Saturday, November 28


You deserve to show it off, show your unique beauty wearing a gorgeous elegant dress. Some like it long, shorts, it all depends on you, what ever goes with your body and makes you feel comfortable, go for it. I always say this, i am going to wear a body fitted wedding dress, with glitters, Not like i hate long flowing wedding dresses, i just prefer fitted dresses to the flare or A-line wedding dress style.
  Today Cocomelody is introducing Her dresses to all the ladies, you must have come across the online store, they've got gorgeous and amazing wedding dresses. Did i ever tell you that not all wedding dresses would fit a particular venue, when picking your wedding dress, you all have to consider the venue, so it can go along with the style and mood of your dress... hey.. don't forget him while doing that.

     Delicate Ball Gown Sweetheart Short-Mini Satin Wedding Dress CWZB13002
Who loves Beach wedding dresses? i do, so romantic, calm looking and mild, i think this style should be on my list..lol. Anyways getting a beach style wedding dress is easy, visit the online store , you can choose your style, which can be chic ball style, strapless A-line, vintage Ball grown and lots more.

 2016 wedding dresses is out, lots of charming dresses, you should check it out. You can also purchase your wedding accessories like your vial, headpieces, bridal shoe, petti coats and to mention,
Do not forget to visit the online store.
Have a lovely Weekend, hope you enjoyed the black Friday shopping, i was sleeping and dreaming of my mum.
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