Wednesday, September 14


My white Alisa pan sleeveless short eyelet lace causal party dress from Every Pretty, is so lovely and fits my body perfectly. The flares sits directly on my waist and the V neck is moderately open for comfort. Every pretty is an online brand which offers You good quality dresses for affordable prices and with different style option. Dresses for special occasions are also available for purchase. The shipping takes 4 days to arrive, very perfect for an emergency situation. 

I am so in love with my Mirror sunnies from Szaleo, so much fun styling the large size Aztec print scarf  half way on my braids.The material feels so good, So many ways to style a scarf, and I this is one of my favorite. The scarf is one of my top pick for Autumn. You can also check out the new collection of fashion accessories , lots of items to purchase such a scarfs, tunics, blouses, sunglasses,hats, bags and lots more. Sales are also available.

I complimented my look my adding  my Mike Suede Boots from public desire. Lots of cute and trendy shoes that you can't resist. The boots are so comfortable and add a very quick life to your outfit.
I am also wearing my cute charms from Soufeel, customized with my picture, In my next post I will be sharing more details about soufeel charms with you.
Get My Beautiful wrist watch from Aibi, it is the Laura Maryland Silver Gold With Germs Wrist watch. (coupon code MELODYJ using the code can enjoy $20 off for each purchase).

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