose from. Classic watches are timeless and elegant, and they’re perfect for formal occasions. Casual watches are great for everyday wear and often feature a more playful design.

Sports watches are designed for active lifestyles and typically feature a stopwatch, a countdown timer, and other features. Luxury watches are made with high-end materials, such as gold and diamonds, and are often seen as a symbol of wealth and success.

Smart watches are becoming increasingly popular and are perfect for those who want to stay connected. They typically feature a touchscreen display and allow you to access your email, texts, and other notifications.


All timepieces are not made equal. In fact, some of them are in a league all by themselves. Luxury timepieces are more than just accessories; they are wearable works of art that combine remarkable workmanship with a fashionable appearance to create something really special. As a result, it's no surprise that brands like Rolex elicit an emotional response in not just watch lovers, but also in the general public. In other words, if you're searching for a wristwatch that will be both fashionable and functional for years to come, you can't go wrong with one of the world's most luxurious watch brands. These names exude distinction and magnificence, and their complex designs and precise production are unrivaled in the industry. We've compiled a list of the finest luxury watch brands you should know.

1. Audemars Piguet.

Audemars Piguet is a Swiss watch company that was founded in 1875 by Jules-Louis Audemars and Edward-Auguste Piguet. The company manufactures 36,000 of its renowned watches every year. In fact, Tiffany & Co. and Bulgari both employ the movements of this brand. Also notable for its contribution to the luxury sports watch industry is the creation of the first steel luxury sports watch. In 1972, it was renamed the Royal Oak, after the Royal Oak Hotel in London. Later, in 1993, the company introduced the Royal Oak Offshore, which was the world's first enormous timepiece.

Founded in the year 1875

Jules Louis Audemars and Edward Auguste Piguet founded the company.


A wristwatch is part of my daily accessory. Not everyone likes wearing wristwatches and so some might have more wristwatches than others. I own more than 10 pairs of wristwatches, so I will like to know how many wristwatches should a lady own?.

Gold wristwatches under budget.
You should always wear a wristwatch. There are wristwatches available at different prices. 
                          Get directly from Nicole Vienna. More shoppable options below. 

If you're looking to buy a watch that looks great and will hold its value, potential, and even rise in value, then I strongly recommend Storm watches. If it’s hard to buy a watch on a budget, given the bloated prices of many timepieces, the challenge of buying on an unlimited budget can be even greater.

The most important thing is that a watch should be aesthetically pleasing—something that really appeals to you, not one you think might one day be worth more or one you see others wearing.
Stick to the classic pieces that people will always want, and you'll have a watch that, 10 years down the line, will recoup the majority of your initial outlay.

I got the Crossetella Lazer blue wrist watch due to its striking design, especially as a fashion blogger making a fashion statement is part of my routine. It is made from highly polished stainless steel with Storm's signature lazer blue glass. This happens to be one of my best wrist watches at the moment. Classy and timeless is key when choosing a wrist watch for long-term use.

If you are looking to purchase a wrist watch, this is sure to be a good one to invest in because the Crossetella wrist watch has a simple yet sophisticated design. It is compatible with almost every dress type.
The Crossetella wrist watch has a unique shape, which makes it stand out. Investing in this wrist watch is a brave step, as it won't go out of style. Instead, you can also resell it for a higher price if the production of this watch stops. It is clearly a unique timepiece.

It is available in rose gold and ice blue.

Movement: Japanese 
Case Material: Stainless Steel 
Case Size W : 50mm, L: 50mm 
Case Height: 6.8mm 
Water Resistance: No 
Lens Material: Mineral 
Plating: IP Rose Gold 
Caseback: Stainless Steel 
Crown: Stainless Steel 
Band Type: Stainless Steel 
Fitting Size: 180mm Adjustable 
Clasp Type: 14 mm Double-Fold Clasp 
Weight: 74g.

