Friday, December 18


                          SUNGLASSES DETAILS
      My love for eyeglasses grows everyday, I have lots of glasses, different styles and colours. Added this stunning pair of Memphis oak wooden sunglasses from Gowood, with polarized lenses to my collection. With Gowood Quality speaks and style makes the way. The packaging is the best i have seen for glasses, the wooden case is super classy with an encrusted logo of Gowood and a microfiber pouch. Products are available for both male and female, not forgetting that you can also get Wooden phone cases. Shipping is super fast, arrived with a week. You stand a chance getting a free pair, click this link and follow the instructions.
                                                                            SHOE DETAILS
Yellow is amongst the group of colours i love, wearing yellow Asymmetric Boat heels from Casnaboty, gave my outfit a chic lift. I love the balance, style and material of this shoe.
   Shoes should be comfortable, be of good quality, very stylish,  which is what Casnaboty offers. They never run out of style, the winter collection is amazing, warms shoes, springs shoes and summer shoes, are all available in different sizes and styles.
                                                                         CARDIGAN DETAILS
     I am sure it's not your 1st time seeing this Ginger camouflage knit cardigan with pocket, i have seen lots of cool styling but mostly worn in a casual way.
I  wanted something with a little formal and chic touch, which made me pick my long-time abandoned pant i got 4yrs ago.
The cardigan is warm and the feel is OK, tho you could feel a little discomfort if you have very sensitive skin. You can get it from Yoyomelody, the prints are amazing, just as seen online, so bright, colourful and easy to style. The front area is open, it also has a two-sided front pocket. This cardigan is very stylish and i would recommend it. Last Saturday i styled it casually wearing a body con dress, it was ready to go outfit.
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