Wednesday, August 28, 2019


It is summer and we all want to look good while having fun and during travel trips. One very important part of an outfit is the hair, the hair really helps to elevate every look. Wearing nice hair can make you look really extra and nice. 

What type of hair is your favorite? Hair bundles are available for purchase Wiggins hair. There are mode varieties that you can choose from like the lace front wigs, full lace wigs, and Brazilian hair.

Lots of ladies prefer Brazilian hair because of its looks and how it feels. It comes in different quality, the texture and feel are very nice. Wearing good hair makes you look nice and organize. They are available for purchase in all colors, %100 unprocessed virgin human hair. It is said to have no shedding, no tangle, and no smell. Do you know that some hair can make you look disorganized because they keep falling apart and you just keep trying to fix them and that doesn't look nice at all?

Monday, August 26, 2019


It's been a while, sure you all are doing great? Life has been going on and lots of amazing things have been happening. Today's post is centered on how to style white dresses or how to style a white outfit. Styling is pretty tricky but with the right colors, textures, and accessories you will make any white outfit stand out. 
Photo by Rene Asmussen 

1. An all-white outfit is also cool and can be best worn to weddings, bridal showers, and beachside dates. Mixing different types of whites fabrics is a brilliant idea. There are different shades of white and matching them is another way to style the white.

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Buy the dress from Jarlo London. Check out the Petal lace dress, a perfect pick for you to a wedding. Pinkbasis red heel sandals

 2. We all know that the right accessories can uplift an outfit and so when wearing or styling white dresses, tops, pants and whatever the outfit might be let the accessories stand out in an artistic way. 

 3.  it's no doubt that white goes so well on a dark skin due to the contrast but if you want an extra pop on a white skin you can tan a little bit but whichever way the styling matters more and how you put your outfit together.

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The Nikit fold hem off-shoulder dress.
The sugar ruffles lace-up suede heels by Public desire also seen here, and my favorite woven bag also here.

4. Neutral colors best go with white outfits. They are very nice and are a good blend to any white outfit.

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Party dress from Every PrettyMirror sunnies from Szaleo, so much fun styling the large size Aztec print scarf halfway on my braids. Mike Suede Boots from public desire. Charms from Soufeel.
The wristwatch from AibiLaura Maryland Silver Gold With Germs Wristwatch. (coupon code MELODYJ using the code can enjoy $20 off for each purchase).

5. Mix match the textures to give a more stylish look to the monochromatic look. Mixing different fabric textures makes it look more daring and sophisticated. It doesn't just look like an ordinary all-white outfit combination but also looks well put together.

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Saturday, August 10, 2019

Herschel.com Travel Accessories: The most stylish Boxes, Waist bags, Backpacks and Duffels for travel.

Get cool stylish and modern travel bags with unique designs at Herschel. This brand was Driven to provide the everyday traveler with the perfect bags and accessories, Herschel Supply's Classic Collection has been thoughtfully designed from the ground up to include details that aid in daily journeys. Featuring timeless silhouettes inspired by the world around us, each piece evokes a bit of nostalgia yet offers modern functionality. The Herschel Supply Classic Collection continues to redefine timeless design while maintaining fine regard for detail.



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Sunday, August 04, 2019

Sunlight and mental health: Spending 10 minutes in the sun can improve your health and help you stay healthy

I am very sure that this is no news to many people about the relationship between our skin and the morning sun. Well, for a proper understanding of how it occurs keep reading. The sun contains ultraviolet (UVB) rays that hit our skin cells when we go under the sun, then it provides energy for vitamin D synthesis to occur.

People lack this vitamin but 10 minutes under the morning sunlight every day can help with the right amount of vitamin D. This is important because lack of vitamin D can be linked to the cause of depression, osteoporosis, muscle fragility and weakness, cancer, etc. This is sometimes overlooked but can also help improve your mood and your state of mind. Morning sunshine can make your day and improve your health.

Here are the benefits of sunlight.
Sunlight and darkness both trigger the secretion of different hormones in the body. Sunlight increases the release of serotonin in the brain. The hormone is associated with is said to be associated with boosting our mood and helps us to be more active. Decreased exposure to sunlight can cause a drop in serotonin levels thereby causing your mood to change this can even lead to depression. A good example or practical example is during rainy days, we feel dull and want to stay in bed all day but during sunny days we are so active and want to go to the beachside. This is another reason people gets depressed during winter.

Saturday, August 03, 2019

Bohemian dresses

The bohemian dress is a nomadic trend. Bohemian Dresses comes in different sizes and styles. The dresses are effortless and easy to style and wear. They also have a beautiful boho-luxe look some have an elegant silver thread through the Indian Cotton Gauze fabric. The nature of the fabric is that it is a little sheer, can be worn with or without a slip. They are very comfortable. They can be worn all year round, perfect for any occasion. To get that signature bohemian look, wear a with knee-high boot and your favourite denim jacket or throw on some silver sandals and hoop earrings. You can replace the sandals with a cowboy boot to get the western chic. Bohemian dresses can be worn in many ways. Most bohemian dresses are pretty decent, the length of the dresses are usually below the mid-calf and can be worn tied in a knot, hitched up or full length.

Some boho dresses are 70’s Vintage inspired,  some boho dresses have floaty four tiers from the waist with delicate frill detail. The dresses are pretty cute because of the adornments like the unique bells, tassels, and pom-poms added to the dresses. Some are made from soft 100% cotton gauze and screen printed vibrant prints of vintage Indian florals, elephants, and motifs. This incredible dresses can be gotten from Zaful, the styles are very impressive with a full list of design.



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