I will always pick baggy or boyfriend Jeans over skinny Jeans. I mean the comfort feels so good. Boyfriend Jeans are a must have, they got the best comfy fit with an ultra relaxed vibe.
By the way I am wearing my Man's Tee from Bershka  and Over-sized denim pant from  Contradenim. It is an under size for him and but over-size for me. My belt did most of the work for the Jeans. I don't think I am returning this pieces back to him.

Reaching the hospital on Monday, I entered an office wearing this dress, and a woman saw me, and immediately she said, Doctor, what are you wearing? This is above your knee, and you look so flashy and all that. I was already angry, but I controlled my anger, apologized to her, and she asked me to go home and come back the next day. It's been lots of drama looking good in Nigerian hospitals. You have to look stressed, not smartly dressed with a big unfitted lab coat, but trust me, who cares? I cant go out if I am not comfortable with what I am wearing.

I met about three doctors from Ukraine; they are really nice doctors, and I happened to work with one. She is very nice, intelligent, and beautiful. I am almost done, and I can't wait to go back home to Port Harcourt.
Have I ever mentioned that my mom is very good at buying stuff, especially clothing? She picks lovely styles, and she knows our measurements.
My mom got me this dress from Zara, and I just love how simple it looks on me.
I styled it wearing these white flats, Komono Dreyfuss latte sunglasses, and a soufeel bracelet.

I am wearing the
925 Sterling Silver Charms Bangle
Peacock Charm 925 Sterling Silver
Travel Around The World Charm 925 Sterling silver
February Birthstone Dark Purple Swarovski Crystal Charm 925 Sterling Silver
Red Travel Suitcase Charm 925 Sterling Silver

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 During this shoot i had this free feel...you wont just understand. I have gotten to the level whereby i have to but my emotions to flow with my outfit. Listening to Femi by Brymo...ah..ah..ah just kept the flow.
 Restyling gives me a room to be more creative and stylish. I love restyling because i  always have the privilege to really express myself. Its a trendy right look? yeah and this is my own way to present it to you. Being stylish to me has to deal with your insight, mood and push. I will explain more to you when i write about my blogging tips. Adding a jacket to your outfit totally transform it.
I am wearing the
  knit wear : Bershka: 
Jumper : Bershka
Bag : Mdk
Victoria Beckham Bag
Lace up boots : Ami club wear

How calm and lonely she looks, a beautiful young lady, craving for love, sitting in front of her house, trying to engage herself with something. I guess love left her so soon, ohh the video calls and chats wont just help her lonely heart. Those times after her class, she gets an invite to a restaurant to ease the day's stress..ahh.. still thinking what can she do? 

I guess she is left with no answer, she is wearing her necklace from the peach box, she restyled her dress, which she stole from her sister into a top,,  pairing it with a skirt from Incity ,  pair of brown lace up shoes from Boohoo, .... can he just see how good he looks, yeah she really wants to hear his compliments, wake up Mel, you fantasizing a lot .lol
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Restyling my dress, you can view the post here
Dress: Dresslilly
Button front dress ; Choies
Shoes : Ami club wear
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