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5 ways to help your skin stay radiant all the time

The biggest organ in the human body, the skin, is continuously exposed to the environment. What is going on inside us is reflected in our skin. Because the skin is made up of cells that are continually regenerating, you must eat the appropriate nutrients to keep your cells healthy. Use nutritional supplements to add radiance to your skin, especially during the summer. 5 ways to help your skin stay radiant all the time 

All cells require vitamins and minerals to replicate and repair DNA in the case of damage. Keep in mind that you are exposed to solar radiation while outside in the sun. To deal with the damage produced by continuous sun exposure, your cells require proper nutrition. Here are 5 nutritional supplements to help you keep your skin looking beautiful and glowing at all times.

Biotin, often known as vitamin B7, is a water-soluble vitamin that aids in the production of glucose, a sugar that provides energy to cells. It is also in charge of amino acid metabolism and fatty acid synthesis in order to keep the structure of skin cells intact. Dry, flaky skin, redness around the eyes, nose, and mouth, and hair loss are all symptoms of low biotin levels.

Antibiotics and medical conditions might prevent nutrients from being absorbed in the intestines, resulting in biotin deficiency. Biotin levels can be raised with the aid of supplements. A daily dose of 5 mg of biotin can assist restore normal biotin levels by helping your skin cells to generate lipids that protect them from inflammatory damage from the environment.


Veekee James beaded pearl luxury dress

Veekee James is a very skilled and talented designer. Her stunning designer dresses ranks top in the Nigerian luxury clothing line. She looks elegant wearing her own design.

20 Delightful Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Cakes

Whether you just dislike traditional wedding cakes or are fascinated with a particular sweet delicacy, your wedding dessert is the ideal chance to communicate your preferences with your guests. Are you ready for some motivation? Consider adding extra goodies to a traditional cake (macarons, flowers, bubbles, inscriptions or doughnuts etc, opting for a unique style of wedding cake will give your big day a special touch. Celebrate life's special occasions with the beautiful Sally Cooper special occasion cakes based in West Cumbria.


How much protein do you need to lose weight?

Protein consumption is one of the most essential components of weight loss, and it must be checked and changed as needed. Protein is involved in a variety of bodily functions and is especially vital when you're short on energy since it aids in the maintenance of lean muscle mass.

We'll look at how to adjust your protein intake at different phases of weight reduction in this post. How Much Should Your Protein Intake Be Increased? How much protein should I consume daily? All of this will be covered in the article.

Why should you alter your protein consumption?

Weight loss may be divided into two categories: 1) weight loss and 2) body fat reduction. The body will have less energy to build, repair, and retain muscle mass if calorie intake is reduced.

Weight Loss

When it comes to the initial stage of weight loss, the calorie content of the diet has a larger role in attaining the objective. We begin to lose fat and muscle mass at various rates as a result of a change in food and a drop in energy expenditure, which is reflected in a fall in overall weight.

Try these 30 bright summer nail design trends.

If you're still looking for hot summer manicure designs to try, you'll want to try one of these colourful and vibrant nails by Indigo nails UK, since they're colourful and match the summer theme well. While September is gradually making an appearance, summer is still having its moment. Get your nails done and put on some makeup, look good, since winter is coming and you don't want to look back and regret not going to the park, eating ice cream, travelling, or hanging out late at night.


Stunning maternity photos of Sandra Ikeji

Sandra Ikeji shared these breathtaking pregnancy photographs on Instagram. She looks stunning in a pink transparent eye-catching kimono with flowing sleeves.

Photography @trans4mazfotography
Outfit @thesisterscreation
Creative dir. @lyndaisika
Special thanks @layoleoyatogun



Beautiful travel photos of Balat, Istanbul, Turkey.

These vibrant photographs of Balat are really stunning. I'm curious how the residents feel, given how optimistic the colours are. It's a breath of fresh air to behold and a work of art to capture. Have you ever visited Turkey? Would you like to visit, just before you decided to feed your eyes on these beautiful photos of Balat, Karakoy, Maiden's Tower, Yenikoy, Taksim and küçükpazar captured by MstfatyfnYou can make such fantastic pictures even with the cheap canon camera.

