Friday, December 18

Saturday, November 21


Another trendy outfit from Dresslily, summer was just amazing. Lots of  cool trends like the button front A line skirt. You can get mine from dresslily, it is the Trendy  button design A-line denim skirt the denim material is hard, i love when my denim feels hard, i am a size small and the skirt suits my perfectly. I paired it with my Long sleeve round neck poker pattern sweatshirt .. oh my i love the poker design.. of course i am a queen..lol and Shiweibao male quartz leather wrist watch also from dresslily. You can shop with Dresslily for less, affordable outfit, trendy wears and jewelries. Do you love the way i styled this outfit? or do you want to get any these? all you need do is click on the link, create an account and start shopping. I featured an outfit in my previous post wearing a sneaker and bag from dresslily which was titled how to wear sneaker with skirt, you can check it out. 
Full details of my outfit is as follows
Skirt: Dresslily
Sweatshirt: Dresslily
Wrist watch : Dresslily
Shoes: Bershka
Sunglasses : Freyrs
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Tuesday, November 17


One of my favorite maxi at the moment, i love the style and the #floral prints its so cute and gorgeous. I love everything about this dress, the tropical print gives you a beach and vocation feel.
Let me introduce Vlable London, it is an online store that deals on mostly female clothing's with unique styles, colors and details.
The length of this dress is perfect and the dress suits me just as i wanted. This dress is still available, you can pick yours up, it is the Vlable Floral Dress and it is also available in different sizes. Styling this dress could be a little tricky, i styled it with a heeled leather brown sandals from centro which my friend got and never liked so it ended up with me. I added my knitted bag from Cndirect to style up my look.
Do you like this dress? Do you also like the way i styled mine? you can leave a comment below on how you think this dress can be best styled.
Thank you for stopping by 
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Thursday, November 12


Introducing you to ANKIT an online store that focuses on a large chain of designs on items. 
I love the style and concept besides each design, very inspirational and active.
I am so in love with my Ankit pastel floral headphones, so cute and adorable.

These headphones are very cool and could be used in the gym, i prefer this style of headphones because it stays firmly to the ears, it is so loud with a nice base. My Strong is the new skinny sports bottle can't help but motivate myself to work keep working out. 
You can get home decor, tech, and accessories from Ankit
That's it guys if you want to get this, please visit the online store.

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Wednesday, November 11


I love the cute and adorable look i had on last weekend. I wanted something really girly.
It was a very cold day, my dear..humm i nearly got frozen, i was so cold, this was the best i could do in 2 mins.
I am not writing much because i want to go over to the post office and pick up my parcel. So guys what do you think about my pink cuti cuti makeup by Makeupbychioma.
To view what we use to achieve this look, keep reading.
If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to drop a comment. 
With love from your makeup artist, Chioma.  
I know you are itching to see the full outfit, i promise you would love it, but before than lets keep being social
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Tuesday, November 10


 During this shoot i had this free feel...you wont just understand. I have gotten to the level whereby i have to but my emotions to flow with my outfit. Listening to Femi by Brymo...ah..ah..ah just kept the flow.
 Restyling gives me a room to be more creative and stylish. I love restyling because i  always have the privilege to really express myself. Its a trendy right look? yeah and this is my own way to present it to you. Being stylish to me has to deal with your insight, mood and push. I will explain more to you when i write about my blogging tips. Adding a jacket to your outfit totally transform it.
I am wearing the
  knit wear : Bershka: 
Jumper : Bershka
Bag : Mdk
Victoria Beckham Bag
Lace up boots : Ami club wear

Monday, November 9


I was so cold and weak; I was sleepy and dizzy. Did anyone notice that the leaves falling are looking like they are being forced to fall down? They are not so yellow, and they look angry. lol

Obtaining a schoolgirl look is easy. My look involves a shirt, a plaid skirt, and a black pair of shoes.
I will leave some pictures and tips showing you how to obtain a schoolgirl look. It does not necessarily have to be a combination of a plaid skirt and a white shirt.
This Sexy School Girl 3 PIECE costume is from Amiclubwear; you can also get shoes and bags, which are very affordable.
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Thanks for reading. Have a lovely weekend.


