Saturday, July 9


The Soir N°79 Link is a classic timepiece inspired by our favorite Scandinavian interior designs. This timepiece, crafted of gold-plated stainless steel, features our signature black marble-patterned dial and timeless link strap. The Soir collection was inspired by our most loved Scandinavian interior designs. The timepieces are presented in beautiful marbled packaging with velvet interior that mirrors the design elements of the Soir collection.
The Soir N°79 Link, instantly recognizable by the white Nicole Vienna logo on the watch dial, is a striking and bold accessory. The sleek watch case and beautiful all-gold details pair seamlessly with our signature black marble-patterned dial. The Soir N°79 Link is an elegant and classic timepiece that is destined to stand out, just like you.
The complimentary tool will allow you to adjust your wristband with ease and ensure your watch is a perfect fit for all occasions. You can easily change the strap of your Nicole Vienna timepiece to change your style whenever you choose, allowing you to effortlessly transition from day to night.
So many reasons to purchase a watch from Nicole Vienna, starting from the shipping which arrives real fast, to the packaging and down to the style and durability of the wrist watch. I would recommend this wrist watch as it wont go out of style, it is versatile and can fit in with lots of outfits. The price is very affordable as it suits the durability of the wrist watch. The design is unique and would always be noticed since the Mable cracks looks like its broken.

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