Balat is a down-to-earth area with winding cobblestone lanes and vibrant homes, where fashionable cafés and cutting-edge galleries coexist with traditional local grocers. The Greek Ecumenical Patriarchate basilica, synagogues, and Byzantine churches all bear witness to the area's multicultural history as a hub for Jewish, Greek, and Armenian populations. Golden mosaics and vivid frescoes adorn the Chora Museum.


53 Latest bridal gele and makeup ideas for 2021

I can boldly say that Nigerian brides make up for one of the most beautiful brides in the world both traditionally and culturally. The glam just keeps getting better. In Nigeria, traditional weddings are the most significant wedding, and every bride wishes to appear explicitly heavenly on her wedding day. It's important to invest in a talented makeup artist, gele stylish, and stunning accessories to ensure that you look exquisite on your traditional wedding/engagement day. Here are some stunning bridal-inspired gele and beauty looks you're sure to adore by Dazeita. A makeup artist and educator based in Abuja, Nigeria.


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8 Nutritional health benefits of Ginger

Zingiber officinale is a flowering plant that is popularly known as ginger. Ginger's root (rhizome) is a popular ingredient in a variety of cuisines; moreover, ginger has been used medicinally throughout Asia and Africa for thousands of years, most notably in India.

Ginger may be used in a variety of ways. It is edible both fresh and dried. Additionally, it is accessible as tinctures, capsules,, and lozenges. Ginger oil and ginger extract are also available commercially.

Ginger has very rare adverse effects. However, excessive intake of ginger may cause heartburn, diarrhoea, or oral discomfort. Avoid ginger Consumption if you are prone to bleeding. Consult your healthcare provider before beginning ginger supplements if you intend to use them frequently, have gallstones, or are using any blood-thinning medicines.

Cee-C in xtrabrideslagos dress for Assistant Madams movie premiere

Cynthia Nwadiora is popularly known as (Cee-C) never disappoints when it comes to appearing elegant and luxe. She attended the movie premiere Assistant Madams in a beautiful dress by xtrabrideslagos top Nigerian designer.

Outfit: @xtrabrideslagos
Makeup: @bibyonce
📸: @boboiso
Hair: Cut and styled by @tayocuts


Osas Ighodaro in a green dress for Assistant Madams movie premiere

Osas Ighodaro is an Actor, host, producer, entrepreneur, humanitarian and founder of @JoyfulJoyFdn. She glows in a neon green front slit dress Assistant Madams movie premiere 

Styling - @s.b.youme for @thestudiobysbym
Makeup - @blendmakeoverr
Hairstyling- @ivys_place_
Hair - @sylviahair
Photographer - @horlaroflagos


What are the symptoms of COVID-19?

Some persons who have been infected with the virus show no signs or symptoms. Symptoms associated with the virus are chills, a cough, discomfort, and a lack of appetite. Certain people have been affected more negatively by COVID-19 since it might cause more serious symptoms. , such as a high temperature, a strong cough, and shortness of breath, all of which are signs of pneumonia.

COVID-19 patients may also have neurological, gastrointestinal (GI), or both symptoms. These can happen with or without respiratory symptoms.


Shop luxury beaded hairbands for affordable prices

Find your crowning glory with these luxury beaded headbands, which will give your outfit a stylish touch. Hair ties and scrunchies provide a sense of ‘90s cool to ponytails and buns, while hair clips, slides, and barrettes make a dramatic statement in pearls and dazzling jewels. Finish up updos with elegant headbands, which are perfect for weddings, everyday styling and special occasions. Shop luxury beaded hairbands for affordable prices.


Are patients with COVID-19 prone to developing other diseases?

Is it true that after recovering from COVID-19, people are more prone to get other diseases?

The coronavirus that causes COVID-19 can permanently harm the lungs, heart muscle, kidneys, brain, and other organs. Furthermore, some persons (called "long haulers") who recover from COVID's severe symptoms may experience debilitating tiredness, trouble thinking, and other symptoms that make it impossible to function normally at work or at home.

