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A hair dryer plays an important role in hair care, but apart from hair care, what else can a hair dryer function as?.
Introducing the Ladyqueen, ultralight speed hair dryer 1800w 220v. Let me start by saying is a nice equipment and you all know the use of a hair dryer. Apart from using a hair dryer for drying a wet or dump hair what else can we use it for?
1) Drying you nails: Ladies after painting your nails, you can use a hair dryer to dry it.
2) To warm your bed: If you hate getting into a cold bed at night you can use a blow dryer to warm the sheets.
3) To dry your clothes and shoes
4) To remove sticky labels: Any ever tried that? its done this way. Warm the label up with the dryer, the glue becomes malleable making it more easier to remove.
5) To remove dust
6) To defrost  food: i really do not know how safe that is but you can also use a blow dryer to defrost.
I gave 6 reasons, but there are lots of uses of a blow dryer. Did you enjoy this post? did you learn anything new?  If so please visit Ladyqueen and get the Ultralight speed hair dryer which is very cheap and leave a comment below.
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