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The round and minimalistic design of Tree hut watches pays respect to classic lines. A combination of high quality soft genuine leather strap comfortable wearing experience and real ebony wood makes this model a real eye-catcher for both men and women. The Theo Blue wrist watch has its own characteristic look making it extremely highly valued wood material.
It is Lightweight, comfortable, dark, and stylish, the body of The Theo blue watch is made from high-quality Leather, Powered by Japanese quartz movement  to guarantee an Accurate time and Precise Time Keeping with impact-resistant glass. The hours are indicated by thick lines, while the minute lines are thinner and shorter lines.
A collection of Iconic signature combinations inspired by the GUESS lifestyle. Trendy fashion-forward designs from GUESS Watches offer dynamic styling.
Alpha, the first; the beginning, but not the end. A watch represents not only your sense of style, it is the soul craftsmanship of the universe, it defines who you are.
43mm Black dial with Gold Hands
Indexes and Roman Numerals
Gold 316L stainless Steel Case
9U13 Miyota Quartz Movement
Hardened Mineral Crystal Lens
20mm Gold Link 316L Stainless Steel Detachable Strap suitable for 43mm watches

Simply use your finger to push and release the strap

Alpha, the first; the beginning, but not the end. A watch represents not only your sense of style, it is the soul craftsmanship of the universe, it defines who you are.
BEWELL, advocating natural, original, and environmentally friendly design philosophy, shows its original feature. It combines modern fashion appearance and spiritual experience, adding the idealism elements, making it more appealing to us. This Wooden Calendar Quartz Wrist Watch adopts the natural solid wood material, gives you a brand new experience. Light wood, slight fragrance, gear-shaped bezel, all these belong to your attention.
- Adopt the material - wood from nature, reflect the primitive ecology and consummate craft.
- Calendar display, auto update calendar, need not to look at the calendar.
- Imported quartz movement, keep time precise.
- Unique design: Ebony maple wood watch case, strap and back cover, and resin mirror. 
- Folding clasp with safety, easy to take on and off.
- Gear case design, make it more fashionable.
- Life water resistant, can do daily activities when wearing it.
- Not only a decoration for your wrist, but also a nice collection, perfect combination of classic and fashion.
Here is a general guide to Wooden Bangle Quartz Watch with Date Display - Ebony Wood. as water Resistant:
50M = 5ATM = Shower Proof - it's ok to get it wet a bit. 
100M = 10ATM = Extended Water Exposure good for swimming or snorkeling. 
200M = 20ATM = Pressure Resistant made for Scuba and Skin Diving.BEWELL ZS - W023A Men 
Q: A 100M watch is surely strong enough on a shallow dive?! 
A: No! It isn't because it has not been high pressure sealed. 100M watches are only good for Snorkeling! 
Q: What will happen if I try to dive with a watch that is less than 200M Resistant? 
A: The watch's seal will be broken, it will flood and break..irrepairably. 
Q: So which watch to buy? 
A: Think about what you need it for and bear in mind that Scuba Watches (200M) look really cool but tend to be very heavy, which makes them uncomfortable for everyday use.

Many people have the habit of constantly running late — and they drive themselves, and other people, crazy.
Now, I have the opposite problem — I’m pathologically early, and often arrive places too soon. This is annoying, as well, but in a different way. As I write this, I’m realizing that I assume that chronic earliness is very rare. But maybe it’s not. Are you chronically early?
In any event, more people seem bothered by chronic lateness. Feeling as though you’re always running twenty minutes behind schedule is an unhappy feeling. Having to rush, forgetting things in your haste, dealing with annoyed people when you arrive…it’s no fun.
If you find yourself chronically late, what steps can you take to be more prompt? That depends on why you’re late. As my Eighth Commandment holds, the first step is to identify the problem – then you can see more easily what you need to change say Gretchen Rubin The Happiness Pro.

There are many reasons you might be late, but some are particularly common. Are you late because…
You need a wristwatch, get one from Gamiss.

1.You sleep too late.
If you’re so exhausted in the morning that you hit the snooze alarm five times, it’s time to think about going to sleep earlier. Many people don’t get enough sleep, and sleep deprivation is a real drag on your happiness and health. Try to turn off the light sooner each night.