As if the pain wasn't bad enough, it's becoming evident that people who recover from COVID have a higher chance of contracting a number of other diseases. Research published online by the journal Nature on April 22, 2021, compared 73,000 U.S. veterans who survived COVID against almost five million non-hospitalized veterans without COVID and another big group with pneumonia caused by. In terms of age, sex, race and ethnicity, neighbourhood where they resided, patient's previous medical history, use of medical services, and other factors, the two comparison groups were similar to the COVID group. All of the groups were monitored for four months on average. People who "recovered" from COVID were more likely to acquire new health issues during that period, such as heart attacks, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, muscle inflammation, diabetes and blood clots in their lungs. COVID patients had a 60 per cent greater chance of dying during the study. People became more vulnerable to infections as a result of the coronavirus's response to the body, even after the virus's symptoms had ended. Although individuals who had been sickest with COVID had the highest risk of these diseases, even those who were only slightly ill had a higher risk.


35 Valya_lelyukh makeup ideas that will make you look expensive.

Valya_lelyukh is a makeup artist and stylist based in Odesa, Ukraine. She is the founder of the school studio for hairstyles and makeup tutorials. These lavish makeup styles are beautifully and neatly done with a touch of drama and exquisite luxe.


Urinary Tract Infection in Women

What is Urinary Tract Infection in Women?

A urinary tract infection is an infection that affects the organs responsible for producing and excreting urine. The kidneys, ureters (long, narrow tubes linking the kidneys to the bladder), bladder, and urethra are among these structures. When looking at urinary tract infections, medical professionals generally categorize them into two different types: lower tract infections and upper tract infections.

Infections of the lower tract — Cystitis is an infection of the bladder (bladder infection). Bacteria found in the intestine are the most common cause of lower urinary tract infections. Bacteria spread from the anus to the urethra and then to the bladder, they grow and cause infection.

Upper urinary tract infections affect the ureters and kidneys. These kidney infections are referred to as pyelonephritis. Upper urinary tract infections are often caused by germs travelling up the urinary system from the bladder into the kidney. They can happen when bacteria travel via the bloodstream from other parts of the body and settle in the kidney.

Women are significantly more likely than males to be affected because their urethras are shorter, allowing germs to enter the bladder more easily. Bacteria can move upward into the bladder during sexual intercourse. Additionally, the use of contraceptive diaphragms and spermicides may alter the natural bacterial environment around the urethra, increasing the risk of infection.

Pregnant women are at an increased risk of cystitis and pyelonephritis because of temporary changes in the physiology and anatomy of the urinary system. Kidney and bladder infections can be extremely dangerous for pregnant women and their unborn children since they raise the chance of preterm labour or delivery, as well as the death of the fetus or newborn infant.


63 exquisitely designed cupcakes by Lila cake shop.

What an exquisite collection of beautifully decorated cupcakes. Cupcakes are a great way to create an eye-catching display. With so many tastes, colours, and presentation possibilities for these adorable little cakes, maybe the ideal match for your nuptials. Continue scrolling to view 63 unique cupcake ideas by Lila.cakeshop.


Uterine And Bladder Prolapse? Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatments

What is Uterine And Bladder Prolapse?

The uterus and bladder are kept in their normal locations just above the inside end of the vagina by a "hammock" of supportive muscles and ligaments. Due to wear and tear on these pelvic supporting structures, the bladder floor and the bottom of the uterus bladder floor, sag through the muscle and ligament layers.

When this occurs, the uterus or bladder may protrude into the vaginal opening. In extreme situations, the sagging uterus or bladder might descend far enough that the bulge appears at or protrudes from the vaginal opening.

Uterine prolapse occurs when the uterus sags downward. When the bladder sags, this is referred to as bladder prolapse, which is also referred to as a cystocele.