Saturday, November 7


Good morning world, how are you all doing? weekend just started for me and i am loving it. Lets talk about evening dresses.
How beautiful and elegant everyone would love to look to any occasion. I love beautiful, simple and gorgeous Evening dresses. To me wearing a simple body fitted cute evening dress will be perfect. You have no worries when it comes to Promtimes, they've got evening dresses of all kinds, style and design.
  Quality really matters when choosing a dress for an outing or occasion of any kind., which makes Promtimes.co.uk a reliable source for quality evening dresses. They offer high quality stylish evening dresses which are very affordable. You can get Evening dresses under $50, very nice deal. Like i said previously, i love simple and stylish evening dresses like the pink evening dresses, i love the fit it gives.You should check out the Plus size evening dresses, absolutely amazing. You can also Purchase dresses for  different occasions such as prom dresses,wedding dresses, cocktail dresses and lots more. I also have lots of fav evening  dresses i will be sharing with you, the link to each dress will be below the image. hope you love my choice, visit the online store, tell a friend to tell a friend,share on your social networks and tell me what you think about  Promtimes.  
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                                Scoop Sleeveless Sweep/Brush Train Pink Evening Dresses ED0078

Friday, November 6


How calm and lonely she looks, a beautiful young lady, craving for love, sitting in front of her house, trying to engage herself with something. I guess love left her so soon, ohh the video calls and chats wont just help her lonely heart. Those times after her class, she gets an invite to a restaurant to ease the day's stress..ahh.. still thinking what can she do? 

I guess she is left with no answer, she is wearing her necklace from the peach box, she restyled her dress, which she stole from her sister into a top,,  pairing it with a skirt from Incity ,  pair of brown lace up shoes from Boohoo, .... can he just see how good he looks, yeah she really wants to hear his compliments, wake up Mel, you fantasizing a lot .lol
Thank for reading.


Thursday, November 5


The day is bright, its bright and fair, oh happy day, a day of rest. A lovely Friday, with a very lovely weather, picture perfect indeed. you can see it from the pictures. Weather is bright and beautiful, it felt like summer was coming back.
This simple long sleeve floral print from Yoins just brought out a more matured look of  Melody..lol.. I looked bigger and serious. Anyways i still love the flow, suits the season.
I decided to keep it very simple, and i also wanted to dress warm. Adding a black coat wasn't a bad idea. I was so happy on this day, i started dancing during the shoot.
I know that, not everyone likes floral prints, i do not have lots of floral prints in my wardrobe.
  Knee high boots are one of fall's hottest trend, did you notice?.
 I have about 2 photos i didn't post, i was wearing knee high boots.This style of  boots are versatile and a statement item. They are available in different forms, so getting your style is never difficult.
Details:Shirt ; Yoins, Skirt : Terranova, Boot:  Centro, Coat : Forced Gift
Dont forget to tell me what you think about wearing floral prints and also Visit Yoins.
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Wednesday, November 4


 So i had just one lecture, and it wasn't so cold, so it was a picture perfect day.
I got inspired by The Styleglaxay, when i saw her pair a white turtle neck knitwear with a blue round neck knitwear.
I love this hat so much, my friend chioma is already giving the alert for me to stop..lol. Anyways not my fault it seems to fit with most outfits.
Our focus today is on the YELLOW BUS BAG, i love the shape and the concept, it was a statement, and i loved every moment i walked on the street carry this bag. Apart from the fact it added color and style to my outfit, this bag can be used for a mini intercity travel for those who do not carry much during travel.
Unfortunately, this bag is out of stock, but soon it will be in stock so not to worry you still stand a chance of getting yours. If you read my previous post i told you how shopping with Pepaloves can be fun.
More photos below, in the main time here are my outfit details; Jeans- shein, Knitwear- Bershka, Wedges-Boohoo, Hat-Cndirect, Hair extension- Irresistible me
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Tuesday, November 3


So guys, how is the week going? Mine started today.
Let me share with you something you would love. Wigsbuy is an online store that deals on quality wigs of all types. Firstly we all know how important a wig can be, that bad hair day issues, laziness and all that. Getting a good wig has been made easy by wigsbuy.
Anyways just to let you know that the online store has hair extensions, wigs, hair accessories of different lengths and style. 
Shopping with the online store is fun, join the Cyber Monday http://shop.wigsbuy.com/s/Cyber-Monday-13/  and get big bonuses and discount up to 88% off your order, don't miss 2015 cyber Monday wigs and the best cyber wigs. The sales are huge, it is always a happy moment.

Who loves curly African American wigs? I love this type of wings, gives a natural look. You can get this cheap curly African American wigs here http://shop.wigsbuy.com/Custom-Curly-African-American-Wigs-101879/ and cheap curly wigs and curly wigs for black women, for very affordable prices.

      150% Density Beautiful Long Afro-curly Hairstyle Capless Wig Synthetic Hair 16 Inches
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