2. You try to get one last thing done.
Apparently, this is a common cause of tardiness. If you always try to answer one more email or put away one more load of laundry before you leave, here’s a way to outwit yourself: take a task that you can do when you reach your destination, and leave early. Tell yourself that you need that ten minutes on the other end to read those brochures or check those figures.

3. You under-estimate the commute time.
You may tell yourself it takes twenty minutes to get to work, but if it actually takes forty minutes, you’re going to be chronically late. Have you exactly identified the time by which you need to leave? That’s what worked for me. 

4. You can’t find your keys/wallet/phone/sunglasses.
Nothing is more annoying than searching for lost objects when you’re running late. Designate a place in your house for your key items, and put those things in that spot, every time. I keep everything important in my (extremely unfashionable) backpack, and fortunately, a backpack is big enough that it’s always easy to find. 

5. Other people in your house are disorganized.
Your wife can’t find her phone, your son can’t find his Spanish book, so you’re late. As hard as it is to get yourself organized, it’s even harder to help other people get organized. Try setting up the “key things” place in your house. Prod your children to get their school stuff organized the night before — and coax the outfit-changing types to pick their outfits the night before, too. Get lunches ready. Etc.

6. Your co-workers won’t end meetings on time.
This is an exasperating problem. You’re supposed to be someplace else, but you’re trapped in a meeting that’s going long. Sometimes, this is inevitable, but if you find it happening over and over, identify the problem. Is too little time allotted to meetings that deserve more time? Is the weekly staff meeting twenty minutes of work crammed into sixty minutes? If you face this issue repeatedly, there’s probably an identifiable problem – and once you identify it, you can develop strategies to solve it — e.g., sticking to an agenda; circulating information by email; not permitting discussions about contentious philosophical questions not relevant to the tasks at hand, etc. (This last problem is surprisingly widespread, in my experience.)

7. You haven’t considered how your behavior affects someone else.
A friend was chronically late dropping off her son at sports activities until he said, “You’re always late dropping me off because it doesn’t affect you, but you’re always on time to pick me up because you’d be embarrassed to be the last parent at pick-up.” She was never late again.

8. You’re rushing around in the morning before you leave the house.
Consider waking up earlier (see #1 above). Yes, it’s tough to give up those last precious moments of sleep, and it’s even tougher to go to bed earlier and cut into what, for many people, is their leisure time. But it helps.
What Kind of watches do you like? Treehut Wristwatches offer a seamless blend of all natural wood and stainless steel in a sturdy and elegantly designed timepiece that’ll attract more than a few looks.
Talk about uniqueness and Originality with hybrid watches that add a twist to traditional wooden watches. They are made from all-natural wood and stainless steel, which gives the perfect blend of style and comfort. They feel just right and look oh so sleek!
Investing in quality products doesn't only save you money but helps you stand out. Watches are  important  timepiece which allows us to be updated with time.
Watches keep changing according to purpose, like sports watch, mechanical watches, diver, luxury, watches and lots more.
Nowadays, watches have now lost the tag of a time piece, They have become luxurious gadgets to complete a look. 

Watches are one of the unavoidable accessories required by a person. Though there are lot more accessories, watches are one of such accessory which is unavoidable. Watches serves very useful purpose for time keeping, which is the main reason it was made. 
When choosing a watch, think about what it will say about you. A watch can send a potent style message. The price of watches ranges from very low to very high. One can find many options to buy watch at their financial limit.

I am wearing the Oxford Lord wrist watch which is 40mm in size with an automatic movement Size of 40mm featuring a  Brown colored Leather Strap of width 24mm with a white colored dial.
The leather strap is adjustable which is what I love the most. 
Most of my watches required cutting and proper adjustment, but the is a perfect fit. This is also a water resistant type of wrist watch with 3ATM .
I was totally surprised for some minutes when I received these watches from the post office, but after I wore it I began to see the act and creativity in it. Aside that it is very affordably and stylish. It has  the real quote "Fashion for all".
These wrist watches are water resistant made with tear prove.

