Friday, May 31

How to look extra in a maxi dress

Maxi dresses are for summer because they are airy and free. If you want to step up a maxi dress and look extra, then there are different ways in which that can be done. These are simple tips that actually depend on the type of maxi dress and the design of the maxi dress you are wearing. If the maxi dress is plain and extra simple, then you might not look as extra as I do, but nevertheless, it will definitely look better.

This multicolored printed Plunging Neck Party Floral Paneled Pleated Maxi Dress felt like a dream when you wore it. I was all over the place, I needed more people to see my dress, so I went to the city center for a mini walk after taking these photos. The designer being fantasyou did an excellent job by mixing floral and leaf prints with plain fabric. I wanted to look a little extra so I added some accessories that gave my outfit not just a vacation feel, but a look of the sexy modern woman.

We all have summer accessories that have been on replay. I have been wearing straw hats and dad hats since the beginning of summer because these hats happen to fit with almost every dress I wear and I just go with the vibe. Besides, it's summer and a girl needs to have fun. Straw hats are available for purchase at Szaleopl. This sunglass has a two- color tone design, black, and white. I have different sunglasses but most of them are just one color tone. This sunglass features a two-structure design, rectangular top edge, and round part end structure. Check out the styling of the sunglasses here and hereI wore a beautiful flat sandal with shiny studded details. 

1. Wear a wristwatch, it totally enhances your look.

2. Wear a necklace. You look a little extra.

3. Add a Panama straw hat.

4. Wear black sandals, it gives your dress a room to shine.

5. Go for a business style, big office handbags gives you an upgraded look.

6. Go for two-toned color sunglasses or a vintage sunglasses style.

7. Put on a statement earring (Depending on the print on the dress).

Where to buy maxi dresses


Thursday, May 30

Motivational Thursday : Imbalance, touching fire and conquering

Life is full of deep questions that are yet to be answered. Why do we do the things we do, knowing that they are capable of making or destroying us. Sometimes it not about the act, it is about the mind, it plays us, it's like a team of people at a football field looking for the best way to conquer and be victorious, but solving and planning the victory gets complicated and only the strong can sail through.

Life sometimes pushes us to a state of imbalance, how do you explain touching fire without getting burnt. Our decisions are open to where we go, who we hang out with, what we think about and what we live for. Let it be meaningful, fulfilling and approachable. Something you will be able to be proud of, so at the end of the day, you can stand high and say yes I did it no matter what came my way.

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Wednesday, May 29

Travel and 20 different reasons that inspires it

Travel is a lifestyle. So many people enjoy traveling but at the end of the day what makes traveling powerful are the different things and reasons it fulfills in the life of everyone. This is to say that people travel for different reasons and here the most outstanding reasons why people travel.

To find yourself
Finding yourself is very important in life. It takes you through a process of discovering and rediscovering yourself. It puts your life together and fixes those puzzles which needed to be fixed.

To get inspired
People get inspired by different things, for some its the big city, the architectural view, nature,  people, while for some it's culture. A writer feeds on natures view to get inspired, a storyteller travels to different places to meet people, get to know them, sometimes to draw a conclusion on a storyline or to write a new story, whatever inspires you is valued and travel can play a great role in directing you towards getting inspired.

Medical reasons
In as much as every country is supposed to make provision for adequate and standard healthcare system for the assessment of its citizens but it is so unfortunate that some countries have failed in that aspect. Certain medical facilities can be found in countries like India and the USA and so people travel to get the best health services. 

To run away from crime
Well, this might seem a little out of context but this is another reason why people travel. When a crime is committed the police goes after the offender depending on the case. Some offenders travel to allow things to die down a bit before coming back into the country, some never come back.

To study
Very common, people travel to another city or country to acquire knowledge. 

To find love
Some people are disappointed about the way love has treated them in the past and so they go on an adventure to find love in an unknown destination where no one knows them.

