Saturday, June 12, 2021

6 yummy breakfast ideas to kickstart your day.

Being that breakfast is the first meal of the day which is taken in the morning is always good to eat breakfast before going to work. Breakfast is an essential meal that helps us to functions well. Fasting for a long time in the morning after not eating all night limits the body's ability to burn calories, leading to fat storage. It replaces your glucose supply to help you feel more energized and alert, as well as supplying other vital nutrients for optimal health. This is why breakfast is the most important meal of the day and a mood booster.

6 healthy yummy breakfast that will help you kick-start your day

1. Cauliflower Waffle is topped with s almond milk cream cheese, avocado, smoked salmon, poached egg, and bagel seasoning and fresh dill.

2. Avocado Toast with Creamy Kale Cashew Pesto, Slow & Soft Scrambled Eggs, Cherry Tomatoes, Fresh Basil, and Black Pepper on paleo bread.

3. Roasted Tomato Avocado Toast on Multigrain Bread topped with za’atar.

4.Avocado Toast Spiralized Sweet Potato Waffles, topped with mashed avo with lemon, heirloom cherry tomatoes, feta, basil, and black sea salt.

5. Avocado Toast with Fried Egg, Calabrian Pepper Sauce and Flake Salt on Toasted Ezekiel Bread. Just a typical toast when an extra kick.

6. Breakfast sourdough Sandwich with Bacon, Fried Egg, Sautéed Kale, Spicy avocado Mayo, and Micro Greens.

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