The Soir N°06 Link, with its all-black details, was inspired by sleek Scandinavian designs. Crafted of black-plated stainless steel, this watch features our signature black marble-patterned dial and classic link strap.
Free shipping & Returns worldwide
Delivery within 1-5 business day(s)

Glamorous, classic, and elegant, jewelry is one of the most stylish accessories that can spice up your simple outfits. Though there are fashion rules that set some boundaries in wearing them, those rules can sometimes be broken to create a more personalized, fashion-forward, and trendy looks. Looking for inspiration on how to match your jewelry? Here Is a perfect example for you.

The necklaces is lovely, I couldn’t stop admiring its beauty my customized bracelet. A perfect gift for a loved one. Get this DUAL HEARTS DANGLE CHARM NECKLACE from Tinysand, With the following Specifications.

Dual hearts dangle necklace, novel and meaningful.
The pave cubic zirconia makes this silver charm necklace sparkling.
Material: 925 Sterling Silver + Cubic Zirconia
Length Of Necklace: 18.5inch=46.99cm (Including 2.5in adjustable chain)
Dimensions (mm): 23.05*14.71*8.33(Height*Width*Thickness)
The Hole Size: 4.4
Weight: 4.54g
Color: Silver
Ready Time: Within 2-3 business days
A very perfect wrist watch that suits everyday. It features a high quality movement with a battery life of 4 yrs. Here the features of the Nora Petite Wrist Watch which represents Scandinavian minimalist elegance. 
The Color is Brown which relates with quality in everything. 
The Leather Strap features a Genuine high quality leather with gold detailing.
Dial color is White making the brown stand out more uniquely.
Movement type is  Miyota super 2035 which features up to 4 yrs battery life, high accuracy, mercury free battery and cover coil.
The Soir N°79 Link is a classic timepiece inspired by our favorite Scandinavian interior designs. This timepiece, crafted of gold-plated stainless steel, features our signature black marble-patterned dial and timeless link strap. The Soir collection was inspired by our most loved Scandinavian interior designs. The timepieces are presented in beautiful marbled packaging with velvet interior that mirrors the design elements of the Soir collection.
Watches are very important accessories, i can say that everyone should own a pair not just any pair but an outstanding one. Mogani offers you an opportunity to own a nice timepiece and an affordable price. Starting from the ladies, the golden lining the white part of the wrist watch is really classy, i love her slim hands which gives it a more classy look. Mogani has original products and they are trust worthy. The shipping is very fast and the packaging in superb. The wrist watches were package inside a very beautiful and cute stainless steel case, as seen below. The men watches are to die for, common you know that feeling of having a nice pair of watch and wearing those fitted suits, hey..lets stop..lol. 
Mogani deals on accessories and bags for kids and adults. The watches can be scanned online and it comes with a guaranty and a Manuel. Sure everyone loves good products, to get his rose gold pleated wrist watch Just gents watch-48-S06101RGD-BK and her Just ladies watch-48-S00590RGD-WH
Full details of the watches below the photos.
WORD OF ADVICE : Nothing is impossible 
                                                         Discount code : MELODYJACOB
Happy new month, Sure you all are doing great. I'm so Excited to introduce my native attire to you all. Just for you to know, i come from the southern part of Nigeria (Rivers State) and this is our official native wear.
    Did anyone notice my wrist watch? O YES, YOU DID, its DANIEL WELLIGTON'S. The white/blue/red nato striped strap are interchangeable, colorful but yet simple and versatile. It can be worn both officially and casually, the flat round shape gives it a totally unique look. I am wearing the classic exeter rose gold timepiece from Daniel wellington, which i styled with my etibo. Daniel welligton provides you with a long varieties of classic wrist watches for both men and women. Other watch types include leather watches. Free shipping on all orders, well package in a luxury pack, am sure it will definitely stun you at first sight. Wear Daniel wellington, wear class.
                                                           OUTFIT DETAILS
                                                    WRIST WATCH : Daniel Wellington Get Here                                                                                     ETIBO : Homemade
                                                   TROUSER : Versace
                                                   SHOE : Boohoo
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