For work purpose
In as much as you prefer to work in your country, some don't and it's not because of the bad pay but because they want to experience what it feels like working for a different set of people or how to work for a different set of people. 

To experience a new culture 
When you travel outside your country or state you experience a new culture. We are all different in a unique way so is our culture. Travel allows you to experience the dance, music, fashion, food, and lifestyle of other people. 

Meet people new people
Are you bad at making friends? well, travel gives you a room to improve on that. You get to meet new people, some walk up to you, while some just happen to need directions explained. We meet people in different ways and travel is a doorway to that. You make new friends and even get a good travel partner in the process to explore the world with you.


Tuesday, May 28

Sailing into love movie review

Honestly, I do not get the focus of this movie, it is just like any other English love story movie. Gosh, I almost got angry after watching the movie. Nice video quality, good actors and actresses but the storyline was pointing towards nothing special. Of course, it's showing on hallmark so you know what is it. I can't even deal.

The summary of the movie is, she grew up around an island (Seaside of Willow Bay) and she always goes there to take photos, relax and do some findings. One day she met a guy and as usual, they bumped into each other while walking and she got angry, walked away after the rang, leaving her note behind because it fell off from her after they mistakenly bumped into each other. There was a wedding and they both attended the same wedding, her ex-boyfriend was there with his new girlfriend, blah blah blah and she kicked off things with this new guy and yes they fell in love. Of course, they have to its normal in every movie, they sailed together and had dinner so they kissed and yeah she found him and he found her. Besides she is biology a teacher. it's either a teacher, sell's girls, or a girl who is not so outgoing or doesn't socialize so much. Sick and tired of love stories because they point end up with the same vibe at the end of the day.

Sunday, May 26


Holipark 2019 is one of the most popular events held at maxim gorky park Kharkov Ukraine. I almost missed this one. I wanted to experience the cultural blends of different countries coming together to celebrate using colors as a means of communication. I captured some lovely moments and beautiful people. The event usually begins at 12:00pm with different performances from the Indians and other dance groups. By 1:00 pm the festival of color is opened and the color splash begins. I actually went a bit late because I found out about it today.


Saturday, May 25

Kiev Day in Ukraine : День Києва 26 May 2019

Kyiv Day or officially the Day of Kyiv (Ukrainian: День Києва); is a holiday in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv usually celebrated in the last weekend of May. Kiev Day is not a public holiday. It falls on Sunday, 26 May 2019 and most businesses follow regular Sunday opening hours in Ukraine.

What Do People Do?
The city of Kiev celebrates Kiev Day by hosting activities and events such as:
Street and outdoor performances by various entertainers.
Cultural exhibitions.
Sporting activities such as marathons and charity runs.
Fashion shows.
Open-air music concerts.
Firework displays.
The Kiev Day celebrations take place on the Saturday and Sunday during the last weekend in May. 
Read more on timeanddate.com.


Lessons to learn from the Greta movie

In this movie, a young girl called Frances living in New York City, found a handbag at the subway with an address note inside and decided to return the lost bag back to the owner but her good gesture turned her whole life around, making it a scary drama scene as the window wanted more than that because the window is not what she seemed to be. This movie teaches a lot, and if there is one lesson to learn from the movie title "Greta" it is that not all coffee invitations are harmless. In the world today, wicked people are looking for different ways to carry out their evil hidden secret agendas. This is like a fantasy for them,  some are psychologically unstable, while some are lonely but in any situation, it is never right to channel your frustration into making other people suffer. Do not fall into this plight, be wise, when you want to show love or help someone, do it and go your way, not everyone person is for keeps. Sometimes, after you help walk away, don't even exchange contacts or accept launch dates. Life can be that simple and also complicated at the same time.

IMDb: 6.1.
Duration: 98 min.
Quality: HD.
Release: 2019.
Directors: Neil Jordan.
Country: United States.
Genres: Thriller, drama, mystery.
Actors: Chloë Grace Moretz Isabelle Huppert,Maika Monroe, Colm Feore, Stephen Rea, Zawe Ashton, Jeff Hiller, Thaddeus Daniels, Raven Dauda, Parker Sawyers.

