Friday, November 20


Monday, was a stressful day for me, i left my parcel in an eatery, i realized when i got back home. I called the taxi company, It took up to 20 mins for the cab driver to arrive my house. The driver didn't really understand what i was saying, (language issues) i told him to be fast. He asked me to direct him, unknowingly to me, my direction was wrong,  followed a one way and we could not turn back, making the journey a bit longer. That got the driver really mad and he started yelling at me, i also shouted back, i that was n my mind was to get my parcel.
 On reaching the restaurant i asked the attendant and she quickly gave me the parcel. When he saw me with the parcel he started laughing at me, he understood why i was not happy. I and the taxi driver became friends, we apologized to each other and we spoke about different things, a nice man old man. Just a little lesson for me, to always be careful and learn to control myself when under pressure.

Grey is an unemotional color, it is detached, neutral, impartial and indecisive. It is a solid and stable color. Grey is a regular color to me and cool for fashion. Many people seem to love grey, cant really figure out why, or maybe its the trendy fashion color..OK.
I am wearing the Shein Grey Long sleeve Trench coat, its pretty long and stylish, two sided pocket, has back slit and collar. Perfect for the season. Do you know you can join Shein and receive lots of bonuses and discounts. Shein has monthly competitions and style games, which helps you win items and points.
Wearing my new shoes from Casnaboty, i really have issues with snake prints,but this one  is really nice, i couldn't resist the Designer cut out shoes, it is a three in one design, but still looks simple. I love the quality and it is comfortable. You can also get it in black color.
Did you view my post wearing a pair of Boho boots from Casnaboty?
Get the mums jeans from newlook, komono sunnies and terrannova black jacket
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