Various stressors can lead to prolapse of the pelvic muscles and ligaments, resulting in uterine or bladder prolapse. The strongest stress on these muscles and ligaments occurs during delivery. Prolapse is more likely to occur in women who have had several pregnancies and vaginal delivery.

Constipation with a habit of regular straining to evacuate faeces and a chronic cough might contribute to prolapse. Additionally, obesity can put pressure on the pelvic muscles.

Support difficulties in the pelvis exacerbate during menopause, as the pelvic tissues rely on estrogen to maintain their tone, and estrogen levels decline the following menopause.

According to some physicians, almost half of all women may experience some degree of uterine or bladder prolapse in the years following childbirth. These conditions go undiagnosed and untreated in the majority of women. Only 10% to 20% of women with pelvic prolapse seek medical attention for their symptoms.

Uveitis: Causes, Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment

What Is Uveitis

Uveitis simply means the inflammation of the part of the eye called the uvea. The uvea is also known as the uveal tract. It is a continuous layer of fibrous tissue that surrounds the eye.  It is made up of three structures: 

The iris — The iris is the doughnut-shaped portion of the eye that gives it its colour.

The choroid — The choroid is a  membrane filled with small blood vessels that lines the eye.

The ciliary body — A thick ring of tissue that helps control the lens. It is attached to the iris, also to the front portion of the choroid.

Depending on which portion of the uvea is damaged, several terms are used to describe the disease. They are as follows:

Iritis (anterior uveitis) – Affects the iris and the front part of the uvea.

Iridocyclitis is a condition that affects the iris and ciliary body.

Intermediate uveitis (also known as pars planitis) is a condition that affects the uvea in the centre, between the retina and the ciliary body.

Posterior uveitis (choroiditis) – Affects the choroids and the posterior section of the uvea.

Diffuse uveitis is a condition in which the whole uvea is inflamed.

Iridocyclitis and anterior uveitis are the two most common types of uveitis. Posterior uveitis is an uncommon condition.


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You'll adore these 64 new Ankara designs.

What Nigerians and Africans are doing with Ankara now is incredible. The options are numerous, from beautifully designed blouses and skirts to elegant tops, dresses, gowns, purses, shoes, and even book designs. Stay updated with the new trendy Ankara styles.

It is progressively becoming a popular trend for women and young attractive ladies in Nigeria and other African countries to wear these handcrafted dresses for special events such as birthdays, weddings, Aso-Ebi, baby showers and special occasions. Here are the trendiest Ankara styles.


Can vitamins and minerals supplements prevent prostate cancer?

Is it true that vitamin and mineral supplements can help prevent prostate cancer?

Can some vitamins help lower my chance of prostate cancer?

Most studies on vitamin and mineral supplements had disappointing results. Some appear to raise the risk of prostate cancer.

Multivitamins. One standard multivitamin every day has no effect on the risk of prostate cancer.

Vitamin B12 with folic acid
Vitamin B12 with folic acid High blood levels of these two vitamins have been linked to an increased risk of cancer in some studies. However, this isn't proof that the supplements cause prostate cancer.


The facts about sex and testosterone

Testosterone is a hormone that plays an essential part in men's health, but its primary purpose is to enhance sex drive and performance.

Testosterone levels tend to drop as people become older. They reach a peak in early adulthood and then begin to decline at a rate of up to 1% each year around the age of 40. An injury or disease (such as an infection), chemotherapy or radiation treatment, or some medicines can induce a sudden fall.

Men might suffer from a weak libido and erectile dysfunction when testosterone levels drop too low. Low levels can also lead to tiredness, mood swings, loss of muscular mass, and bone strength.

Most men can maintain sufficient testosterone levels long into their late adulthood. Maintaining good health might also assist to slow down the ageing process. Many older men, however, consider testosterone replacement treatment (TRT) as a way to replenish decreased levels. It's reasonable to believe that TRT might make a man feel younger and give his sex life more physical strength and good health.

Plant protein may help you in living a longer life.