Lessons to learn from the movie "Greta" 
This movie subtitle says everyone needs a friend.
1. Sometimes help isn't needed.
2. You can not help everyone.
3. Not all coffee invitations are harmless.
4. Do not take lost items to an address, give it to security instead.
5. Coffee is a friendly drink but beyond it lies the death of so many.
6. Because you helped a person, doesn't mean you should exchange contact. 


5 annoying things DJs do : disk jockey

We all know that Djs (disk jockey) make us dance and whether we like it or not they make the party lite and fun but sometimes they just give the wrong energy which just kills the party and makes everyone lose interest. They are fun but can be night spoilers. They can pass negative or positive energy depending on what they play. I have been to a lot of places where people left the venue all because the DJ has a bad playlist which is not giving the right vibe.

In my opinion, a good Dj is a treasure at a party because they light up the night. I get so turned off when the DJ doesn't put us in the right mood. It is hard to find a good DJ believe me but yes there are good DJs and lets not even go far Dj Khalid is dope.

1. Weck playlist
Omg, nothing spoils the party like a bad playlist. What stops a Dj from picking the songs that can boost the mood of the party attendees. Djs needs to pay more attention to the mood for the attendees. I was at a restaurant and the Dj kept playing his mix, everybody got tired and sat down, very few people kept dancing and he didn't get the memo that he was dulling the mood of everyone at the restaurant. Djs need to learn to pick songs that match the theme of the party.

2. Try out their new instrumental mix and beats at a party
 No, no, no you can't do that. You can not use us as your experimental audience. Go do it at your personal open party. Example, Dj cuppy holds her music party themed cactus on the roof every year. People buy tickets and what you get is what you take. You listen to her music mix and instrumentals, now that is totally ok because that is what you paid for.

3. Dancing to their own mix
 I am not saying you can not dance to your own beat or mix but dancing too much clearly shows that you didn't spend much time listening to that mix, because if you did you probably would have gotten tired of it and all you do is focus on the audience and watch their mood to know if they are enjoying you as a DJ or not.

4. Djs touching to Knobs and sliders
My questions and I need answers, why do DJs touch the knobs and sliders? what is wrong with the Dj letting the song play through. As I read online it adds some effect to the music but honestly, some DJ over do it..lawdddd. Can you just allow us to enjoy the song? please!!

Thursday, May 23

What to wear for a walking tour?: Blue jeans, straw hat, sunglass and Birkenstocks

If you are going on a tour and you are wondering what to wear during your travel walking tour vacation then here is a full outfit detail on what to wear during your summer tours. Well, before I even go into giving you the tips, do you have any plans on traveling this summer, if yes which country are you traveling to? Summer can be very hot sometimes and we all know that, so wearing heavy clothing is out of this. When going on a vacation tour, you have to try as much as you can to be comfortable and look smart. There are simple clothing that can give you the perfect tourist look and yet keep you in the most comfortable state because of comfort is very important.

Straw Hat
 A straw hat is always associated with summer. Hats, in general, are worn in summer. Over the years' hat, styling and hat fashion have taken a different form. There are different types of hats, the dad's hat, fedora, straw hats, baseball hats, crochet hats, cowboy hats and lots more. All the hat styles can be worn in summer except for the beanie hat due to the fabric texture and of course, should be worn in winter. A hat protects your face and eyes from the direct UV sun rays and is also an alternative for sunglasses. Purchase the fedora Panama straw hat at Szaleopl.

Simple light airy tops:
 Normally, I will recommend linen but not everyone likes linen fabric so, you can wear a simple tee, blouse, or shirt. The top should be light and airy, in other for you not to get hot and uncomfortable. The top can be purchased from H and M.

