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Where can you get the best deals on Iphone 12 in the united states?

If you were expecting to get a good price on Apple's latest, the iPhone 12 series, during Amazon Prime Day, you're out of luck - iPhone 12 deals aren't included in this year's sale.

That doesn't rule out the possibility of a terrific deal on one of the handsets. While Amazon isn't offering any discounts on the iPhone 12 series, other merchants and carriers are.

Where you look relies entirely on how you want to use your smartphone. Do you want an unlocked phone or a full cell phone plan? If it's unlocked, the Apple Store is your best bet, and for a complete contract, Verizon is currently offering the best pricing.

While Amazon's Prime Day sale appears to be short on iPhone bargains, there are lots of other amazing phones available. The greatest is from Samsung, and we've compiled a list of the top deals below.

View Deals here. Where can you get the best deals on iPhone 12 in the united states?


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