Protein is necessary for men to maintain muscle mass and strength as they age. According to research published online by JAMA Internal Medicine on July 13, 2020, the source of that protein may also influence how long people live. Scientists studied the diets of almost 400,000 people aged 50 and over who ate plant-based protein, red meat, and eggs. After then, they were tracked for more than 16 years. People who ate primarily plant protein rather than red meat or egg protein had a 13 per cent to 24 per cent decreased chance of dying from any cause.


63 Beautiful summer/fall cake design ideas for any occasion

Whether you're throwing a birthday celebration or a barbeque with friends, this selection of summer cakes ideas will provide you with fun creative cake designs to try!  Colty Beth has produced a lot of buttercream cakes and we're excited to share our favourites from the collection of birthday cakes. We hope you will discover something on this list that you will enjoy!


AY at 50 best-dressed celebrity guests and their stylists.

Ayodeji Makun popularly known as Ay comedian recently celebrated his birthday and the celebrity attendee list was top notch from Ini Edo, toke Makinwa, Mercy, Toyin etc. Here are the best celebrity outfits from his birthday celebration.

Alex Unusual
Designer @veekeejames_official
Stylist @medlinboss
📸 @officialphotofreak
Hair @patricksbeautyzone
Makeup @atikemakeovers


Does human growth hormone slow ageing process?

Natural growth hormone is produced and secreted by the pituitary gland in the brain. It is responsible for early body development when combined with other hormones such as IGF-1 (insulin growth factor 1).

Growth hormone helps the body utilise fat for energy and continues to play a role in protein creation throughout your life. Children that are deficient in growth hormone do not reach their full height potential and have short stature. In these children, the FDA approved a synthetic human growth hormone (HGH) as a substitute, which helps them grow taller.

Synthetic HGH became a popular but illegal performance-enhancing drug in the early 1980s. The hype around human growth hormone and superior athletic performance has always been bigger than reality.

Understanding and treating chronic pelvic pain syndrome

Chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS), commonly known as chronic prostatitis, is one of the most perplexing and difficult-to-manage diseases that affects older men. For males, the condition is all-too-real, and it's also one of the hardest to treat.

After the age of 50, males frequently experience "down there" discomfort. Cramping, aching, or throbbing discomfort in and around your pelvis and genitals might be the cause. You could also experience problems in the bedroom and the bathroom. While the issues are real, determining what is causing them is frequently challenging.


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New Prostate Cancer Testing Methods

PSA blood testing is highly regarded as an efficient method of monitoring disease activity in males diagnosed with prostate cancer. PSA testing, on the other hand, is problematic as a prostate cancer screening technique.

While PSA levels usually increase as men age, very high levels may indicate prostate cancer. Unless there has been a rapid spike from a considerably lower value, a PSA level of fewer than 4 nanograms per millilitre (ng/mL) is often reassuring. Many physicians consider a total PSA level greater than 10 ng/mL to be the threshold for obtaining a biopsy to rule out cancer.

What if your PSA level is between 4 and 10 ng/mL?

While a man with a PSA level in this range may still have prostate cancer, other possible reasons such as an enlarged or inflammatory prostate are equally likely. Should you have a biopsy or should you wait?

Men with somewhat to moderately high PSA levels can now undergo additional noninvasive testing before undergoing a biopsy. It is essential to speak with a urologist to determine the next appropriate measures. "Discussing these alternatives with a urologist might help men avoid an unnecessary and uncomfortable procedure with possible side effects," says Dr Marc Garnick, a urologic cancer expert affiliated with Harvard's Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

Here's an overview of these tests and how they can help you and your doctor determine if you require a biopsy.


Choosing the right Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Medication

If you maintain a sexually active life as you age, you increase your chances of needing an erectile dysfunction (ED) drug.

Around 25% of men in their 50s, according to estimates, have trouble getting erections. When males reach their 60s, this number increases to about 50%, and to 60% when they reach their 70s.

"Unfortunately, as men age, their erections do not improve," says Dr Michael O'Leary, head of men's health at the Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women's Hospital. "However, the good news is that there is no age restriction on the use of ED medications. You may continue to take them as long as you can have intercourse safely."