I always tell you all that the importance of wearing sunglasses cannot be overemphasized. Your eyes are very big assets and you can not afford to start dealing with eye problems issues all because you fail to take very good care of them. Sunglasses are very important even in winter depending on the weather condition. Always carry a pair of sunglasses in your bag, but apart from the fact that sunglasses protect your eyes they are a fashion piece that elevates your outfit. They are also mood checkers, in the sense that when you are not in the mood of associating or talking with anyone all you need do is put on your sunglasses, headphones on your ears and you are in your own world even in the midst of other people. In conclusion, sunglasses are eye protectors, outfit elevators and solo mood checker.

Blue jeans
If there is any fashion clothing item that will never go out of style but only keep evolving in different forms and styles then its denim. Blue jeans can never go out of style. You can wear jeans in summer and winter but you are all aware that it is best to leave the jeans for winter. Skirts and dresses are better alternatives. If you really have to wear jeans in summer then go for oversized jeans, ripped jeans, distressed jeans whichever one is better than a full covered jeans style. Another alternative is a jean short, part of your legs are out and you get to feel the summer breeze.

If I am not mistaken, four years back  Birkenstocks was one of the fashion trends most people wanted to be taken away. Well, I am just getting into that vibe. They are super comfortable, airy and compliment almost every dress I wear, no wonder street fashion lovers weren't able to get over wearing this footwear. They are perfect for those who are touring a city in summer. You can wear sandals also but I totally do not recommend sneakers for long walking tours as you tend to sweat on your foot which leads to footrot and one more thing, we all know how disgusting smelling socks can be. It is a total turn off for everyone and you don't want to be the man/woman with the smelling socks. Get a pair from Czasnabuty.pl.

Comfortable handbags, belt bags, backpack, and fanny packs.
If you don't want to feel pain on your shoulder then make sure you carry along one of these types of bags during your walking tour. Get this bag from Jessicabuurman.

Light Jacket
Its summer but sometimes the evenings are cold. So make sure you go along with a light jacket if you are staying out late.


How to find reliable freelance writers

Writing to me is an act of self-expression and incomes in so many ways. There are different types of writers and it all depends on what you are looking for. Nowadays, companies go through agents who then offer jobs at a lower rate to freelancers in a wide range. Nevertheless, that is a smart move but where can you find reliable freelance writers?.

Who is a reliable writer: A reliable freelance writer is a person who carries out a writing job, focusing on what the job description is about, pitching each content and timely delivering the content.
  Looking for freelance writers to work with? send an email to godisablej66@gmail.com and job description.

Freelance bloggers: Bloggers are the most reliable writers because they stand at the forefront of each project using their website as a point of contact and representation. Most bloggers are very time conscious and understand the concept of copyright. They add value to each company and place a high devotion when it comes to writing for a brand as a freelancer or content creator. Most bloggers have experience in writing for up to 5 years and more. They understand the concept of each writing style. They are focused on the articles and since they already have a long time writing experience hence, no much direction is needed.


Monday, May 20

How to style overall, birkenstocks and waist bag this summer

The summer you have been waiting for is finally here and so what are you going to do with it?. Well, I am already having so much fun and I can't even deal with myself. Tho, the workload is too much at the moment, but summer is here I can't sit at home working all they. I had an amazing time with my friends just before the weekend.
Today, I will be sharing some brief tips on how to wear overall, it is pretty easy and you might have seen these styles but it never gets old. When we think over all we think summer but it can be worn all year round. Get this light brown denim daily loose jumpsuits and Overall from Justfashionnow.

1.Wear them over a light sweatshirt:  This can go for a day to night look, Since summer nights are so cold wearing a sweatshirt will fit all day long. Go for a foolproof option, opt for a fitted long-sleeve top in a contrasting color. 

Pair them with flip flops: You can pair them with your favorite pair of black heels, sneakers, slippers, flip flops, slides, Birkenstocks, etc. Just make sure the pants are skinny-legged, bootlegged, or cropped, and you’ll look so effortless fashionable. Shop Birkenstocks from Czasnabuty. pl.
Buy summer footwear


Friday, May 17

Europe day in Ukraine : День Європи 2019 (Україна), субота, 18 травня

Europe Day is an observance in Ukraine on the third weekend in May to celebrate and honor its unity with other European countries.

Europe Day is not a public holiday. It falls on Saturday, 18 May 2019 and most businesses follow regular Saturday opening hours in Ukraine.

Thursday, May 16

How to style a red maxi dress

Red dresses are very simple to style. A red dress makes you look younger and seductive depending on the style. The color red has an elegant touch which makes you stand out in the crow, be it a wedding, party or any occasion. Dazzle in red with this V-front back split maxi dress from designer online store Metisu fashion, made from soft-touch silk fabric. Show off some leg in a phenomenal dress that has a sexy slit. Slit dresses provide ease of movement and comfort so you can dance the night away. Keep reading. 


Wednesday, May 15


Why should you wear linen this season? Before I explain, what is linen? Linen is a textile made from the fibers of the flax plant. Linen is laborious to manufacture, but the fiber is very strong, absorbent, and dries faster than cotton. Garments made of linen are valued for their exceptional coolness and freshness in hot and humid weather.

There are three types of linen fabric.

Irish linen refers to the linen that is produced in Ireland. It is spun in Ireland from 100% flax fibers. It is considered to be the best linen fabric because it is considered to be pure.

Flax is the only natural fiber in the entire world that is harvested, grown, and cultivated in Western Europe.

This type of linen focuses on clothes that can be worn throughout the year. Japanese linen dresses are considered to be one of the most beautiful dresses in the entire world.

You might be wondering why we are talking about linen this season. Well, there is a different good reason why you should wear linen this season, and it includes reasons why linen is the best fabric for summer.

Which fabric is best for summer?
The best fabric for summer is linen because it is light, very comfortable, and breathable. It has a very soft texture that dries really fast when it gets wet. I guess soon they will start producing bikinis and swimwear with linen fabric.

Travel light
When traveling, you want to be as comfortable as possible, and linen fabric will give you the comfort you need.
Linen is a good conductor of heat.
Linen is highly absorbent and a good conductor of heat. Your linen garment feels cool to the touch, and linen fabric will quickly remove perspiration from the skin. Linen is capable of absorbing moisture and then quickly absorbing it.
Linen is lightweight and versatile.
When you travel, you can easily fold linen clothing because of how light it is.
Naturally, insect repellent
Linen is thought to naturally repel insects like moths. So if you have linen in your wardrobe, you get an automatic insecticide. It's luxurious
Strength and durability
Linen is considered to be the strongest of all natural fabrics.

Where to buy Linen dresses


What to Wear to a Bridal Shower : White Dresses

Find cute white dresses for sale at affordable prices. Dreaming of the perfect little white dress? little white dresses come in many styles, such as lace, bodycon, sequin short white dresses, white party dresses, and other sexy white dresses. White dresses lighten things up with a playful, innocent, polished, or even sexy look! Shop a beautiful assortment of stylish & affordable white dresses, and find the perfect little white dress to wear to your upcoming bridal showers, summer events, and occasions. 


Дезодорант MAY body спрей женский SENSITIVE

At this point sometimes price doesn't really make a good product. I have shared some reviews about beauty products that are good and some really bad and here is another product which you might want to try, the MAY body deodorant sensitive female spray. This deodorant and antiperspirant have a mild and sensitive feel. Not harsh and has an oily feel when you apply it but leaves you dry all day. I have used good products from MAYbody and this Ukrainian beauty guru is making good products available to everyone.


Plus size high waisted bikini latest styles

Summer 2019 is here are while working and hitting the gym you might be wondering, where can I find bikinis of all sizes, styles, and designs. Dresslily offers bikinis of all types and here are different bikinis and swimsuits you can pick from.