Nail design trends for summer/fall 2021

We were just getting ready for a hot Girl Summer a few weeks ago, and now fall coming, and our warm-weather weekends are numbered.

There are simple nail art alternatives for everyone this season, with patterns ranging from abstract to graphic, vibrant to subtle. A remixed French manicure and checkerboard patterns are among the updated versions of '90s favourites. Do you want something a little more fun and artistic for your nails while transitioning from summer to fall? Here are the 60 different nail design trends to try.


Who requires prostate cancer hormone therapy?

There are a variety of methods for treating cancer that has spread to the prostate gland. On one end, there's cautious waiting (starting therapy only if symptoms appear) and on the other, there's active observation (periodic testing to see if cancer progresses). The surgical removal of the prostate, on the other hand, is an option.

Depending on the stage of localized cancer: radiation therapy, which may be administered alone or in combination with hormone therapy, commonly known as androgen deprivation therapy (ADT).

Dr Atish D. Choudhury, co-director of the Prostate Cancer Center at Harvard-affiliated Dana-Farber Disease Institute, states, "Hormone treatment is a strong weapon in the battle against prostate cancer because it starves the cancer of the fuel that drives its development and spread."


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Subtle but dramatic everyday makeup ideas

Makeup may be dramatic while yet being wearable daily. Delia Maite makeup skills are pretty neat. The German makeup artist is very good with subtle dramatic makeup which can also be worn as daily makeup. If are looking for some everyday makeup inspiration and will like to go bold then here are everyday makeup ideas you might want to try out. They are subtle with a little bit of drama.


Birthday pictures of actress Funke Akindele Bello

Stunning images of Nigerian diva Funke Akindele, director of the famous drama Jenifas dairy, looked dashing as she uploaded photos of her birthday shoot on Instagram. She looked stunning in her blue gown, and we can safely say that blue is her colour. Allow your eyes to feast on these images that exude elegance and luxury. Styled the one and only Medlinboss.

Styled by @sevondejana
👗 @somobysomo
💄 @bimpeonakoya
📸 @photokulture
💇🏽‍♀️ @hairbyehis
Now let me get back to work!! #shemustbeobeyedmovie #onabikolevel🗣 #sceneoneproductions #funkeakindele #funkeakindelebello


Quotes reminding you that you deserve better.

Occasionally, we lose sight of what we deserve as a result of allowing negative ideas and vibes to infiltrate our inner minds, thus impacting our mental health. A gentle reminder can assist us in escaping harmful friendships, marriages, and relationships. If you're wondering whether you deserve better than being treated unfairly, the answer is a resounding yes. Take a look at the quotes below that act as constant reminders that you are worth more.


78 Dresses with Metallic tones that you will adore

Metallic tone dresses are stunning and provide the costly appearance and elegance you're seeking for. Standing out at any event is entirely dependent on your outfit and hairstyle. These are beautiful dress styles that are now popular on Instagram worn mostly by Nigerian celebrities for birthdays, wedding guests, and other important events. 


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The hottest press on nail designs 2021

Fall is the season when nature resets its beauty. It is the perfect season to try something new. Deep and muted red, yellow, grey, and orange manicure colours with a lot of glitters are really popular this autumn. We gathered all the trendiest fall nail ideas and listed them for you so you don't have to strain to discover the finest fall nail designs by Pressed by Charlotte_.


Assisting a middle school student who is being bullied

Supporting a middle schooler who has been bullied

Your teen comes home from middle school with his or her head down in astonishment. When you inquire about their day, they bury their heads in their hands, cry, and reveal that their closest buddy is spreading stories about them around the school and refusing to allow them to sit with any of their friends at lunch.

Your heart begins to sink. Perhaps you recall how middle school can be a struggle for relationships in a variety of ways. You might feel protective and want to contact your friend's parents to give them a piece of your mind, but try to avoid that urge. Being present for your kid right now is one of the finest ways to assist them. How do you go about doing it, and what other options do you have? Three suggestions are provided below.


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AS Monaco football team just arrived in Ukraine.