High waisted bikinis are Inspired by vintage, they are flattering on many body types. This exclusive swimwear will show off your flair for retro style at the beach. Give your two-piece swimsuit retro flair with a high-waist bikini. This trendy silhouette extends to your natural waist, giving you legs for days. Get ready to rock a ferociously cute look with the Ribbed Cheeky High-Leg High-Waisted Bikini Bottoms this summer. You’ll love the sassy and bold look. A cheekier cut adds playful, flirty flair, and ribbed material gives your look a touch of depth and dimension.

Buying these items and still staying in budget is very important, sexy high waisted bikini and cheap high waisted bikini are available.


Tuesday, May 14

Stradivarius women raffia statement earrings

Stradivarius new jewelry collection features more of statement earrings made with raffia, colorful vibrate and bold. The all affordable and are summer staples. These are the perfect earrings to wear during your vacation to the Bahamas, add a large raffia hat, white short dress or maxi dress with a big beach bag to complete your look. 


Sunday, May 12

MOTHER'S DAY PHOTOGRAPHY : Dresslily celebrates mums

This is a special holiday but it is not a public holiday and I don't understand why. It falls on Sunday, 12 May 2019. Well, mothers will still celebrate and have fun. I decided to share some lovely photos honoring our mums. They are so special to us and have done a lot. I am also a mother by nature and I am also honoring myself.
Do not forget to buy flowers and chocolate for your mum. I mean gifts in general.
Happy Mother's day.
View awareness days and celebrated world days.
Dresslily is celebrating mums and this is so beautiful you get to
enjoy this.


Thursday, May 9


It's officially summer and yeah you can show those legs. Buy women's casual off shoulder striped ruffles mini dress, bell Sleeves tunic dress casual ruffle swing V Neck short dresses-line, Flare midi Long dress and other dresses by clicking on the links below. They are all affordable, Instagram worthy, travel and trendy dresses. Shop more.


Wednesday, May 8

День Перемоги 2019 in Kharkov city : Victory Day / Memorial in Ukraine (9 May)

Victory Day is a national holiday in Ukraine on May 9. It is a day to remember victory over the Nazi regime during World War II. If you go through past photos of Ukraine's victory day you will understand and appreciate the growth Ukraine acquired over the years. For some, it is just a celebration while for some it is a day of bittersweet memories. 
Victory Day in Ukraine is a public holiday and so you might be wondering what people do on this day. Actually, there are lots of events that take place such as official greetings to war veterans, showing respect to them with flowers and statues. A public display of Ukraine’s armed forces. Presidential speeches, Concerts featuring Ukrainian pop stars singing popular wartime songs. Evening firework displays. 


Affordable lace wigs to purchase in summer 2019

Wig fashion is one of the oldest trends, I wear wigs sometimes especially when I want a makeover or when I am having a bad hair day, generally, wigs are nice but good wigs are better. Wigs have taken a different level and we can hardly differentiate between the natural hairline and wig hairline which is because wig producers worked so hard to make wig-wearing very fun, natural and practical.
Summer is here and what better way to be the light of this season if not by wearing colored wigs which comes in different styles. Lace front wigs give a natural, beautiful and very realistic look. You do not want to be wearing a wig and everyone can tell it, that fashion is way gone. They are available in different styles, like the virgin straight lace front wig, wave lace front wig, curly lace front wig, deep and lose wave lace front wigs, etc.

If you want to go for a more realistic look in summer 2109 then a full lace wig is totally a good idea, because full lace wigs are constructed from a lace cap that covers the whole head and the 100% human hair is knotted into this by hand. You can get them in different hair types such as Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian and Indian hair. Lace wigs, in general, give you a more beautiful and natural look.

Human hair wigs have a more natural feel, 100% human hair wigs are carefully crafted to result in minimal shedding and tangling. With so many styles, colors, lengths, and textures to choose from. You can color them and style them how you want. They withstand heat without damage.

No content on this site, regardless of date, should be used to replace direct medical advice from your doctor or another trained practitioner.
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