AS Monaco football team just arrived in Ukraine for the football match up with FC Shakhtar Donetsk taking place at Metalist stadium Kharkiv city on the 25 August 2021.  AS Monaco to face Shakhtar in the playoffs.

𝑭𝒊𝒏𝒂𝒍 𝑨𝒄𝒕 💥
#ShakhtarASM #roadtochampions #metalist #Shakhtar #shakhtardonetsk #france #asmonaco #asmónaco #asmonacofc #monaco

Radoslaw Majewski (raddy.majewski)

Mixa Intensive Care Dry Skin Cream Review

I decided to change my body cream in summer and I am loving the feeling. The body cream I use in winter was a bit heavy for my skin in summer so I switched to Mixa intensive care dry skin. Tho on this cream it is written Rich body milk, intense nourishment, dry and very skin but it suits the weather perfectly. I wanted a cream that won't make my skin or so oily. It suits my skin in summer but in winter it will be too dry for my skin. The effect lasts for 24hrs as it nourishes your skin intensively to prevent dryness. 


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32 Cute fall nail designs and art to try in 2021

Are you searching for fall nail inspiration? Fall manicure designs for 2021 range from adorable and cosy plaids to lovely pastels with sparkling gold patterns to the typically edgy ruby red glitter and burnt orange. There are patterns and colours to suit everyone, whether you like to keep your nail art basic or go all out. Check 32 cute fall nails and art inspiration for fall.


Cozy fall sweaters to shop now

Nothing quite says autumn like wearing a gorgeous fall sweater and heading to a harvest festival or curling up on the couch with a soft blanket. As it gets colder we start bringing out our warms clothes to prevent the cold.


What to eat for breakfast on Monday: Bread, egg, and tea.

Eating light on a Monday morning will help you stay active and functional at your office. Never miss your breakfast it is a very important meal of the day. Starting from today, I will be sharing delicious and healthy meal ideas every Monday morning.


Beyoncé & Jay-Z For Tiffany & Co

Beyonce just shared a photo on Instagram featuring Jay Z for their Tiffany and co collaboration and brand ambassadorship. She captioned the photo" about love.


Monday quotes to help you get through the day

Monday motivational quotes are designed to give you a positive mindset and start for the week. Mondays are the most difficult days of the week but the grind is necessary. While you are preparing for work and having breakfast, here are motivational Monday quotes that will give you a positive mindset for the day. Remember no bad vibe and just keep being positive.


Professional Nail Ideas for Work 2021

Is there work appreciate nails? the answer is yes. There are nail designs that are work appropriate. Neutral nails, french tips are work appropriate. 

Are you looking for work-appropriate nail designs and art? Perhaps you've always worn the same colour or trimmed your nails the same length and are wanting to switch things up but are concerned about what your nails will say at work? not to worry because t's another beautiful Monday and I have listed 41 work-appropriate nail ideas you can wear to work, scroll down to view.


Today, wear a pantsuit to work.

Starting the week after partying have had much fun during the weekend can be a bit of a struggle but with the right outfit, you get to wake up, dress up and vibe. Suits are perfect for work styles especially Mondays. Business professional attire consists of a suit or pantsuit with a button-down shirt (typically with a tie) or a knee-length pencil skirt and blazer. Your business suit should be precisely made to fit you. If you're going to wear heels, make sure they're closed-toed and three inches or shorter.

What are you wearing to work today? work outfit ideas for you.


Wedding cakes that evoke a feeling of Raw love.

At this point what is a wedding without a cake that portrays pure art? Marina Machado cakes are pure art. Watching some videos she posted on her Instagram of the making of the cake, is so mind-blowing. This cake artist is one of the best I have seen in a while. Her cakes evoke a feeling of ancient feeling, ethereal elegance, beauty and raw love. The designs have entices power, great textures that feature cakes designs such as broken pillars, stones, mesmerising deciduous vines, flower blooms, concretes, papers, ruffles and more.

Marina has been featured on Vogue, Grazia, the Lane. Here are my favourite cake designs for any wedding.

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